My Shelf of Love

A shelf on the bookcase in my home has become my shelf of love. You may wonder why I call it that. This shelf holds very precious cards on it. Each one made by another person and sent to me each month for the past year.

Last year I had the opportunity . . . → Read More: My Shelf of Love

The Daffodil

The Daffodil By: Sharon Dvorak

The winter seemed to go on forever. Even though according to the calendar spring had arrived almost a month ago, the woman still felt the cold bite of winter. Snow was still upon the ground and a cold wind blew. She felt as though spring would never get here! . . . → Read More: The Daffodil

Gentle Sleep

Gentle sleep

so deep and pure.

How I long to have you

part of my life.

Gentle sleep

a sleep of innocence and rest,

how long will it be before you visit me?

Rather than a gentle, restful sleep

it seems those hours belong to Spirit.

Why is it ‘they’ seem to . . . → Read More: Gentle Sleep