About Me

 The human soul has been on a journey of remembrance since it first began to experience life. The Soul has willingly participated in an experience, which was designed to forget it’s self and to create a life. This life would ultimately create many opportunities to remember that it is not a human being who happens to have a soul, but rather it is a Soul which is experiencing it’s self expressed through the human experience. When we as human beings first begin to realize this for ourselves we often find ourselves led to information that tells us that what we create and experience here in life, is but an illusion. This is not always an easy statement to hear, much less to agree with, and more difficult to believe! This web site will take you through the discovery of the Soul and it’s experience as well as offer you tools to assist your journey of life.

  I began to work with my Spirit guide in 1987 and have applied the information I received from my guide to my own life. I have experienced many changes in myself and in my life as a result of this. Since 1987, many hundreds of people have also spoken with my guides to assist them in their own lives. If you find yourself at a place within yourself and know you are ready to change your life, to take responsibility for what you experience, then you will find yourself drawn strongly to this site.

  I suppose the best place to begin is to tell a little about my guide and how I came to work with this Being. As a child I was always asked by adults, “ What do you want to be when you grow up?” I always answered either, “ I want to be a missionary” or more often, “ I will be a voice.” Of course whenever I would say I will be a voice, the adults would want to know why I would say such a thing, and I had no answer for them. I just knew I was here to be a voice! I did not know how that was to occur or what form it would take. The years passed; I lived and experienced life. At that point I did not look too closely at what I was experiencing because I was just focusing on surviving and getting through each day, each year. Like so many others, I was caught in the web of life and that was enough for me at the time. My inner voice however, would not allow me to forget the child that I was ~ nor her desire to be a voice. From time to time this inner voice would remind me of my desire to be a voice. Each time I heard this inner prompting I would listen and then ask it, “ How?” I never received an answer. Until one day a phone call from a friend inviting me to go with her to see a channel in another state. I said of course I would love to go! I had no idea I was about to experience a life~altering moment of life! The woman who channeled had a partner who specialized in hypnosis and it’s use to access past lives. I was extremely interested in this part of the experience and so I made an appointment to have the past life regression.

  When I met the woman who would facilitate my regression I felt as though I had known her forever! This was an experience I had many times in my life and I knew it meant something important for my life was about to occur. Once the induction of the hypnosis was complete, I was instructed to see what I was there to experience. I was also instructed to see my guide so I would feel safe during the process. Imagine my surprise when I began to experience the sight of an old Indian man! I thought, aren’t our guides supposed to be youthful, beautiful Beings? I recognized this old man and remembered many times throughout my childhood when he would be with me and speak with me. Through the years of growing I forgot this part of my experience of life. I did not remember who he was though. At first I was very upset he was so old. I really thought I would have created a beautiful woman with wings for my guardian angel, and look who showed up instead, an old Indian man. I was instructed by the hypnotist to ask him who he was and he answered, “ Grandfather.” Upon further instruction I asked him how long he has been with me and he answered, “ Always.”..There are not words in our language to convey the depth of peace and love I felt from him when he said those two words to me.

  The woman regressing me gently guided me through some healing for moments of this life so I could allow it to leave my life. Before we ended the session she asked if I would like to know if I had ever known Grandfather before and of course I answered, “ Yes.” She directed me to merely ask Grandfather to show me if we had ever known each other before and then directed me to tell her if I began to experience anything. Suddenly I saw myself standing on a mountainside overlooking a valley. Only it wasn’t me as I now am. I was a young Indian boy of about twelve. I did not question how I knew this was me because the sense of knowing was so deep and sure; I just knew. Grandfather had his arm around me and was pointing out over the valley. The hypnotist asked me what was happening and I told her I was with Grandfather. She asked me what was he doing and I answered, “ He is teaching me of the universe.” I watched as different points of that life presented itself as though I watched a movie. From time to time I would speak out loud to the hypnotist about what I was experiencing. I observed that life unfolding right up to my moment of death in that experience. This experience alone would have been enough to change my life, but the universe was not finished with me yet. My friend had an appointment with the other woman who was a channel and she asked me if I would like to sit in on her session and observe. I said, “ Yes.” I did not know for sure exactly what a channel was but I was curious. When the session began the woman went into a trance, I was blown away! Here is someone who is a voice! The guide who came through to communicate was loving, kind and helpful. She had a sense of humor and she knew so much about the life my friend had lived. I felt a weight lift off of me that I did not even realize had been there. I now had the answer for the child self within the adult. I now knew there was a way to be a voice; I just did not know how to do it!

  I went home with more questions than I had come with, but I also experienced an excitement I had not known for a long time. I did not know how it would be done, but I would learn how to be a voice! Over the next few months I reread books I had read before about Edgar Cayce. This time I knew if he was alive today and doing his work as a trance medium, he would be called a channel. The main advice he had for making connection with our guides was to meditate. So I began to meditate again. I had spent many years meditating but I had allowed my busy life to push it away until I didn’t practice anymore. As I began to meditate again it was like returning to an old and trusted friend.

