How to begin to love and forgive self

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As always we are pleased to be able to communicate with you in this way. In this lesson we give you some tools to use in order to see yourself in a gentle, loving way. In this way you begin to transform the scripts or scripts you have been creating with that keep you from acknowledging the gift of you within your world. This transformation work we call, Shadow Transformation.

When you first chose to leave the world of Spirit and create as a Soul you chose to create upon and make real a script of separation from absolute love in order to over time transform this script back to the remembrance you are truly Beings of pure love and radiant light. You create within this script in a way to make it believable and part of who you are until often you forget this is a script you have chosen to know. You often forget you have chosen to align yourself with other Souls to create these scripts and be part of this play, this drama you are experiencing in a way to make it as believable as possible. At some point in your experiences you begin to realize this script has outgrown its’ usefulness and it no longer accurately shows the vision of self you hold within you. You begin to look for another script. You begin to look for another stage to create and manifest upon. One of the first things you understand is that in order to have different experiences than what you have been having it becomes necessary to forgive the previous moments of creating and experiencing life by forgiving the part of you that had these experiences. Through forgivness of self you begin to see the gift of you and begin to have love for self. By doing this you find life is able to be more gentle, balanced, content, happy and have more love within it than it previously had in your life. How do you get to this understanding? By making the commitment to self to be honest with your own self, even if many parts of your ego, your human self doesn’t enjoy the honesty.

Perhaps this is the most beneficial place to address the human aspect of your self so there is clarity in how we see the human ego. The Soul desired to create an experience outside of the knowledge it is absoulte love and radiant light, connected to Spirit who knows its’ self only as love and light. In order to do this mass and matter was created, a world created holding darkness (mass and matter) and light. Now the Soul understands it is only able to be love and light so in order to know its’ self outside of this the human being is created, gifted with the gift of free will ~ the ability to choose either darkness ( fear) or light (love). Able then to manifest and experience what is chosen to know. In order to assist the human being to create upon fear and have the experience of separation from love the ego was formed. There are many, many layers to the ego aspect of the human being and its’ home is the human mind from which all choices emanate from in your world.

After choosing to become part of the world of mass and matter the Soul from a place of love chooses a script to begin to create upon and then chooses other Souls to align with to manifest this script. For this example we use a Soul who has chosen what is it like to believe I am a human being unworthy of respect and love. All Souls who have chosen to create upon this script with the Soul who chooses this script begin to create a basic outline, a blue print so to speak, of how this will play out in the human world. Some highlights of the script is chosen to occur no matter what and thus is able to be seen as ‘destiny’ by the human being experiencing this moment. Allowance is chosen to be part of the script that is able to change and alter the script according to different possibilities that arise during the course of the human life. Then the Souls begin to enter the physical world. Close attention is taken in choosing the parents who will bring the Soul into the physical world. The parents are chosen by the absolute knowing which Souls are able to assist the Soul choosing to come into the world to fulfill a particular script the most. Here is where we gently smile and remember the many human beings who groan at hearing this statement and ask us, ” So I chose to put myself through this?” Yes you did, even if you do not remember this choice.

The Soul who has chosen to enter mass and matter and create upon the script of being unworthy of respect and love now enters the lifetime. The ‘stage’ is set and many of the players are in place. This Soul begins to have experiences that will solidify the chosen script in their lives. By the time they enter adulthood this script is solid and believed to be the truth of this human being. However, over time this human being begins to tire of never being treated with respect and never receiving love. Oh, they often have experiences of believing they have ‘finally’ found someone who respects them and loves them but it doesn’t seem to last long. Just as they begin to believe all they have sought to have in their lives is finally here for them to live and enjoy the rug is pulled out from them and once again they find themselves experiencing disrespect, betrayal, harshness, judgment and abandonment. Time after time, after time this is their experience and they find themselves in a place of sorrow and dispair wondering why this happens to them over and over again.

This happens because the script was followed. This happens because the human being sees, knows and identifies themselves through this script and absolutely believes they are unworthy of respect and being loved. They created with the help of their ego and others enough experiences to enable the ego to say, ‘this is true. You are not worthy of respect. You are not able to be loved and you are not worthy of being loved by anyone. Why would they? Just look at you! Just look at the mess you always end up being!’

In order to transform this and give your self the experience of something different, perhaps even an experience of being respected and yes, even being loved requires the human, complete with the ego to begin to choose differently. Begin to see it has not mattered who you create with, friends, family, children, mates ~ all end up leaving you feeling disrespected and not loved. The awareness of this is the understanding what all of these humans have in common is ~ you! The understanding that consciously or not you carry the energy of this script within your body’s energy field is what prompts the others to show you this part of your self is what has been happening. In order to have a different experience, you and only you can transform the energy of the script you carry.

