And Yet…

She is a woman who has lived a life filled with experiences, some positive and some painful. She has brought five Souls into this world and guided them with love and compassion.

She is a woman who carves her own way in this world and often has had to depend only on herself to take care of moments that arise in her life. She is used to making decisions and getting things done.

She is a woman who likes her space and privacy, and yet now must allow others to enter…not an easy thing for her to do. She is a woman who now must allow others to help her and realize accepting that help does not make her weak. It shows her strength as she allows others to give to her as she has so often given to others.

She is a woman who has been on her own since she turned eighteen and now finds herself having to allow her mother to care for her and to fill in with her children when she is unable to do so. It is not easy for her to lie back and allow another to do what she has always done. I do my best, but I can never fill the role as fully as she does. She is their Mother and there is no other like her in their lives.

She is a woman who now lives with cancer. She moves forward one day at a time, giving her best. She moves forward one moment at a time examining what is to be seen within, healing what she can and seeking to let go of what she can not heal or change. She is a woman who sees healing and transformation occur a step at a time, only to find it necessary to retreat and go back several steps at a time. She is a woman who does not like the word hope, and yet it is a word to take the next breath with and to take that next big step. Without hope there is no more getting up. Without hope there is no moving forward. Without hope there is nothing. Hope is a word filled with limitless possibilities as well as a word filled with fear. What if healing does not occur? What if it does? Dare to hope and take the next step forward, whatever that may be.

When illness robs her of strength, when it forces her to stay in bed listening to the life within the home moving around her, she lifts her face to life and invites it to create within her. She digs down deep inside of her when all she experiences seems to be too much and finds the strength, determination and courage to move forward once again.

She is a woman who has watched her body change as the cancer seeks to ravage her. The face in the mirror is not the face she has looked upon before and yet though she doesn’t see it yet, the face in the mirror is filled with the light and radiance of her Soul. She is a woman who feels the changes deep within herself as the chemo and radiation makes changes within her body as it seeks to remove the cancer from her body. How frightening that must be and yet she seldom shows that fear.

She is a woman who walks a path none of us would want to walk. In the lonely hours of the passing night what fears speak to her? A Mother of five children ~ her love for them is often the source she reaches for to have the strength and energy to fight another day. Her love for them is strong and all of us who love her hope it always gives her the strength she requires for this journey of healing cancer.

She is a woman who touches the lives of so many. She is a woman who has filled my heart and life since the first moment I knew of her presence within my womb. If love and only love is able to heal the cancer that fills my daughter, then surely she is healed. I can only hope it has that power…

She is a woman and I honor that…. And yet, she is forever and ever my child. My eyes see the woman I have here in my life. My arms feel a woman when I hold her. And yet, my heart sees my little girl…

Her journey is not done. She has many moments yet to live. She has so much love yet to give. Creator, hear my prayer…The prayer of a Mother who loves her child beyond compare… Reach inside of her, and take from her the cancer. Restore her health, restore the life she chooses to live. And bless the rest of us with the gift of her ~ forever cancer free.

She is a woman and yet she is my child. She fills my life with love. Let the journey we walk together continue on for many years. Heal her Creator ~ Let it be manifested in her now. Your healing love shining bright within my child now and always.

Thank you Creator for the gift you sent into my life when I prayed for love to show me how to live…. My love is not enough to take this cancer from my child, but yours most definitely is~ please make it so…

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