Crippled in Fear…


Ma-Ryah this is my first contact. I love Sharon, so feel comfortable in who you are and what you do. I’m going through a lot lately….
3 years ago I went to a psychic who told me things– a lot of which has come true…. one thing was that I was going to meet this man and the other was a change of career….. well, I met a man that I am intrigued with, but that was it…. we met. I tried to push things and make a connection but he did nothing… not sure if he is the “man” and if I should continue to hold out hope. He’s not my normal “type”, but something about him just won’t let me walk away.
As for the career– there’s something else I want to do but lack the financial stability to take the jump as well as missing the confidence in myself. Help? Life is stagnant…. I’m supposed to be doing something but I’m crippled in fear to do anything about either situation.
Crippled in fear

Answer: “God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to receive your question as well as honor your request to not use your name.

While we see a great desire within you to have a relationship with a man in your life, we do not see the one you asked about being the one you have sought. This does not mean he is someone you are not know or be involved with, it means he is one who assists you to prepare for the one who walks the journey of love in a balanced way with you. This man you ask about is very different from you. You have much passion and ‘child like’ energy about you ~ and we do speak of this in the most honoring way. The man you ask about is more serious than you, experiences life in shades of black and white, while at the same time seems to have moments of great levity and lightness towards life. He is a duality within his own self.

You find your self drawn to him and so there is something he has to offer you that is able to assist you to be open to receive the relationship with a man that opens and expands your heart. You are able to understand what he has to bring to your awareness by sitting down with pen and paper. Reflect on him. Not only on his physical appearance ~ also on his seen traits. Allow free flow writing to happen and write down everything that comes to mind when holding the image of him within your minds’ eye. Ask your self, what do I like about him? What do I dislike about him? What is it about him that I would like to be like? What is it about him that I would change if I had the power to change another? Once you feel the writing is complete, read what you have written. Then sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on your breath and allow calm to settle within you. Once you are calm and at peace within self return to what you have written and re-read it ~ this time asking self with each thing you read does what you read create a feeling of safety within you or does your heart beat with an increase of pulse? Do you perceive a tightening around your solar plexus? The parts of him you question why you seek to create with him gives you information about your own self. Where do you find this in your own life? Do you create in this way? Are you afraid of this part of you or do you resist creating in this way? As with all human beings, you interact with another in order to see and know self. Sometimes the interactions show you an unseen or unknown part of self, positive or negative ~ and sometimes it shows you a part of self you dislike and is being seen in another to see do you judge this part? Do you seek to disown this part of self? Do you distrust this part of self?

One script you carry with you is fear of trusting another. Your experiences have also brought to you many opportunities to validate you ”can not even trust your own self”, because ”look at who you were drawn to and look at how you were hurt.” Safety, being able to be safe to be seen fully is a challange for you. You desire very much to share your life, your love with another and yet you are very cautious to let down your guard. This man you ask us of offers you opportunity to see and know this part of self and begin to transform this part of self if you so choose to do so. Is your ego able to tell you that it is not always safe to be vulnerable, to be fully your self? Absolutely. Your life experiences through the human ego self has many moments to validate this communication to self. In this present moment, not the past, not the feared future ~ is this part of you based on what is happening in the present moment? When you are honestly able to say no in response to this question pay attention to the inner communications. You will sometimes become aware of the inner communication speaking and beginning with the words, ”yeah, but….” Listen closely to this part of your thoughts for it gives you the part of the past being held on to in order to prevent you from moving forward and gifting your self with a different experience.

You have so much love, laughter and music inside of you to share in this world. This part of you has learned to be cautious in being seen. From time to time, invite this part of you to be seen by self and by others. Invite this part of you to be seen even when the ego, the mind communicates to you with the, ”yeah, but..” so you may indeed have an experience from time to time of seeing it is safe in this moment to be unshielded and unafraid to be seen. Each time you do this you embrace who you are without fear and in time you call to you the man who walks beside you celebrating this beautiful side of you.

We send you many blessings as you open gently more each day to the beauty, the gift, the song that is you so you may receive the joy of love you seek.  God’s blessings ~ Ma-Ryah”

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  1. In response to your question Ma-Ryah focused on the relationship part of the question and not the career change. If you would like this addressed by her just let me know and I will present it to her again communicating only that part of your question. 🙂

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