To Ask Ma-Ryah

One of the more popular parts of this web site has always been the, Ask Ma-Ryah section. This is the section most talked about when people tell me they have gone to the web site. Mostly what I hear lately is people are disappointed the section is not renewed often; the same question is . . . → Read More: To Ask Ma-Ryah

Dear Ma-Ryah

“Dear Ma-Ryah, I was threatened at work by some teen age girls (gangs) and developed PTSD. They sent me back to work ┬áin Sept., but I’m out again because I started crying and couldn’t stop. I’m out on workmans comp, but I don’t want to teach in this place anymore. What to do?” Debbie . . . → Read More: Dear Ma-Ryah

How to Ask Ma-Ryah a Question

You are able to ask Ma-Ryah a question and have it answered for free. Any questions submitted this way that are answered by Ma-Ryah will be posted on the Ask Ma-Ryah section. If you do not choose to have your name listed in the posting you may request only initials be used. To submit . . . → Read More: How to Ask Ma-Ryah a Question

Asking for guidance

How are you Ma-Ryah
"My question as I'm sure you have been asked this question numerous
times......I'm very lost, I find myself not liking what I do for a living
anymore and it's hard to even try to do it. I use to love it, I'm not sure
what happened, could be I just got tired of all the crap, sorry for the
language only way I could think of saying it. But I'm very unsure of what
to do, trying to switch professions with no money to do so (as in training)
is hard, but I just don't have the oomph to go back to what I do, so if you can
direct me or give me a hint on which would be the better path for me to
follow, I would really appreciate it. The indecision is cause me to stand
completely still, and things are beginning to crumble.
Thank you for your help." Lisa, NJ
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