A New Year

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God.  As always, we are pleased to have this opportunity to communicate with you in this way. Today we choose to speak with you about the opportunities that arise for you within your world as you find yourself beginning a new year.

In your world we see great celebration as you move from one year to the next, letting go of one and welcoming another. It is a time of reflection and a time of choice ~ both beneficial aspects of your life. 

Human Beings have the wonderful opportunity of choosing what kind of world do you seek to create within and to be part of. You are able to look upon your world and to see perhaps areas you would like to see differently than what it now is, changes to be made within your world and perhaps, also see areas you would like to bring into your life. As you know, you are able to complain about what you see as imbalances within your world and your own lives, or you are able to choose to be part of these very things and become part of the transformation that is possible.

Do you see hunger within your world? Do you see hunger within your community? Perhaps you are not able to ”change” world hunger, and yet, as we have often communicated, you are able to change hunger within your community. We have heard some say to us, ” But Ma-Ryah, I can barely put food on my familys’ table, I can’t get food for others.”  And to that we are able to say, perhaps you are not able to contribute financially and yet you are able to contribute with your presence. You are able to volunteer and to give time to the food pantries in your community. You are able to volunteer and give the gift of your presence in the preparation and serving of food within the organizations who prepare the soup kitchens. You are able to give the gift of your time and deliver meals to those in your community who are not able to go to the food pantries or soup kitchens. You are always able to choose to give the gift of your presence and your assistance in order to transform the energy of hunger within your own community.

You are able to give the gift of self and volunteer your time to visit those who are ill, those who are elderly and alone and those who are young parents and assist them in many ways. Do you shake your head in wonder as well as judgement over the plight of babies left abandoned in your hospitals who are ill and must remain in the hospitals? You are able to give the gift of self and volunteer to go to the hospitals and rock the babies well enough to be rocked. To speak to the babies who are too ill to be held and rocked. To visit the children who are ill and have no one to spend time with them. Do you judge a parent when you hear they have created in a abusive or neglectful way within your world? You are able to reach out to these parents. Perhaps they are overwhelmed and do not understand there is another way to deal with being overwhelmed. Perhaps creating within organizations already in place within your world and volunteering to assist them in some way is able to be chosen by you, and if no organization already exists ~ then perhaps you are able to create one. Reach out to families who are overwhelmed, stressed and feeling isolated. Sometimes knowing their pain is seen, sometimes knowing another cares about them to assist them is enough to begin to transform a life. Sometimes having another person to speak with, or to hold their child so they may sleep is enough to shift what is happening in their life. We do understand ‘just’ having time to sleep is not often enough to transform the energy of abuse or neglect within a family. It is a beginning of a journey towards compassion, healing and transformation. Often in the creation of transformation, the ‘baby’ step is first taken before any other step is able to be seen.

Do you complain and judge what it is happening in your country? Speak about the many things you see as ‘wrong’ within your government? You of course have that right and that choice to do so. You are also able to see what may you do to begin to transform what you see as an imbalance. You may participate in community affairs. You may communicate to those who are in the position to create the changes if you do not choose to become involved your own self. You may choose to educate your self to learn more about what is seen the imbalance and then to ask yourself how may I change this? Or how may I assist what is here to be more balanced and harmonic?

Do you see through anger and judgement the treatment of the animals within your world? Your state or community? Again you may choose to become involved. These organizations set in place within your world to assist the animals within your world are always filled with appreciation for those who give of their time to assist them.

Do you look within your family and find imbalance? Again, you have the choice to see the imbalance, nourish the imbalance by giving energy, voice and focus to it or you may choose to begin to create and experience it differently. Taking the time to see what is your part of what is seen as an imbalance, owning what is yours and if chosen, transforming what is yours. You are able to begin to create within the family as you would choose it to be. Instead of criticism for one another, perhaps use compassion and understanding. Instead of arguments, perhaps use compromise and acceptance. Instead of focusing on the differences, focus on the similarities. Instead of harshness,perhaps focus on love.

Do you look upon your world and wonder what is happening with humankind? Does what you see fit the vision you hold within the depth of self? If not ~ how may you create each and every day to bring forth the vision you hold of  humanity? Do you see the Sacred within your world, within your own Self? Do you give your self the gift of time to spend time contemplating the Sacred? Perhaps, this year of 2011 you choose to give the gift of self to others, to fulfill and complete your own life, and to be part of seeing and giving focus to the Sacred within your own life and within your world.

In this communication as well as the message video for the member site, we have chosen to use the word, ‘perhaps’ often. We have chosen to use this word out of all the possible words we had to choose from because the energy of this word opens the door for many things to become possible. Is a door seen as closed within your world, your life? Perhaps it is able to be opened by ______. And you open it by creating upon a choice and setting it into motion.

In completing this message this day, perhaps this is the year, this is the time when you remember how powerfully gifted you are as a race of Beings to create, know and experience anything you choose to create. All that is required to bring balance and harmony to any moment of your life is to choose and then to set into motion this choice.

God’s Blessings be with you all…. Ma-Ryah”

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