  Eventually I began to experience the deeper levels of consciousness and make contact with my guide, Grandfather. During one of our times together I asked him how could I learn to be a voice? He said he would teach me and when I asked him how, he said for me to allow him to write through me. I had heard of automatic writing before, and I had read some of Ruth Montgomery’s books, which had been written with automatic writing, so I figured, why not? I got paper and pen, relaxed, closed my eyes and nothing happened. Every day I set aside at least a half hour to sit with pen and paper, and every day nothing happened. Months passed, frustration lived within me but I continued to practice every day. Then one day as I was ready to give up and had been telling myself what a foolish, gullible person I was, I began to feel sensation in my arm. My arm no longer felt like my arm and it scared me! I threw down the pen, got up and went to bed where I shook for a while until I eventually fell asleep. Never let it be said that a little fear kept me from anything! The next night after my children and husband were in bed I again picked up pen and paper and began my relaxation breath. No sooner did I begin my relaxation breathing that my arm began to feel strange again. This time I expected the fear to come, so I took a deep breath, relaxed again and kept holding the pen. When I opened my eyes I was surprised to see how much time had passed. Twenty minutes had passed and I thought I had only taken a few relaxing breaths! The paper was filled with lines, squiggles and circles. An occasional letter could be seen in all the mess but that was all and I was very disappointed. I felt a warmth come over me and smelled the aroma of cedar. I learned over time this was the presence of Grandfather with me. I knew everything was okay and stuck with the practice of automatic writing. Eventually it occurred to me to ask a question, so I wrote on the paper, “ Who are you?” I did my relaxation breathing and when I once again opened my eyes, I found words on the paper in a different handwriting. The writing was so small I had to get a magnifying glass to read it. The answer to my question was, “ This is Grandfather, from the higher realms of God. God bless you child.” And with those few words Grandfather and I began a journey which eventually took me into channeling. This journey eventually allowed me to fulfill the words I spoke as a child, “ When I grow up I am going to be a voice.” And so I am.

  Through the years so many people have asked me how I became a channel and so I have shared this excerpt from a book I have in progress about my life and my work as a channel. Through the years of channeling Grandfather was joined by another energy named Peter O’Neill. These two loving Beings assisted my growth and remembrance of who I am as a Soul and Spirit walking here upon earth. They assisted hundreds and hundreds of people to understand and live their lives from a place of compassion and love. Eventually our work together began to include formal lessons and people now came to study with them as they taught the oneness of all and began to teach Shadow work; helping us all to evolve and become conscious Human Beings. I would listen to the tapes or watch the videos and do the work myself so I too may grow and transform. Eventually , in 1993 the energy of Grandfather and Peter O’Neill began to shift and I knew a change was coming. I was now visited by a Being named Ma-Ryah. Grandfather and Peter O’Neill were part of the Souls connected with the Spirit of this Being. As Spirit they were part of a large group of Souls who came together to teach. They said I was now ready to receive them as they fully are and they do not have to limit the energy they pass through me during communication. And thus my work with the energy of Ma-Ryah began. I feel this energy as more feminine than masculine most of the time, though both energies are always present. Ma-Ryah receives information through my eyes though she never blinks my eyes even if she communicates for hours. She was once asked why my eyes are accessed during her communication as her thoughts are sent to be relayed by me to those who come to receive her guidance. She answered, “ So that you in the human experience are able to have the physical awareness of seeing what unconditional love looks like through the human eyes. You are often told to create within the state of being of Unconditional Love but, if you do not know what that looks like, how then are you to create it? “ For those who experience Ma-Ryah face to face through me, it is quite the experience to have her look upon you. You know she is looking deeply into your Soul and sees everything there is about you, nothing is hidden. You also know she absolutely loves every part of you and there is no sign of any judgment from her. My journey from the beginning to this point has been exciting and fulfilling. Because of my work with Grandfather, Peter O’Neill and now Ma-Ryah I have learned to live. I continue to learn, to grow and to watch each day unfold before me to see what treasure of life is contained in each moment, each day. I am a Soul and Spirit of Light and Love experiencing the human existence. Each day is an opportunity to know and experience the truth of that statement. I now turn you over to one of the most loving and compassionate teachers I have ever met. May you receive whatever guidance and understanding you seek as you begin the journey of returning to your Sacred self. As you read and experience the information from Ma-Ryah here, as you do the exercises she gives to use as tools in your life, may you feel the love of Ma-Ryah embracing you and hear the gentle sigh of her encouragement. I share my Angel, my Being of love with you…

Blessings! Sharon Dvorak