So you set aside the gift of time to be with self. With honesty you reflect on your life and your experiences of life, without judgment. Invite the observer part of the ego to assist you with this. Reflect and journey through the memory of time and see various moments of your life that stand out, showing the validity of the script you carry of not being worthy of respect and not being worthy of being loved. Instead of seeing these moments with shame, blame, regret and remorse see them instead of being perfectly executed to show you that you carry this script. Speak gently to your ego, and whether it believes you or not, tell it that you are worthy of respect and absolutely worthy of being loved. Pay attention to how your body reacts to this communication. Pay attention to the many voices of the ego within your mind of what your ego criticizes and communicates to you. Observe the inner chatter but don’t get stuck on any of, listening to it without attachment. The inner chatter of the voice of ego gives you always the clue to see and know beliefs you hold for self whether you were aware of them or not. It gives you knowledge of scripts you have written within you as well as those you have received and accepted from others.

The human bieng is easily able to get overwhelmed at the seemingly endless amount of beliefs attached to this script and thus often will walk away from self, abandon self and not choose to create a different script. This may indeed be chosen to experience and it is okay. Even in the script carried and life continuing as you have known it to be, you still receive knowledge and information about what is life like when you create upon this particular script. However, you are also able to see this script of not being worthy of respect or receiving love does not have to continue to be your experience and so patience is able to be used in transforming this particular script. You enter the journey of transformation knowing the ego continuing to do its’ job will seek to make sure you have experiences of returning you to the original chosen script no matter what you choose to know now. In time this part of self is acknowledged as being very clever, creative, subtle and intelligent in how it presents the original script to you to see and thus choose ~ are you sure you want to change this script? If you change this script what will others think? Will friends, family, loved ones etc., still be part of your life? Some will and some may not. Some will quickly remind you that you are changing the script and who do you think you are? Some in time will gradually see and accept the ‘new you’ and join you in creating upon the new script.

You choose one moment out of all your moments to see with understanding and compassion. If it assists you to see yourself in this way by using photographs of yourself from that point in time, by all means do so! Remember what your life was then. Remember what beliefs you held then. Ask that part of self what did it learn from that point in time? Thank that part of self to join you in the here and now, creating a different script. Give to the part of ego who created upon the previous script a different task. Instead of bringing to you and creating upon the script of you not being worthy of respect or love, thank it that it now points out to you experiences filled with respect and love. If not within your own individuated, experienced life, by bringing to your focus the sight and knowledge of another creating in this way. Observe how they live. Observe how others interact with them. And then bring it back to you. Ask yourself, are you able to give yourself the experience they are having? Are you willing to see what it is like to be respected? To be loved? Do you indeed respect you? Do you indeed love you? Chances are your answer to those last questions is, no.

In the reflection of a particular moment in time imagine another person brings to you the story of that moment and the moment is told in how they lived it instead of you. Are you able to have compassion for them? Are you able to see how much they deserve to be respected and loved? Are you able to see without judgement but with undertanding why they experienced that moment? Are you able to see them just as they are in that moment and acknowledge their experience does not determine if they are loved or not? That they are loved? Do you find you seek to comfort them? Embrace them and encourage them? If you answer yes to any of those questions, then we ask you, why not then do that for self? Are you able to see and celebrate them and acknowledge the courage it took for them to not give up, but to keep moving forward hoping the next experience would be different? Can you not see the courage within self also?

Once you have answered the above questions for self one way to begin to transform the script you have created upon, begin to journal about your life, your day. To do this, you set your intentions and thus give a new assignment to your ego, and perhaps choose ~ today I notice how respectful people are with one another. Your ego is used to pointing out the opposite so when it does what is has done, gently remind it of the intentions you set for yourself that day. Perhaps you set your intentions and thus give your ego the assignment of assisting you to know ~ today I observe moments of love between one person and another. And again when the ego does what it has done before and points out the opposite, gently remind it of the new assignment. When your ego creates upon the new assignment, remember to give it attention, focus and acknowledgement. It is used to getting a lot of attention from you when it fulfilled your previous script and if you do not give it attention and focus when it creates upon your new script and intentions set then it will go back to what it knows and you experience the’ same old stuff again’. Once you have an experience of observing the new script being fulfilled by others, set your intention for you to also have an experience that manifests respect and love. And again be sure to remember to give it attention and focus. From that point on when your ego reminds you with mind chatter or experience that you are not worthy of respect or love you are able to truthfully remind it that is no longer a truth for you. It took time to manifest upon the script of disrespect and unlove. Be patient, compassionate and understanding of your self as you rewrite the script you now create upon. One moment, one day, one heartbeat at a time…We send you much love and support as you rewrite the script you now choose to know and manifest within your world as you return to the remembrance that your experiences do not have the power to change who you truly are. You are absolute love and raidant light and one moment at a time you create and manifest upon this remembrance.
God’s Blessings! Ma-Ryah”

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