Happiness is a choice

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. In this message we choose to address something we find that sometimes the human race forgets ~ and that is the fact that happiness is a choice. We have often reminded those we speak with about this and so we chose to address it in this message.

It appears to be easy for humankind to get caught up in the appearance of chaos, pain and fear. And yet, at the same time it appears to often be challenging for humankind to remember one of your greatest gifts is free will.

We have spoken often about the journey of shadows within the human being and it is one area many humans appear to be quite at home. In the process of creating upon the scripts of limitation, separation, isolation, judgment, rejection and fear often what gets forgotten is the knowledge you have a choice and you have the gift of freewill. The remembrance of this aspect of creating is important to access within each human being. More and more often we see human beings beginning to remember you are not your fears. Your shadow or ego self often does perceive it’s self and identify it’s self based on the experiences you have in your world that validate the existence of fears to keep you isolated and separate from others.

Once the memory of who you are begins to walk within you ~ when you remember you are always a Soul of Love and Light who is having an experience of the physical realm, you begin to see the journey of life in a different way. You begin to remember the source of all Love and Light, God/Goddess, All There Is, is not able to be altered based on your experiences. You are here to learn and remember that in the end all that matters is the Love you receive and create with in your world. The memory that each and every moment is able to be changed and transformed once you remember this begins to create strongly within you. You begin to see you do indeed have many choices on how you experience and relate to other humans and to all things within your world.

The next time you are having a day where nothing seems to flow, where everything you do and experience seems to be difficult and out of sync and balance, remember to take a deep breath of life. As you breathe in deeply and release it with a sigh, remind yourself gently that you have a choice. You may continue to judge and berate yourself and others for how your day is going or you may choose to be different in that moment. You may choose to see the balance and harmony that is also present as you are shown yet another aspect of your self in the face, the life of another ~ receiving this knowledge with gratitude and appreciation. You may also consciously choose to be happy! After choosing to be happy, taking a moment to smile and truly feel the smile upon your face. Guide your thoughts to a moment in time when happiness walked within you and invite the memory of that moment to assist you to shift in the present moment. Give your ego self a job to do in the moment by directing it to seek and to call to your attention and focus something to feel happy about. Perhaps your ego points out the gift of nature in that moment, or the sound of a song in the background. Perhaps your ego points out another person in the background who is happy, content or radiating light. Your ego will respond to your request. If you do not open to happiness you may not notice it’s presence.

Create an experiment for your self and invite happiness to walk with you in a moment when it appears to be completely absent. Make note of the moment and if desired journal about it at some point during that day. Once you see happiness is indeed a choice, able to be made in any moment, celebrate each and every time you accomplish this for your self!

We are as always interested in your results. Feel free to communicate your experiences with us and if desired guidance and understanding is able to be shared to assist you to have success with this aspect of creating and experiencing your life.

God’s Blessings in your journey of remembering ~ Happiness is a choice!” Ma-Ryah

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