Creating a God Box

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. In this communication we choose to speak with you about creating what we have been calling, The God Box. This is a tool to follow the previous lesson on , Inviting the Sacred. This lesson is yet another way for you to connect with the Sacred and to create greater consciousness in your own life.

We begin by stating what becomes more reality for many humans. Your thoughts create the reality you experience within your life, whether positive or negative experiences. It is on the greater truths of this statement we address the use of this lesson.

Begin first by either creating a box or by purchasing one already made. Once you have chosen your box you may of course decorate as you choose to decorate your God box. Some human beings have purchased beautiful boxes and do not add anything else to it. The choice of what your God box looks like is entirely up to your own self. Choose a place to put your God box when you are not holding it. Create this space with as much beauty and loving energy as possible. Request of others that do not touch nor make use of your God box unless you grant them permission to do this as this box for you represents your connection with God, the Divine energy and presence of love and light.

Once the box is created and decorated if desired you then sit with this box, holding it in your hands or placing it upon your lap and holding it with your hands upon your lap. Spend a few moments feeling the box you have created and looking at how it is made. Notice, is it made from wood, glass, pottery or some other material? Close your eyes and continue to become familiar with your God box by touch, in this way assisting you to become more knowledgeable of the energy of your God box. Once you feel comfortable with what you have created and you know it is exactly ‘right’ for you it is time to begin.

Holding your God box either on your lap or within your hands speak either out loud or in the quiet of your mind. Acknowledge you have indeed created a box that represents for you, your connection with the Divine and Sacred, no matter how you perceive this to be for what ultimately matters here is your ability to perceive and know this Sacred connection.

As you acknowledge you are indeed holding within your hands the symbolic connection between you and the Divine energy allow your self to feel the balance, harmony and love that flows between your own self and the Divine. Either in thought or in spoken words communicate to the energy of self and your world that you now hold within your hands the most Sacred of all Sacred things. In your hands you hold a way to assist you to once again connect with this Sacred Being and for a few moments there is nothing to separate you from this Being who is Absolute Love. There are many moments in the human journey of life that appears to separate you from Absolute Love, but right now, right this moment in time you hold the Sacred of all Sacredness within your hands and are once connected to this Being in a conscious and chosen way.

The energy in your box now shifts this box from being a box existing within your world to now being your intimate connection with the source of all things, no matter what name you address the Divinity as in your life. The Divine manifests Self as Absolute Love and pure radiance Light. The remembrance within your own self that no matter what your physical creation and experience has been, it does not have the power or the ability to change in any way the Absolute Love and Light of the Divine.

Each morning upon awakening commit a few moments to holding the most Sacred in your hands and reflecting upon how you choose your day to unfold. What experiences do you choose to know this day? With great consciousness choose what your experience is able to be this day. Perhaps you choose to see and to hear the gift of laughter within your world and to observe how the gift of laughter joyfully coming from a human being affects and impacts your world and the humans of your world. Speak to the energy of Absolute Love, address God the Divinity in whatever manner you do so identify self with this presence and speak of your intention to observe, know and create with the gift of joyful laughter in your world this day. You may write down your intention and place it within your God box, or place something within your God box that symbolizes for your own self this intention. Spend a moment or more then sitting with your God box, which now contains your intention to experience, to know within this day and speak either out loud or once again in your thoughts that you do indeed create and experience exactly what you have chosen to know. Once this is accomplished you are able to place your God box in the place you have created to place it and then go about your day.

From time to time as your thoughts go to the intentions set, your ego will also be on the look out for anything that either validates your chosen intention of experience or it will seek out and make note of any shadow or perceived imbalance associated with your intention. Either reaction is all right. If you find you are experiencing more shadow than you choose to experience, stop briefly, inhale deeply and remind your self of your chosen intention of experience. Then gently remind your ego of this choice and remind it your intention is held within the love of the Divine and being nourished by Absolute Love! This gentle reminder assists the shadows to step aside and assist you in experiencing more of your intention.

At the end of the day before you enter into sleep, take a few moments to sit with your God box. Once again as you hold it, remember you hold in your hands the most Sacred of all that is Sacred. Here in this moment you are connected to Absolute Love and Light. Open your God box and take out either your written intention set that morning or what you have symbolically placed within your God box to represent your intention. Reflect upon your day. Did you experience and create upon your intention? Did you experience many examples of joyful laughter created and applied within your world? Or do you find upon reflection that you experienced the opposite? Sitting here in reflection or review of your day what do you now know of this intention that you did not know in the beginning of your day? How may you apply this found knowledge in your life in the coming days? The gift of honesty with self is vital in this exercise and creation with your God box. After reviewing your day and seeing how it either manifested upon your intention or manifested with greater awareness of shadow in your life, choose which part of your experience do you choose to continue with in the next day? Which part of your experience of the day do you choose to let go of with blessings and awareness of what you have learned through the presence of your experience. If what you have remaining with you is shadow then once again either write or create a symbolic representation of this shadow and place it within your God box. Each and every time in the experience of your life when this shadow cycles around and is experienced within your life you are able to remember this part of your life is held in the Absolute Love of the Divine ~ always! This part of you held in Absolute Love is able to transform easily and with grace for Love sees it, recognizes it, honors it and assists the shadow to be transformed, the costuming of forgetfulness falling away until what remains is what has always been there though perhaps unseen by your own self ~ Absolute Love and Absolute Light!

As always if you desire assistance or feedback on the results of this lesson applied in a conscious way within your life, you are able to communicate with us via this site and we are most pleased to assist you.

God’s Blessings!” Ma-Ryah

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