A Time of Confusion

God’s Blessings! Once again we find our selves here to communicate with you and as always find honor in being able to do this with you. Do you have any idea how dearly you are all held by many who do not walk within the physical world? There are always so many topics to choose from to communicate with you in this manner and yet one is to be chosen. At this moment in time experienced we do so choose to speak with you about an energy, an experience we see being created within by many within your world. We find many thoughts, worries and prayers are being communicated because of this experience. We are speaking of the state of confusion we find so many human beings are finding themselves creating with at this moment in time.

So much of your world seems to be in various states of turmoil and it is no wonder confusion is on the minds of many! There are so many experiences within your world to bring forth the shadows of worry and fear ~ from one country conflicting with another, fighting and misunderstanding within the judgments of one’s religious dogma Vs another, hunger, drought, flooding, storms, weather and climate changes, monetary values and worth in many countries at conflict and risk with each country seeking to point fingers in separation, judgment and blame, relationships of one human to another in conflict and turmoil ~ it is no wonder many of you are sitting in the state of confusion and not knowing which way to go, what tool to pick up and seeming not to be able to do anything about any of it! This is then the reason we have chosen this topic out of all the possible topics to be discussed.

Those of your world who have knowing and experience of our energies know we do view the state of confusion as a most wonderful state of being for human kind. When you are experiencing confusion you are at a cross road within your own reality. You do not see, nor often understand why previously applied tools have not stopped the imbalance and yet do not know or remember what tool applied may be able to assist a return to balance. In this state of confusion your ego states are not attached to one idea, belief or script over another and thus the door of possibility is open. Your ego may choose to enter through it or not, it is entirely choice ~ free will in action. Your ego states may create very diligently until it once again returns to a belief, experience or script it is able to find comfort within, even if it must work very strongly to keep that as a comfortable place to live within … or it is able to stop, reflect and realize perhaps there is a different way to move through what is being manifested and experienced within your world.

You are able to see in past messages where we have addressed some of the issues here and refer to those messages once again. Even if you read them ‘before’, you are ‘now’ different than who you were ‘then’ and thus able to receive, to glean, to create with ‘here’ and ‘now’ from who you are ‘now’ in this moment. In these past messages you are able to see some ways you are able to create balance within your world in regards to hunger, fighting and such; however, today we choose to address those things you may feel you are not able to affect.

Your world is changing. There is no getting past this truth. Your world is constantly undergoing changes, transformations, just as you are. Even those who believe and in a shadow believe they do not change, they are changing. As you undergo transformations and changes, so does your world. Many of you are already aware that as a race of Beings you are creating within a ‘time’ of transformation; transformation from reactive human beings to responsive Human Beings. Your thoughts, beliefs, truths and scripts are transforming and evolving. Your planet is no different. In your world you do not have to go to far to see and hear how your world is changing. Weather patterns have changed and continue to change. Climate is transforming and it causes stress, concern, worry and fear. Perhaps as a human being you feel you do not have any choice in what is happening to your beautiful planet. We do not find truth in that belief. You do have choices in what is happening to your planet.

It is most beneficial to see the consciousness rising and more awareness in most human beings for how you create with your planet. It is pleasing to see the awareness of how you interact with your planet does indeed affect your planet. We do not find it necessary to communicate here about how the choices of humanity affects, impacts and alters your planet. You are aware of that already and there is much knowledge within your world about this already. We choose to address the areas you do not believe you have any effect ~ and that is the weather and climate conditions of your world.

You do not have any choice in the changes of weather and climate, the levels of sea waters and such ~ or so many of you believe. You are Beings of creation. What you think, believe and set into motion, into manifestation creates the world you live within ~ it is no different than how your thoughts, beliefs and scripts affect your life and your journey through life. More and more your world becomes conscious of the magnetic polarity of your world and how this balanced polarity maintains your world as you have known it to be throughout your lifetime. Your planet is constantly shifting, adjusting and creating a balance of energies within your world that have impact upon your tides, your climate and thus the ability to produce crops and such. You are aware that stripping a section of your planet of tree and plant life drastically affects and impacts your planet’s ability to produce oxygen ~ vital for human life to continue. More awareness is applied within your world to stop the stripping of many areas of these oxygen producing elements within your world. You already know, more is to be applied to maintain a balance within your world. The Universe as you know it to be is constantly adjusting the energies of it’s self to maintain a balance of alignments and positioning to maintain your planet’s life as you experience it, and thus maintain the continuing existence of human kind.

