Inviting the Sacred

Inviting the Sacred

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. This lesson we choose to communicate with you upon inviting the Sacred into your world and your life. Remember when we speak of the Sacred we do not speak only of the religious concepts held by each Being, rather we speak of the full consciousness of the Source of all things, whether you speak of this Consciousness as God, Jehovah, Yahweh, Creator, Goddess or Allah, it matters not. We speak of the Sacred beyond the often times limits set within the human world for this Being. We speak of Absolute Love, and we do not speak of the conditional love of most human beings. Remember the Sacred is all you perceive as holy ~ and more. The Sacred is all you perceive as love ~ and more. The Sacred is all you perceive as Light ~ and more.

Earth undergoes many changes, now and in the years yet to come. Human beings have experienced many occurrences of nature resulting in the transition of many lives. Your world experiences deep hunger and vast illnesses. Your world experiences many manifestations of fear, hatred, judgment, condemnation and violence. It perhaps seems easy as the human being to believe this is your world right now and there is nothing to do about it. Besides, how can you, how can one human being ‘change’ any of it? Perhaps you are able to be surprised to realize how much one can do ~

Often in these communications you have seen our communications address the knowledge of what you focus on, what you perceive to be, you do indeed receive. All life is to be a balance. Where there is discordance, there is also harmony. Where there is hatred and distrust, there is love and trust. Where there is pain, there is ease and comfort. Where there is violence, there is healing. Where there is darkness, there is always radiant Light.

One way to assist your world, your countries, your community, your family and your self is to focus on the Sacred. Remembering you are experiencing the physical world, remember to create physical experiences to assist with your focus on the Sacred. You are able to create and focus on the Sacred with thoughts, words and prayers and it truly accomplished what you seek to know. However, most human beings take this experience through the veil of the shadows and so sometimes it assists you to know it is ‘real’ by creating in the dimensions of your world.

Consciously invite the Sacred into your life, into the experience of your perceived reality. A wonderful place to begin is within your own Being. Invite your self to know the Sacred within you. Recognize and be able to say, “ I am Sacred.” Create a space within your home, your yards, your work place that symbolizes for you the conscious invitation for the Sacred to be part of your life, your experiences, your life. Create this however subtle or complex as you desire. What matters is your consciousness of what you are doing as well as your intentions. In your work place you may desire to place something which reminds you what it is there for, but others may not necessarily know if that is important for you. A plant, a stone, a photo, an inspirational quote or a word written where you notice it and are know you invited the Sacred into your work place.

Perhaps you seek to ease hunger within your world and yet the thought of how to do this overwhelms you ~ and so you do nothing. Invite the Sacred into this aspect of humanity’s experience. You are able to use photos that show hunger. They are not difficult to find in your world. Place this photo where you see it and then are reminded you have chosen to invite the Sacred into hunger and thus transform this in your world. Each time you gaze upon this photo know the Sacred is present to transform hunger of body and perceived Soul of every human being. As the photo shows the lack of food, remember the balance is ~ there is plenty for everyone to share. Sometimes it may assist you to know this by a photo showing plenty. It may be a photo of a rice field or a table filled with food. Remember to also create in the dimension of your world and thus bring experience, action to what you have chosen to create. You may be overwhelmed with how vast hunger appears right now in your world, so focus on where you live. Each town, each hamlet, each village has someone who has hunger. Create a plot of land, community worked and community harvested. Share the abundance in your town. Volunteer at soup kitchens, town pantries ~ donate funds when available to food banks. Commit to one person who is ill or frail or elder and unable to obtain food. Commit to this person and bring to them what you are able to bring. Do no commit to provide meals every day when you know you can not at the present moment fulfill that commitment. That is the way the Sacred is pushed aside so the ego may fulfill validate it’s self by failing to follow through with the words of your commitment. Do commit to one meal each week if you know that is the commitment you are truly able to fulfill. Share your food, your time, your presence, your caring and your compassion and your Sacred self with another. Consciously listen and consciously create with them and you alter hunger. Your ego may say to you, “ Big deal! This is nothing! One person? This is a drop in the ocean!” Say to your ego, “right now, here in this moment, one who was hungry, now isn’t hungry.” As you invite the Sacred in to balance hunger with plenty in your world, you may find you begin with one and continue with many. The Sacred is without limit. The Sacred is infinite and often you may not even imagine how you accomplish all you seek to create, and yet you do accomplish many things. The Sacred lives in every one and every thing in your world. Invite the Sacred into your life, your world and give your self the experience of awe as you see what you as human beings are able to create when you consciously create with the Absolute Love of the Sacred.

God’s Blessings!” Ma-Ryah

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