I Am The Soul

I am the gentle, loving whisper heard,

whispering words and sounds of comfort to you

when you believe the harshness, pain and

darkness defines who you are, and you wrap

yourself in a blanket of pain.

I am the light which flickers, dances and moves

around you, drawing your focus away from the

darkness, away from the web of illusion

you caught yourself in…

finding yourself now laughing with joy

as you watch the dance of light

and I remind you who you are.

When tears fill your eyes,

I am the comforter who embraces you

and gently fill you with my warmth.

When you doubt, worry or fear

and your steps are shaky, unsure

of where to step next,

I am the voice of intuition which guides you

placing one foot in front of the other.

I am the trust who moves you through doubt.

I am found in your laughter.

I am the well of compassion which overflows

and spreads throughout your world

as you reach out from your heart

to the life of another…

the illusion of judgment gently put aside…

and it is my breath which gently blows away the

clouds of mist which before obscured,

here in the heart, in the life of another…

are you found.

I am the wonder and awe you feel as you

watch the beauty of nature unfold, ever changing…

Just as you are ever changing.

I am found in your trust, in your faith,

in your kindness, gentleness and passion.

When you embrace yourself and others…

I am there!

When you see through a fear which has bound

you in chains for eons…

there I am! Dancing a dance of pure joy

and celebration!

When you lift your heart, your voice, your life

in communication to the Creator…

I am there.

When you are afraid, but still reach out

for clarity and truth…I am the one holding you

and whispering words of encouragement.

When you hear the wind,

you hear me speak to you.

When you hear the birds,

you hear the song I sing to you.

When you are frightened and wonder how

can you heal the wounds of many,

and yourself…

I am the lantern which shows you the way.

Sit in a room, so dark…

Light a candle, made small by the vastness

of the darkness…or so it seems.

Watch how the light of one small candle

dispels the darkness and allows what has been hidden

by the cloak of darkness to now be seen.

Magnify that light a million times,

then again,

and yet again…

until you magnify it seven times.

There in the brightness of that radiance

of all there is…

I am.

I am your Soul

of love and light.

Sharon Dvorak

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