Hope and Joy

July 2007

“ God’s Blessings to all! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As always we are honored to be able to communicate to many Human Beings within this format and appreciate all who come here to share words.

As we share words within your world with you we often hear the words of despair and sadness from those we speak with. For this reason, this month we seek to share words of hope and joy with all who come here. You know how beautifully you do create within the Shadows of physical life and yet so often we find many forget how much joy is able to be found within your world. Often times we find the Human Being becoming so enmeshed within the world of Shadow that they do forget the Light of their own Being, and thus forget the Light and Love found within all Beings within the physical world.

The journey of Shadow for transformation is not only looking at the perceived areas of separation, isolation, judgment, perceived lack and unloved, thus fear. What is also found in the Shadow of self are the gifts of all Beings. How often do you see, hear or experience the gift of another, whether it is as an artist, singer, photographer, healer, teacher and so on? When this occurs how often do you find your self saying, “ I wish I could paint, sing, dance, write, heal, teach and so on, like this person? The beauty of the Shadow of self is you are indeed able to do all these things which please you and lift you for a moment into a place of Light and joy or you would not see them and experience it in this way! Perhaps you may not find your self painting in the style and way as perhaps Bottecelli or Rembrandt, and yet you are painting. It is only the ego which seeks to qualify the experience and often judges it as not being as good as another. When this occurs, the ego then is successful in preventing you from developing and growing within a particular gift, and thus is successful in keeping you within the shadow of not being good enough, not being gifted enough and so forth. If you find you do indeed find much joy from viewing the paintings of an artist instead of creating only within the shadow of separation and judgment, instead to sit with canvas and paint, and paint. Acknowledge within self you paint! Allow the sheer joy of painting and creating to be enough and not judge the results of your painting. You shall indeed see as you do this that the gift of painting begins to show it’s self to you. The same applies with any thing you seek to create within. If you find your self admiring the gift of another, allow that gift to be seen within you. Do not measure it against the gift of another. Once you measure the gift against the gift of another you invalidate the gift within self!

This applies also to the perception of hope and joy within your world. Do you as humans now experience a world where fear, despair and sadness seems to reign supreme? Yes, you do. It that all that is found in your world? Absolutely not! When you are seeing and experiencing the shadows of despair and sadness within your world you are being shown a global belief held by human kind. It is a gift to human kind, for here you are able to see where limitation and isolation holds human kind outside of who you are as a race of Beings. Do you find conflict and war? There also is peace and resolution found. See what separates and isolates the human family and begin to transform these things. When you are able to create within this way you give permission for hope to exist within the grid work of the physical world. When you see and experience much sadness within your world, remember the supporting energy is joy. As you focus on the sadness, you find the sadness intensifies and all of your Being resonates to this song. Instead, in the midst of sadness seek and find a moment of happiness and joy. As you focus on happiness and joy, your Being now resonates to happiness and joy! Perhaps you are not able in the moment to find this within your own self, and the ego says it is not there. The ego says it is not there and therefore you shall not feel this or create in this way. Here is the moment then when you remember all of life, every Human is a reflection of self. Look around you and see some one who is creating in the energy of happiness. See some one who is dancing the dance of joy. Truly see them and know this is also you. Give your self permission to feel the happiness and joy they are feeling! Your ego will seek to tell you that is not possible. You are able to gently remind the ego this is not truth for does your ego from time to time, hook you into the emotions of anger, sadness, despair of another? To know the answer to this, remember how often you have been having a pleasurable moment and then you create with some one who is angry, sad or frustrated. In that moment did you indeed let go of the pleasure you were creating within and pick up instead what they are feeling? As you are able to do this with the shadows so are you able to do this with the balance of happiness and joy!

Whenever a shadow exists and is experienced, the balance of this shadow is also there. The gift of nature is always present to assist you in choosing to feel hope and joy. When you are filled with sadness and find it through the eyes of the ego to see any thing resembling happiness, take a moment and choose to be out in nature. Choose to experience out side of your self , close your eyes and feel what is with you. Is the wind gentle and quiet? Know your self within the gentleness and quiet. Is the wind brisk and creating sound? Know the gift offered here to you. Thank the brisk wind for ‘blowing’ from you the sadness you have been within. Thank the wind for the sound it creates and so assists you to release the sound you hold within your self, and then let it go. If creating a sound is found necessary in order to let it go, then do so. The wind shall assist you.

Are you looking for beauty and do not find it any where within your life? Again, the gift of nature waits for you to join it and see the beauty held there for you to see. Observe the gift of a flower, the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Observe the flight of a bird, a bee, an insect and give flight within self. Some times it is easier to do this by closing your eyes after observing the flight of a bird, and then through the gift of imagination experience the freedom held in the gift of flight. Imagine as you soar like the bird you let go of all limitations of sadness and despair and instead embrace the sheer joy of unfettered flight! Sound simplistic? Perhaps…and yet it really is that simplistic. In any chosen moment of experience you choose how you shall be in the moment. You are not stuck for all time in a moment. All that is required to transform in a moment where you find your self is the length of linear time it takes to become conscious of a different thought and experience. If not found in the moment within self, then found in the creation of another or part of your world. Some times in speaking with Human Beings who are in sadness and despair we find the human being is indeed attached to this state of Being, often without being conscious of this attachment. It is familiar and it fits beautifully the scripts and beliefs held and being created upon within the human! Once it is no longer so comfortable for the human being the consciousness of the human being now seeks to let go of it, get rid of this part of self! Instead to see what do you know because you have walked with this belief and state of being. Remember, as gifted as you are in creating a shadow to be experienced as real, is as great as you are able to experience the balance of this shadow. If you experience the depths of sadness so much so you resonate sadness no matter what else you are creating, know how great you able to experience the depths of joy! Even though hope is a part of humanity that also is often filled with shadow, for it is the other side of fear, hope is the part of you that shall lead you to the steps to take in order to transform and thus have an experience of joy. Celebrate this part of you and this part of you shall bring to your awareness the balance you seek to know and experience.

We have placed the following words in other areas of this site of communication and we choose to also place them here. Physical life is the dance of Light and Shadow. You always are able to choose to either be in the Light or in the Shadow and both are beneficial places to be within. Each place of creation offers the gift of wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps you dance in the Shadow of sadness and despair so you may dance exquisitely in the Light of hope and joy! We support and honor you, no matter which dance you choose to create.

God’s Blessings.” Ma-Ryah

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