It’s a new day…

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are ever so pleased to communicate with you today. Today we choose to speak with you about the remembrance of choice and choosing how you experience your life. Those of you who do know us and have worked with us through the years know we do speak often about how you choose everything you experience within your life and all who you interact with in this life. Often those we speak with will say to us, ” but Ma-Ryah how can you say I have chosen to experience this?”  This question is often asked when a difficult, painful or fearful experience has occurred. Our answer? Much of life is experienced from the reactive self and often the choice to experience this moment was not done consciously, and thus it appears you did not have a choice in the matter.  We do understand this is not always what a person desires to hear from us, especially when the experience is hurtful, painful or fearful for the one experiencing it.

How then do you become more conscious of having a choice and applying that choice within your life? Gently ~ gently and patiently you become conscious you do indeed have the choice for not only what you experience, but also how you experience it within your life. Remembering you have a choice is often enough to begin to open the ‘door’ for this knowledge to become more than a concept, more than a hoping and allows you to have an experience knowing you made a choice and transformed what was often experienced as a painful, hurtful or fearful moment and experienced it differently.

Sunrise in your world heralds the new day beginning. Perhaps you are one who has never experienced celebrating the sunrise and if so, we gently invite you to do so ~ at least once so you may feel and know the presence of absolute love joining your world to assist you to create in honoring, balanced and harmonic ways. The energy of twilight exists to assist you to consciously connect with this energy. You may know this energy as absolute love, the Creator, God/Goddess, Allah or many other names. It is not the name of this energy that matters as much as the awareness of the connection between this energy and you. Twilight is the strongest time to perceive and connect with this energy; to feel and know your self part of this energy as you remember you are Spirt and Soul experiencing the human journey, not a human being experiencing the Soul. The energy you perceive and know during twilight gently assists you to remember the love you come from when you choose to enter the life you now live. Twilight occurs twice within your world ~ at sunrise and at sunset. If you have not ever experienced yourself connecting with this energy we once again gently remind you to do so, at least one time so you know this energy. It does not matter if you celebrate this moment by joining with it at the ocean, the mountains, the valleys or within the city. The energy of twilight is there wherever you find your self to be~

Once you connect with this energy, absorb it, take it within. Feel it become part of the ‘fabric’ of self. Pay attention to how you feel deep within your self as well as around you. Gently speak within the thoughts of self, or with words spoken and released upon the wind ~ ” I am a Spirit, a Soul creating here within this world. All I do is done by choice.” Feel your body respond to these words. You may indeed word this as you are comfortable to word it; you ‘need’ not speak it or think it exactly as we wrote it here. How does your body respond to this communication from self? Does your ego begin to speak rapidly within your mind and either criticize what you are doing, or gives communication about what you have just communicated to self? Remember, do not judge the voice of ego. Listen, respond, or observe without attachment what your ego communicates to you about your experience of connecting to the energy of twilight. If you find a strong reaction, judgement or criticism communicated by your ego you may choose to address it in the moment, or observe it and make a commitment to address it later in the day when you have ‘time’ to give to it more fully. In the moment it may indeed be enough to acknowledge the communication or reaction of the ego without attachment to what is being communicated.

