March 3, 2024

I sit here at my computer tonight watching tutorials in order to learn how to update and once again have my web site active and current. While it is interesting to see some of the older videos, read some of the older materials, and see what this site was once like, many things have changed over the years. I have changed. My work with Ma-Ryah has changed as I have continued to do my own individual transformations in order to be as clear a Vessel for her as it is humanly possible to be.

Her lessons have increased in the depth of information she presents. Ma-Ryah’s commitment to assist us all to be the very best and most loving human beings we are able to be has never wavered. Her absolute love for all human beings has never changed and is always present. Though I have neglected this web site so much through the years because of not knowing how to work with all the changes in the format I use for this web site, my work with Ma-Ryah has continued. I am determined to understand how to use the newer format and to keep current all material on this web site. Once again I ask your understanding as I navigate updating the material here.

I do have to admit it has been interesting to see and listen to the older videos. A lot has changed through the years. I definitely do not have the dark hair any longer. Change is a good thing though and that is one of the reasons we are here: to change, grow, increase our knowledge and information, to transform and heal our wounds and shadows, to let go of judgment of self and all others and most of all to love unconditionally, our selves and others. All future videos presented here on the web site will be current videos.

The contact page of this web site does not work. I have contacted the server many times and the problem still exists. I have contacted the person who has helped me with all I have done with this web site through the years and it works for a few test emails and then stops. I am hoping this problem gets resolved so you may contact me if you so desire. I will make an announcement here when that link works consistently and not only an email or two. Technology is still very often intimidating to me. I am teachable though and I am committed to understanding it this time. Many blessings, Sharon Dvorak