Asking for guidance

How are you Ma-Ryah
“My question as I’m sure you have been asked this question numerous
times……I’m very lost, I find myself not liking what I do for a living
anymore and it’s hard to even try to do it. I use to love it, I’m not sure
what happened, could be I just got tired of all the crap, sorry for the
language only way I could think of saying it. But I’m very unsure of what
to do, trying to switch professions with no money to do so (as in training)
is hard, but I just don’t have the oomph to go back to what I do, so if you can
direct me or give me a hint on which would be the better path for me to
follow, I would really appreciate it. The indecision is cause me to stand
completely still, and things are beginning to crumble.
Thank you for your help.” Lisa, NJ

Answer: ” God’s Blessings Lisa! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to hear from you.
You find yourself in a quandry similar to what many other human beings are going through right now. What once before brought much satisfaction, now does not. The desire to not create in the same way is strong and yet at the same time there exists a sense of not knowing what else to do then which will bring pleasure once again into your life. Living in a state of confusion and bewilderment is not an enjoyable place to be and we do understand that, however it is also able to be a wonderful place to be because it gives opportunity to begin something new.

We see many gifts within you and so it is we speak of these gifts and perhaps you then know where do you see yourself creating in the perceived future. We see within you an ability to assist those who are ill so any area where you are able to be involved in the healing/medical field is beneficial. Your ego may very well have just reacted to that remark by reminding you the funds to do this is not seen possible within your life right now. You are able to gently remind the ego there are many aspects available to you in working in this field that does not require becoming a nurse or doctor. Some of the available aspects require some training and yet often they are able to be acheived. There are also grants within your world to assist a person to have the funds for returning to school for futher education and teachings. Investigate, research and educate yourself to the many financial assistant programs available within your world so you are prepared if you so choose to return to school.

We also find within you a gift for being involved in the teaching of children, especially the very young ones as well as the teen years. Working with children either as a teacher or a therapist is very strong in your energy field. The children and teens then are not only assisted by you, but you also receive much from them.

We also find within you a very strong creative gift. If you choose you are able to align yourself with the energy of sharing this gift with others. We see the ability to create art as well as to use the gift of dance. Perhaps you may choose to work within this field with others or create something entirely yours from this gift within you.

Sometimes words we have shared with others at a different point in time bear repeating in the present moment. In the meantime, until you decide where do you go from here, you are able to use this time to once again reap what you once did from where you presently create. Ask yourself, why did I choose this in the first place? What part of this once excited me and brought me joy? When did it stop doing this? See what had or has occurred in your life to create it to be felt as unfulfilling as it now is felt. Allow yourself to see what are you able to do right now to bring back the feelings you once had with where you are now. Allow yourself to see where are you now in the knowledge of self and then ask yourself how are you most easily able to create within your life to experience life from this vision and knowledge of self.

In this present moment of time two words are present in the majority of all human beings to work with and these two words are trust and faith. Do you trust yourself to guide yourself to a job that fulfills you? Do you have faith in your ability to absolutely know what is most beneficial for you to experience and to trust you are able to work with any challanges or obstacles that may seem to have the power to prevent you from acheiving what you choose to do? If you have shadows of judgment, regret and remorse for choices you have made in the past and thus giving the ego fuel to attempt to stop you, look upon that part of self and perhaps allow self to see ~ What did you learn negatively or positively from that moment? What do you now know about your self and how you create with self and others in this world because of that experience? Again, allow yourself to see the results whether they are seen as positive or negative. Ask yourself; do you trust yourself? If yes, why? If no, why?

We bid you farewell and God’s Blessings for now Lisa. If you desire more communication from us, feel free to communicate that. If you desire clarity on anything we have communicated here, also communicate that to us. Know deep within your own self you are able to create in a way that brings fulfillment to you, no matter what that looks like in your life.
God’s Blessings. Ma-Ryah”

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