Full of Hope

Full of hope

Sometimes through the winter months

it is so easy to lose sight of hope.

In the gloomy, dark days of winter

when the air is crisp and cold,

I often fall quickly into the land

of my shadows.

Most of life seems difficult,

dreams never seem to be fulfilled.

Doubt and fears walk beside me

and hope seems so far away.

Then one day

the winter passes

and the first flowers of Spring

begin to push through the cold earth

and before long they begin to bloom.

How quickly hope returns to me!

As nature puts on her colors of beauty

and dabs her scent upon the air

hope awakens once again.

Dreams are dreamed once again

and any thing seems possible!

Standing out side I deeply breathe

the sweet smell of Spring into my lungs.

My eyes rejoice as they look upon the beauty

of nature unfolding all around me.

My heart sighs

and knows another winter is now past

and once again beats with the sound of


I kneel upon the earth and feel the beating

of our Mother’s heart.

I look upon the beauty of the flowers

she covers herself with

and I gently touch each blossom and leaf.

My voice speaks words of gratitude

as beauty fills my Soul

and hope fills my heart.

Sharon Dvorak

March 21, 2008

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