Hope ~ God’s Promise

Sister love...

Life begins with a heartbeat,

creating a rhythm of consciousness.

Upon birth the symphony of the heart beat

is joined by the breath of life

and a new person enters the world.

Each person is unique, exquisite, precious~

there is not another exactly like it anywhere in the world!

The journey of life unfolds,

moment by moment,

breath upon breath,

heart beat upon heart beat.

Sometimes life is danced through the song of sorrow,

and sometimes it is danced through the song of joy.

Sometimes life is danced through the song of faith,

but sometimes it is also danced through the song of fear.

The obstacles of life are able to create

illness and imbalance in the body.

Sometimes they show and are seen by all

who share the journey of life together,

but often they are unseen,

carried silently by the one who bears them.

The unseen marks of time and illness upon a body

is able to lead a person deeply into the journey of fear.

Faith in the sacred,

faith in the belief of a Higher Being

often becomes vital to this person ~

as vital as the beat of the heart,

as vital as the breath of the lungs.

People in the hold of illness often hear

there is no cure, there is no hope

and the journey of despair may begin for some,

but for others it awakens the faith within

and the song they hear

is the song of hope.

Hope… A song to lift the spirit.

When fear threatens to cover a person

they become lost in the darkness.

The song of hope shines a light,

dispels the darkness,

guiding the person into the radiance of light.

Hope, a song of our soul.

Hope, strength to hold onto the precious gift of life,

embracing faith ~

Knowing a cure does come

and life continues.

Hope, the promise of God

that life continues on ~

dancing to the breath of life,

held forever in the beat of the heart.

Sharon L. Dvorak


I wrote this in honor of the continued dance of my sister who chooses to dance and to live life. She teaches me many things in this life and I am in awe of her strength, determination and faith. I am deeply blessed to have the gift of her in my life. May the song of hope sing forever in her life… I love you Lou Ann.

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