Welcome to Ma-Ryah.com! Here you will find guidance from Ma-Ryah, a Being who has never been in this physical world as a human being. She is here to help us remember we are not human beings remembering we are Spirit, but rather, we are Spirit experiencing ourselves as a Human Being. All postings from Ma-Ryah are channeled. She has helped not only my own growth and transformation as a human, but also the growth and transformation of many other people. I also have some of my own writings here and my hope is that perhaps some of what I share with you here will assist you in a positive way.

My name is Sharon Dvorak, and I have been a channel since 1986.  Ma-Ryah refers to me as “ the Vessel” and I am honored to be the Vessel for such a loving energy. If you click on the tab for “aboutme”, you will be able to read about who I am and how I came to be a channel.

You will also be able to click on “ who is Ma-Ryah” and go directly to the page where Ma-Ryah tells you who she is and why she chooses to assist us in our journey of life. I hope you enjoy your time here. I would love to hear from you and will answer any questions you many have regarding this site, as time allows. To contact me or to schedule an appointment, visit my contact page.

My goal by being here is to assist as many people as possible to be able to connect with Ma-Ryah so the journey of life is able to be filled with as much love, balance, harmony and joy as possible. Please be sure to read the lessons that are here from Ma-Ryah. She shares a lot of information you are able to work with which will assist in your own growth. I am currently in the process of adding all the videos from past years onto this site so please be patient while this happens. New videos will be added also from time to time. Some of the videos will be messages from me and some will be channeled messages from Ma-Ryah.

Remember! Come often and watch us grow….Blessings to all!                                                                 Sharon Dvorak

* All material found here whether written, spoken or video form is copyrighted and belongs to Sharon Dvorak. If you wish to use any information here please contact Sharon Dvorak to receive written permission.