Gentle Sleep

Gentle sleep

so deep and pure.

How I long to have you

part of my life.

Gentle sleep

a sleep of innocence and rest,

how long will it be before you visit me?

Rather than a gentle, restful sleep

it seems those hours belong to Spirit.

Why is it ‘they’ seem to always visit

in the wee hours of the morning?

For some unknown reason

3 a.m. seems the favored

calling time for them…

They say it is because

there are not the distractions

of my life

and they can get through to me

much easier.

Distant sounds of mumbling voices,

flashes, glimpses of Beings

stopping by.

Clear and loud

a question asked.

Once answered they seem content

yet I lie awake listening for more,

looking for more.

I know as soon as I close my eyes

and with a sigh think I just might enter

gentle sleep….

here they will come again!

As the night turns to dawn

the visits of Spirit quiet down

and I so begin to think,

“ Ahhh, now I can sleep.”

Wrong! Now here comes my guide,

my teacher, my mentor….

now that all else have left

now it is Ma-Ryah’s turn!

Sometimes with humor,

sometimes with shadow

I greet her as she enters.

Surrender in my voice

and heart, I say to her,

“ Okay, you have my attention.”

And once again the thought of

giving in to the gentle, soothing,

restful sleep is set aside.

Would I truly trade these nights

of visits, or time spent with the others

and Ma-Ryah

for night after night of

gentle sleep?

Absolutely not!

Gentle sleep has not ever

been part of my life and

though I do not know what it is like,

sometimes I wonder how it feels.

And yet, for all my wondering

I would not trade these precious

hours spent with Spirit

for any thing else in this world.

Sharon L. Dvorak

August 2007

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