Standing poised in the dance of life

seeking reflections of the transformations

occurring in my life.

Fears released, transformed

one fear at a time,

daring to stand unshielded,

naked in the eyes of the . . . → Read More: Reflections

She Weaves Life

She weaves…

Watching a spider in the night

weaving a web, it appears made of light.

Camera focused on the weaver,

the background blurs

and it is okay

for the weaver is the focus here.

I speak to . . . → Read More: She Weaves Life

Sacred Smoke

Sometimes the struggles of life are strong

and I have difficulty finding my balance.

In those times my ego stands up

and is heard as I rant and rave

and complain of life.

Gently, quietly a whisper is heard

deep within me.

“ Remember child, remember child

the gift of smoke.”

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The Gift of Love

The gift of love often moves within my life

and yet, often I do not see it.

Then in sadness do I seek this gift,

crying to the Creator and asking,

Where Creator is there love within my life?

Often times my Soul then speaks gently to me,

whispering words of comfort and guidance.

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Gentle Sleep

Gentle sleep

so deep and pure.

How I long to have you

part of my life.

Gentle sleep

a sleep of innocence and rest,

how long will it be before you visit me?

Rather than a gentle, restful sleep

it seems those hours belong to Spirit.

Why is it ‘they’ seem to . . . → Read More: Gentle Sleep