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Greetings Ma-Ryah, it has been quite some time now since we last spoke, and I miss being close to Sharon to be able to talk with you in person.I am very happy though with the physical move that I made and my living arrangements here in Florida are the best,I am most happy with that.I find myself once again, drawn in by my relationship with ‘J’. Thinking that moving away I would meet someone to replace him in my heart, and it just hasn’t happened yet, and in fact, he has been more present. He broke up with the woman he had moved in with, which we knew would happen eventually, noting that throughout that time we continued to see each other and had very good times.
‘J’ has driven down here twice now to visit me, and even said that by him taking time to drive all this way, really showed me something, like it meant something. AND, he even said that he chose the wrong girl, and of course I took that to mean that I was the right one all along!
Silly me for fast forward thinking….and of course my heart sang, and once again he pulls the rug out, calling me psycho again because I was offended by him sending photos of his ex girlfriend with his boat, along with other photos of people and fish they all caught. Was that on purpose to bait me? Because it really hurt my feelings, and when I brought it up, he got very angry with me for saying something, and now, says that he will never see me again….I just dont get him. We have the most intimate times together, and he even says it is the best ever, so why why why, does he sabatoge us like this? I know you have told me to walk away, and lord knows that I do try, but we always come back together, and I am really trying to learn something here, and also teach this man, that love,(knowing his problem about love, accepting it and denying it) is real in us…..and I just really need your help again and advice , because we all know, our will can change and I was hoping that his had or would and we could grow old together.
I have met a very nice man named ‘B’….but I dont feel for him like I do for ‘J’, but maybe if I really let go…..I would feel differently about ‘B’? Or maybe there is someone else out there that would fill my heart with love that I so want ?
Also, what do you think of my new Baby doggie? Isn’t he the best!! Do you think he is a Jasper, or do you see a better name?
Thank you so much for listening and feeling my heart. I talk to you all the time, but I need to see some answers as to which way I should go!!
Blessing to you,
“K”, Fla.

Answer: “God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to hear from you. As always we are very pleased to speak with you.

It is wonderful to hear you are quite happy with your choice to move to Florida! And we are not surprised you find your self once again wondering what to do with your relationship with “J”. As we often did speak, until you feel you are finished creating with him, it isn’t complete. Until it is complete within you, you continue to create in ways that do indeed bring him into your life. Advice to walk away is based on whether what you experience with him honors or dishonors you. If you experience honor then you are easily able to choose to continue to create with him. If however, you experience dishonor, feeling less than who you are, feeling pushed aside or pushed away then you have a choice. You can choose to create with him and use the knowledge you gain to see where within you lies the seed you are not worth loving, honoring, cherishing ~ and work with those scripts and beliefs within self, or you may  choose to walk away. If the choice is to walk away you are able to begin to heal the scripts of ‘unlove, unworthiness, and no matter what you do it is not enough’, by seeing you chose to walk away from a dishonoring experience.

No one but you is able to decide if what you experience with him is honoring or not. Only you may do this. We do understand when he creates with you from a more love based self he is all you have sought to know and experience. We also do understand you carry the belief of who he is able to be if he would only put down his shields of defense and fear. He shows you glimpses of all you seek and yet at the same time you also know only he may create the transformations within himself. We spoke many times how often the script he carries is ‘he can not trust anyone, he can not be loved fully’ and sets about ways to push away the love that is there for him and then returns to question, ‘look what I have said and done…do you still love me?’ Very strong and difficult scripts to work with and yet a perfect script to create with someone who carries the script that no matter what they do, no matter how much they love, no matter how many ways they show their love ~ it is never enough.

As we have often spoken when we have been face to face with you, this really isn’t about him. It is about you and what you believe you receive from others and what you expect to receive based upon past experiences of your life. As we have also spoken many times before with you, we choose to say once again to you ~ You are a very loving person. You have much love to give to another and yet until you are able to see love for your own self no one is able to give it to you. Instead what often happens is the ones who are drawn to you are drawn to your wounds, not your light and love. They are drawn to your wounds for that is how most human beings are able to see what is to be transformed within self, by seeing  in another. We do see that since moving you do not abandon or betray your self as often as you once did and we acknowledge that transformation with celebration!

The energy of “B” is lighter than those who usually are drawn to you and carries more honor than what we have seen before. Yet even “B” isn’t able to completely fulfill the desire of love you seek until you carry more of that within self, for self. Perhaps once again look at the relationship and what you receive from “J”. List the ‘pros’ and the ‘cons’ of what you receive. Perhaps change the words pros and cons to ‘honors me’ and ‘does not honor me’. Allow your self to be honest with self while making the list. When it is complete see which word is stronger in the experience. Of course, either way you have a choice to make. Do you create with him or not? Does he bring to you what you seek to experience? You are also able to list some questions or make statements such as, ” When ‘J’ says/or does ___________, I am expanded and feel loved.” Or, “When ‘J’ says/or does _____________, I feel diminished and unloved.” This exercise gives you more knowledge to then base your choice upon as you recieve information you may not otherwise be aware of knowing.

Reflect on how you created in years past and see how you create now. You will see you have grown in many ways and have chosen more often to create in ways that bring honor into your life, respect and balance. Be patient with where you are and continue as you have been doing to understand you are transforming and remembering more and more you are a person who seeks to love and be loved. Trust in time the love you bring into your life reflects the greater love that lives inside of you.

We like the new canine companion you have in your life. Jasper is a nice energy for a name for him and yet no matter which name you ultimately choose he will be pleased to carry it. Remember how much you are loved by us and by others~ Be at peace within self and create within your choices knowing each choice ultimately allows you to see who you not only belive you are, it also allows you to see who you truly are. A Being here to know and create as love.

God’s Blessings. Ma-Ryah”

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