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Question:” Hello Ma-Ryah, it’s been a while since our last encounter, and I surely have had some major changes lately. As a result, things for me have been pretty hectic! Yet I still try to write, as you suggested, and stay spiritually intact. I’ve been doing some research on tarot, palm readings, and things of that nature. I have a great interest in other realms and worlds, and also helping others. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that a goal that I want to attain is to work on using my gifts and talents, (once I learn  how to correctly control and use them) , to help others. I feel that is my purpose of being here at this time, to guide others to their paths, all while I’m learning my own path. But lately, I’ve been having some trouble mentally. I randomly find myself experiencing mood swings; ups and downs when I least expect it. But I feel that it may be of something greater… and perhaps I may be getting signs of being an Empath? I’m not sure , and that’s why I have come to inquire, if you could shine some of your inspiration on me, helping me understand. At first, I thought that I may be subject to Bipolar Disorder, or some kind of imbalance, yet whenever I am around different people, I have been FEELING what they feel, as if getting an inside look to them, but vague enough to not exactly be “reading their mind.” It’s stronger than a vibe, yet I’m not sure what it is. I would appreciate any guidance you could share. Thank you, God’s Blessings! :)” C. Margate, NJ

Answer:  “God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to hear from you as it has been a long linear time since we last spoke with you. We are also pleased to hear how much you have been doing to develop your gifts of perception and intuition. It is nice to see the level of committment in one as young as yourself.

We most definitely agree you are developing and becoming aware of your abilitly as an Empath. To develop this more and yet at the same time remember you are able to have this part of self turned ”on” as well as ”off” as chosen is part of it also. Sometimes you may not desire or choose to be able to feel what others are feeling within thier selves~ especially when you are part of a large gathering of people. In that situation knowing you are able to ”turn off” the empathic part of you becomes important otherwise you overwhelm yourself and find it difficult to be around many people at once. Sometimes you may choose to not be receptive of anothers feelings when it feels like an invasion of thier privacy.

As an Empath you in time not only receive the feelings of others, you also are able to perceive the thoughts of another. Most of the time the perceptions of another person’s thoughts is going where you are not asked or invited to be and often carries an awareness of respect of another persons boudaries. At first it is exciting to know you are able to tap into the thoughts of another and yet you are able to see how this invades the privacy of another by imaging how you would feel if someone around you had this ability and used it with you without your permission. As human beings you make choices and decisions based on the process of your thoughts. Your minds quickly go through many scenarios and then choose one to act upon. In the broader picture of course all thoughts are acted upon, but in your reality one is chosen out of many. It is also within the thoughts that responses and communication with another occurs. Often in this process you ‘think’ of what you would like to say to another and then do not act upon these thoughts, choose not to speak them since the outcome would diminish or harm another. And yet the thoughts of this are present within the mind able to be tapped into. Always remember the mind is the place where human beings process choices, possibilities and then create upon a choice of what to do and what to say. The unchosen, unacted upon thoughts have no bearing in the present moment with those being created with and is to be respected at all times by one able to access the thoughts of others. Were this gift chosen in order to control or manipulate another, you can see where this ability gives knowledge not able to be known in other ways for they are unspoken. It there ever a time it is not a shadow creation if you tap into the thoughts of another? Yes. To use this ability with someone who is in a coma, or for any reason unable to communicate their responses or feelings, the Empath gifted with the ability to tap into the thoughts and mind of another is able to be a very valuable gift to use in order to assist one who is unable to communicate by spoken word. A human being who has had a stroke and is not able to speak the words they choose to speak is able to be assisted by the Empath gifted with the ability to hear their thoughts. Of course if anyone gives you permission to tap into their thoughts to practice and develop this gift it is always fine to do so. We do know you and know much about you so we know you do not seek to develop this part of your gift to harm, diminish or control another. We acknowledge this with you for you choose to create from a place of honor and respect.

The more you practice and develop your ability to feel what another is feeling the stronger and more clear it becomes. Of course, as you already know it requires you to always be conscious of what you are feeling so you do not ”cross contaminate” your feelings onto them. Perhaps you have some family or friends who would be willing to allow you to practice on them. This part of the Empath gift is also able to be developed to encompass the ability to feel, as well as locate imbalances within the human body and of course then assist another to understand what they are feeling. Sometimes very gifted medical intuitives are used by physicians within your world to assist them to find and locate what they have not been able to find in thier patients. It takes a very confidant doctor to seek out the assistance of a medical intuitive. The doctor seeks to help their patient and will look for help in any way they can find it. Often a medical intuitive does not always know the medical terms and names of illnesses, however the description of it and where it is felt gives the physician information to apply to the ability they bring to the patient.

You can see there are many uses and ways to be an Empath. Meditation is vital! We say this for it is important the Empath knows self in all ways and at all times in order to be a clear communication with another. As we communicated earlier in this posting it is important to be able to turn this ability on and off at will. How do you do this? It is not complicated, so be aware of the ego seeking to make it complicated. All it truly takes to turn it off or on is to exercise your will and choose it to be as you have chosen. The human ego though often requires ‘something’ to make it so ~ and for that you may create movements or positioning of your hands to signal you are ‘on’ or you are ‘off’. You may use a piece of jewelry you wear when you are ‘on’, and take the jewelry off when you are ‘off’. You may do the same with a part of the mineral or rock family and do the same thing. When you have a specific crystal or rock in your hand, you are ‘on’. When you remove the crystal or rock from your hand, you are ‘off’. Practice once you have chosen a way to develop your ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch and in time it becomes very easy and you no longer require any tools or assistance, able to use your thoughts or spoken words to receive or not recieve the feelings of another.

Remember to give time to self. Remember those you feel most strongly will often be what is there for you to see and learn about self. Ask yourself where do you feel or seek not to feel this within you? Create with this part of self and seek to transform or balance this part of self if you also desire to heal this within self and maintain balance. Also remember, to release what is not yours. Do not hold onto the feelings of another for it will add to what is within you and if it is not balanced and healed it is able to create discordance within your own self. If necessary, create ceremony or ritual to let go of what you received from another, whether it is washing your hands and seeing it released or another way to create the knowing you are letting it go. If you desire any assistance on what rituals work well with humans you may ask us and we are pleased to speak of this with you. We truly do not see you having any difficulty choosing and creating a ritual or ceremony to release what is not yours to hold even if it is a reminder of a similar feeling within your own self. What you picked up came from another and ultimately belongs to them.

If you desire more communication or clarity for any of our answer, merely communicate this desire and we are pleased to respond. If you find worry within you for fear you may have Bipolar disorder then you are of course able to seek the assistance of a physician and have testing done to be sure you do not have this. The Empath also seeks out physicians when necessary, just as more and more physicians seek out gifted medical intuitives to assist them. One is not better than another as you know, each seeks the same thing; to assist others to be healthy and balanced. The way they create this is different.

God’s Blessings be with  you in your continued journey and development. Our love walks always with you.” Ma-Ryah

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