Dear Ma-Ryah

“Dear Ma-Ryah, I was threatened at work by some teen age girls (gangs) and developed PTSD. They sent me back to work  in Sept., but I’m out again because I started crying and couldn’t stop. I’m out on workmans comp, but I don’t want to teach in this place anymore. What to do?” Debbie F., NJ

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to respond to your question.

You have experienced a trauma in your life and the energy of this trauma is held within your mind and your body. We advise you to seek counsel to assist you to work through the trauma and to allow the emotional energy of it to be released from your body and your mind. It is often difficult for human beings to move beyond a moment in time that created a fight or flight reaction. Often the human being besides reliving the experience in the depths of the mind will also look upon the moment through the filter of hindsight and insight; judging their own self in that moment and thinking ” I should have ________… filling in the blank with a way they judge they ‘should have’ responded to the experience.  To assist moving beyond the terror still held within your own self, you may also choose to return to the location during a time it is not filled with human beings with a person you trust to be with you. Walking through this area with a  person you trust, you are able to remember what occurred there, talk and allow the feelings trapped inside to be spoken and shown. Then reclaim the self held in this area by seeing and experiencing what is there for you now in the present moment. Remember, you are reacting to a moment you have survived and it is the fear held from that moment you presently react to whenever you think about returning.  Speaking with a counselor to assist you to move beyond this experience and to empower yourself once again is beneficial for you to do if you so choose to do this.

To assist the part of you that felt helpless and not in control during this experience seek ways to empower your self. Perhaps take a course that trains you to defend yourself so you do not walk in fear of being accosted or harmed. You may also choose to write a condolence letter to the self who experienced this trauma. You may write about the sorrow you feel for having gone through this experience as well as the fears you presently carry within you from this moment in time, fearful it may occur once again. If you choose to write the condolence letter to your self, remember to read it in the three part way of reading. First, read it quietly within your mind. Second, read it out loud being conscious of emotions and how your body reacts to the words spoken. And third, read it out loud while looking at your reflection in a mirror, again being conscious of your reactions. Remind your self  once again you came through this experience and you are yet creating and experiencing life.

You are a very gifted teacher of the arts. You have much to give to youth and many Beings yet to connect with and assist the awakening of the creative aspects of them as well as the encouragement they receive from you. Perhaps you do choose not to return to the school and the age of youth that you previously worked with and may instead consider working with a younger age of children. You also may perhaps look at the possibility of teaching and working with adults, or create classes and workshops on your own, awakening, encouraging the gifts found within all who seek to remember the artist lives within all human beings.

Remember you have a gift within your self to see and bring to the surface the creativity of others and thus assist them to know the beauty of life. You are an artist. Create a journey of healing for self by using your gift to express the fears you hold, the courage and strength of life and the gift of beauty found within your own self. Remember also, you have many physical beings who are able to assist you in the healing journey as well as many Beings of Spirit walking with you. You are not alone in your struggle to reclaim your self and move beyond a moment in time. A moment in time that is filled with fear for you, yes ~ however, it is a moment in time you have already passed through. You are yet here to create, experience and know life. How wonderful and beautiful that is! God’s Blessings always ~ Ma-Ryah”

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