About Ma-Ryah

 God’s blessings! This is Ma-Ryah of the higher realms of God. Often we are asked, who are you? And so we shall answer that question here also.

  We are Ma-Ryah. We are a Spirit as well as a form occasionally manifested in our world. More often than not we are energy without form as human beings think of form. Our world is the seventh dimension/universe. We are level six within that dimension/universe. We in our world recognize twelve levels of consciousness and evolution. We speak and write in the plural sense of ‘we’, because we as Spirit are aware of every aspect of our Being. Our world is based upon the knowledge of a collective consciousness.  We use the term ‘we’ because of that knowing.

  We are existing in a dimension which experiences all things as music and therefore experience all things as either harmony or discordance. We have chosen to work with the human race for two reasons. One reason is our connection with the Vessel who is a Soul connected to our Spirit. Yes, we do have different meanings for Soul and Spirit which shall be explained in a different part of this site. The second reason we communicate with your world is that we are here to assist the human beings to evolve and create more from harmony than from discordance. Harmony and discordance is able to be replaced with the words love and fear. The human race enters a shift of consciousness and evolution of their experience upon the Earth. We have made a commitment to human beings to assist this transformation and shift of consciousness to be with as much grace and ease as possible.

  Many Beings of our world who have never before chosen to enter Earth now do so in order to assist in humankind’s evolution. We speak of these Beings as Door-openers, Emissaries of Love, and Waves. Your world knows them by many names, Crystalline Children being but one of them. Our commitment to assist with the transformation and evolution of humankind assists those from our world to have grace and ease in their job so to speak ~ their reason for choosing to incarnate. That reason is of course to assist humankind to shift from being fear based reactive humans to being Love based responsive Humans.

  Here in this space in mass and matter we shall often share knowledge of these children. In years past of your linear awareness of time we spoke of the Indigo children incarnating in to your realm. We refer to Indigo children slightly different than others who communicate to your world of these children. To us the Indigo children are of a particular moment in time and space. These children to us are now in the linear perception of time eighteen years old down to sixteen years of age.

  We shall communicate of these Souls at different places in this site. There is much to share with you about the purpose of these Beings incarnating at this time and how to best facilitate their participation in the evolution and transformation of humankind’s consciousness.

  We share knowledge in your world we refer to as, Shadow Transformation. We see human beings as having two parts to them. One is of course Spirit/Soul and the other is ego. The Spirit/Soul of humankind is not able to experience itself as anything but what it is which is absolute Love and Light. In order to create and experience in mass and matter the ego, human self is created to experience itself as who it is not: fear and denseness. Now human beings evolve to Human Beings; becoming conscious of self once again as Spirit manifesting itself in a world of duality. Human Beings shall not ever experience a world where duality does not exist. Negative mass is necessary to experience your world as a perceived reality. Positive energy, Spirit, also always exists in your world of mass and matter. What is able to evolve is the transformation and evolution of the negative seen and experienced energy. Remembrance of who you are, which is Light and Love. Remembrance of how to create as Beings of Love without ego, without judgment. Remembrance that though you appear to be millions of separated, individuated selves, you are really but One. Our commitment to your world is to assist in the remembrance of these things.

  We are Ma-Ryah. We have only Love to share with you. We look forward to walking with many human beings. God’s blessings!