A time of transformation


The butterfly migration is a wonderful time to reflect on the many changes we have made in our lives this year. Many people wait until New Year’s Eve to do this, however I prefer doing it during the butterfly migration. In the area where I live this happens in late September and continues into the first few weeks of October. I choose this time of year to reflect on where I was a year ago, where I see myself now and where I see myself a year from now during this time because when I watch the butterflies on their journey from Canada to Mexico I see their courage and strength. This inspires me to have the courage and strength to transform parts of my own self and life.

I am very fortunate to live at the beach and I make use of this blessing often in my life. Whenever I have worries, sadness, anger or am walking in the darkness of a shadow I go to the beach to release these feelings and to find peace. During the butterfly migration the beach is also filled with many monarchs, often found resting on the sands before beginning their next step of crossing the Delaware Bay. I observe their flight, capture some of them with my camera and reflect about their journey so far, as well as reflect upon how far they have yet to go to their destination in Mexico. They appear to be such fragile creatures and yet they must be made of sturdier stuff because they set out on such an arduous journey, perhaps not even knowing if they will reach their destination. I reflect upon this and wonder how can this be applied to my own life? How many moments do I begin without having any idea how it will end? I don’t know if anyone ever sees me as fragile, but I know there are many times I feel very fragile. In the moments when I feel fragile I go to the beach. When I am at the beach I will often just begin to walk along the shoreline, looking at the water, feeling the wind and just be very present with how I am feeling. Sometime during my walk I will often speak out loud to the Creator and speak about what I am holding in my heart at the moment. If I am in fear I will speak about the fears. If I am in shadow, reacting to an experience often had with another person, I will speak about what happened and why I am upset. Sometimes I will receive understanding just by speaking out loud and listening to what I am telling the Creator. Sometimes I find it necessary to just sit quietly at some point and listen to the sounds around me. The sounds around me soothe me as I listen to the song of the surf, the call of the birds and the sound of the wind if it is blowing in the grasses of the sand dunes. I watch the ebb and flow of the waves and often watch the setting sun upon the waves. I listen, observe and feel the energies of the beach and allow it to soothe me, calm my spirit and soul and assist me to lay down the moments of life that left me feeling fragile in the first place.

There are so many ways and so many tools to use to assist us in transforming a moment of our lives that take us out of balance,  happiness, joy or love. Reflecting upon the butterflies and their journey and rest period upon the beach is one way I help myself transform the moments of shadow and pain. How do you do this for yourself?

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