Gentle Sleep

Gentle sleep

so deep and pure.

How I long to have you

part of my life.

Gentle sleep

a sleep of innocence and rest,

how long will it be before you visit me?

Rather than a gentle, restful sleep

it seems those hours belong to Spirit.

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Balance of Life

Each morning breath is drawn in

as my eyes open to greet another day.

What will this day unfold and show to me?

Life does not always share with me

only moments of joy and happiness.

Sometimes my most precious gifts

have been the ones filled with the

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A Mother's Tears

A woman stands alone on a cliff

overlooking the ocean.

Winter’s cold breath blows harshly,

whipping her hair and her clothes

as though sharing her pain and her sorrow.

She seems unaware of the coldness

of the wind as she looks out at the ocean,

her eyes seeking and searching.

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