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I have been adding the videos from years ago of Ma-Ryah doing lessons. These lessons used to be only accessible to members who subscribed to the member section. Over the past years I have deleted this section because life happened, and I did not have the energy to devote to this section. I have chosen to post them all here so you may watch them at your leisure. And perhaps you may hear something she says that speaks to you and where you are in your life. Enjoy!

Welcome Message

Children of the Light

Essence of Shadow

Essence of Shadow 2

Essence of Shadow 3

Intro to Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes Part 2

Paralyzing Fear

4 thoughts on "Archived Videos"

  1. As I place the archived videos onto this site I have been watching them. It has been many years since I have watched them and listened to what Ma-Ryah was speaking about in them. Today I watched once again, The Children of the Light. It is interesting to hear her speak in 2007 about how the Emissary children would be like when they reached the age of 14/15 and comparing them to the then 14/15/16 year old Indigo children.

    The night this workshop was held we had quite the storm in the area and so two people braved the weather and still showed up for the workshop. My son and I had traveled to the area where this workshop was held so I was grateful to see the two women show up. In watching this video after many years of not seeing it I am also filled with gratitude for Ma-Ryah speaking and giving all of her presence and knowledge to them. To her it does not matter if two showed up or one hundred showed up. I appreciate that about her…
    Sharon Dvorak

  2. In the last ten minutes or so of the first shadow video, Essence of Shadow you are able to see how Ma-Ryah’s energy affects the electronics of our world. The main camera stopped functioning and the backup camera picked up from the side… While watching the Essence of Shadow videos you will notice assignments are always given near the end of each video that are to be worked on in between the videos. It is up to you if you choose to do the assignments or not. I can tell you from my own experience that doing the assignments assist in your growth and transformation. If you have any questions about the process you may contact me and I will respond as soon as possible.
    Sharon Dvorak

  3. Beginning with the video on Paralyzing Fear I am not certain which comes before another one as they are not numbered again until Essence of Shadow 6. I review them before posting here and do my best to keep them in order though there are no guarantees I get it ‘right’. 🙂
    Sharon Dvorak

  4. Tonight I watched again part two of the Essence of Shadow. The background noise is very much present and of course it drives me crazy. I end of listening to the lesson though and while I continue to be aware of the noise in the background I am able to tune it out to some degree and not focus on it.

    Further into the lesson, towards the end of the lesson Ma-Ryah is addressing the interaction of the community that works with the lessons. Remember these videos were part of the previous paid member section of the earlier web site. You can still benefit from the lessons even without it being an interactive community. The teachings learned from Ma-Ryah have been invaluable in my life and in the life of many others. I hope you also will find assistance in applying the teachings of her lessons.
    Sharon Dvorak

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