Many of you have awareness of the predicted earth changes occurring within your world and now seeing some of those predictions coming into your experience pick up fear and worry about the destruction of your planet. While it is of course truth that your world in a physical sense undergoes changes it is not truth that the destruction of your planet is at hand. We do so like the phrase in your world ~ at hand… don’t you? That phrase speaks to and addresses the knowing you do indeed have a part in creating with the changes of your planet. Between now and what you experience as the year 2018 your world has many opportunities of transformation and creating within the state of balance and harmony. Within your world you hear much communicated about the year of 2012. We also have spoken about this coming time often throughout the years. Many of the changes addressed in these communications address the earth’s changes, the shifting of plates and the realignment of continents and land masses. You are easily able to view your world and see the ice caps have melted and continue to melt at a much more rapid state than your world first perceived it to occur and it is easy to see that continuance of this change affects and alters the water levels of your world. As your magnetic polarity shifts your world is deeply affected and impacted. The orbit of your planet is determined by it’s magnetic polarity and of course as that shifts, your planet creates slight shifts, or wobbles within it’s orbit. Many experience fear over this within your world and fear the destruction of life upon your planet. While the ultimate shift of your magnetic polarities do have great impact upon your planet, it does not end life upon your planet. Your science perceives this shift as taking much time to occur, and yet just as the melting of your ice caps occurs more rapidly than first predicted, so does the shift of your magnetic polarity happen sooner than anticipated.

Do you perceive fear held within your body as you read what has been communicated to this point? If so, pause, feel and be aware of where within your body you have found fear. Comfort and reassure this part that all is indeed fine and as it is to be… Remember all possibilities occur within your world, even though you have conscious knowing of only one. In the same manner in which you choose to create upon a different ‘stage’ and create from a different ‘script’ as you transform fears and choose to create and experience more moments of love, honor, balance and harmony, so do you create within your world. As you observe for self, as you hear or read communications within your world in regards to the transformations and changes happening in your world, as you see weather patterns change, as you experience storms stronger than realized and known before, as you see tides shift and temperatures altered ~ remember this is a communication from your planet that it too is changing and transforming. View and understand your world as it presents it’s self and then choose, just as you consciously chose to create upon a script different than the script of fear, isolation and separation to a script of balance, harmony, and love. Choose the world, the planet you create with and then begin to create upon that choice. Some of what you choose is able to be experienced within the gift of imagination and others are able to be experienced within your world as you know and experience it to be.

In the gift of imagination… Imagine for a moment it is indeed possible you are able to create with the changes and transformation, the evolution of your planet. How would you create it to be? What does that planet look like? What earth changes do you create and what do you have remain the same? How does the life of your planet look? What Beings exist within it? Where do human beings live? How do they live? How do they interact, one with another? What animals, crops, plants and trees are part of this world? What is the temperature range of your world? You may surprise yourself with the world you create within your imagination! Meditate upon the vision you hold of your world. Send thought, energy, images of your world, feelings of your world ~ send it forth on the thread of thought, on the note of a sound, on the harmonies of a song. And then release it and let it be… Those who have the gift of writing, perhaps you choose to write novels based upon the vision you hold of a transformed, evolved and changed world. Those who create with the gift of art, perhaps you create visual aspects of your vision able to be shared with others. Those of you who have the gift of song, perhaps you write and create songs and harmonies that speak to others of the world you envision.

Creating within your world as it appears to be now: How are you able to have any part in what becomes your world? How is one human able to affect and have impact within your world and with the changes you are able to see already happening? By being absolutely present in the moment and involved with your planet. Where you live, how do you care for the gift of your planet? Do you participate in the balancing of your planet? Do you seek to know the responsibility of each person in regards to pollution and stripping your planet of resources? Do you assist in the planting of trees to one day take have the growth sufficient to take over the task of creating oxygen for your world? Do you care for the life forms within your world… human, animal, and plants? Do you participate in creating a balance within the harvesting of the resources and minerals within your world? Do you participate in the cleaning of your world? How often do you walk past trash upon your earth and do not clean it because it isn’t ‘yours’? And thus, allowing the accumulation of refuse and toxins to enter into the earth’s skin, the ground you walk upon, ultimately filtering down into the water tables of your world and thus recycling throughout your world. Do you communicate to those within your world who study, work with and have knowledge of your earth of your views, beliefs and indeed readiness to assist and participate where able to do so? Do you reach out to each human and through knowledge share the experience that your planet is evolving and it is able to be something to celebrate rather than to fear? Allow wonder to exist within you. See the beauties and wonders of your world… imagine what new wonders and beauty may show it’s self as your climates change.

Change, transformation and evolution happens… you may fear it or you may embrace and celebrate it. Perhaps by being involved within the results of these changes and transformations you are able to assist one another to adjust, respond to the opportunities that present it’s self within your world. Though confusion seems to be a negative place for humanity to create within, it truly is a wondrous state to create from… Who knows what world evolves and joins in the continuance of the human journey? The choices are infinite… Your choice is how do you assist and create with the continuing transformation of your earth and all who share your beautiful world with you. Open to the possibilities… communicate within your world and beyond of your willingness and readiness to participate in a conscious active way and doors open to you to assist in this moment of evolution. Create within the unlimited ways to assist and be part of this transformation, reaching out to one another, assisting one another and assisting your planet. Or you may live within the state of fear and limitation. The choice is always yours ~ free will in action…

That is all for ‘now’~ God’s Blessings! Ma-Ryah”

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