After connecting with the energy of twilight give self the gift of time to reflect and choose something for you to experience or know within your life that day.  When you are connecting to twilight and celebrating a new day beginning, use the energy of sunrise to choose how your day is to be experienced. Spend ‘time’ reflecting upon the unfolding day and choose how you respond to your day. Perhaps your day is to be filled with challenges and you are not sure you even ‘want’ to begin to start the day because days like that have ‘always been difficult’.  Acknowledge within your own self that though that may indeed be true for you based on ‘past’ experiences, today is a new day. Today you remind your self you have a choice. You then gently and patiently address your self, acknowledging that yes, days like the one ahead for you have been difficult for you to get through, however today you choose to respond in a different way. Rather than seeing the unfolding day as difficulties to just get through, see the day as a day filled with opportunities to come through it without getting upset, without getting angry, fearful or defensive. Remember you react with anger, fear or defense when what is being experienced reflects a part of self not known or remembered and judged somewhere within self as wrong, or perceived within self that part of self is seen and judged by others as not being ‘good enough’.  Choose instead of reacting, instead to respond to what is being shown with compassion and understanding. If you know you are creating with another person on this day and that person seems to ‘always push your buttons’, or ‘drive me right up a wall’, choose instead to see them as a gift showing you a part of self seeking to be seen without judgement and received with acceptance for who you are, exactly as you are. And you do this by seeing that person without judgement, by being present fully and consciously so you hear what they are truly saying, you see the fear they hold within, you see and hear the speaking of their shadow, and you are easily able to see they are seeking to be seen, accepted, celebrated and loved for who they are; just as they are. By choosing to experience them in this way you find rather than pushing your buttons or driving you up a wall as they had always done before, you now see and experience through compassion and understanding. You then also have an experience of choosing to see them differently and now having that experience become a reality for self. The next time your ego or shadow self seeks to tell you that you have no choice in anything, you now have an experience to gently use to remind it that yes you do have a choice in how you experience a moment in your life.

You are able to use the energy of the twilight energy at sunrise to reflect upon your day thus far. Have you reacted to what you experienced today or did you remember you have a choice in how you respond to the experiences of your day? What is the vision you hold of self and your interaction with others within your world? Did your day validate your vison of self or did your experiences of the day diminish your vision held of self? If you find a moment or two during the day that seemed to diminish the vision you hold of self, or you find your ego has a great deal of criticism of how you ‘handled’ the moment, remember to be gentle and patient with this part of you. Seek one moment during the day when you did experience what you had chosen to experience, and give focus to this moment. If you chose to not allow your buttons to be pushed by a person usually quite gifted at this and you did in fact have a different experience with them today, celebrate that moment! If you had chosen to experience a day more filled with kindness, laughter, balance and harmony with everyone you interacted with during the day and you had that experience whether once or several times, celebrate your achievement! 

Remember, you have many moments in life of reacting to life and the experiences of life. You have many moments of feeling and believing there is nothing you can do to change the unpleasant, painful, hurtful or fearful moments in your life and it is ‘easy’ to forget you do have a choice. As soon as you become aware during any experience you are not enjoying this moment, you can not wait for this moment to end ~ stop! Take a deep breath and exhale your breath with a sigh. As you release your breath with a sigh feel and be aware of your body relaxing, letting go of the stress, worry or burden you have been holding within your body. Gently remind your self, ‘wait! I have a choice in how I respond to this moment’, and then choose your response. Sometimes you will choose to come from defense as you have most often done before and that is okay. This time you are making the choice to come from defense and thus able to be aware of the knowledge and wisdom held within the moment, and able to apply this knowledge and wisdom to your response the next time the moment comes around for you to experience. Sometimes you will choose to drop the defense, drop the reaction and choose to be different. If before your reaction was judgemental, full of criticism or condemnation, impatient or irritated perhaps this time you choose to not judge the other person, you choose to listen and be present with them consciously and to be patient and understanding with them. Celebrate the awareness of choice. If you do not like anything within your life, remember to stop and remind your self you have a choice. To have a different experience requires a different choice to be made and applied in any moment of your life. Remember to dance and celebrate the life you are living as you remember you are here to know, to receive as well as to give love, understanding, compassion to self and everyone you interact with in this life. When you reflect upon your day at the end of the day and the ego points out all the times you reacted rather than responding, when the ego points out in spite of you applying choice in your life that day, your day was still ‘a mess’ ~ gently speak to it and acknowledge your experiences and remind self this day draws to a close. Tomorrow upon the rising of the sun a new day begins and it is filled with many, many opportunites to choose your response and participation in the journey of human life with self and others. When the sun rises you are able to quite honestly remember, no matter what occurred the day before today is a new day ~ a new day filled with moments to unwrap and experience more consciously than perhaps the day before.

God’s Blessings!    ~ Ma-Ryah “

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