October 2007

God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. Once again we come here to communicate with you and as always it is with great happiness that we do so.

This month we do so desire to communicate with you about the joy of your world. We do understand from the many human beings we communicate with that finding joy in your world is not always easy to do as you get caught up within the experiences of your lives. It is for this reason that we have chosen to speak of the joy found within your world.

Often we have been able to blend with the Vessel, to connect with thought and able to communicate within nature of your world. We do so enjoy those moments! Sometimes we have been able to experience through our connection with the Vessel the beauty and the wonders of your world and so have known what your world is like in so many ways. We have found the forests and the woods of your world to be filled with so much beauty and joy. We do experience your world slightly different than many of you seem to experience your world and so we have chosen to communicate here this month about how we perceive your world.

You are able to see in the photos on this site of the time we did indeed get to spend time in the woods within the mountains of your New York. Yes, we do hear the music of your world and were able to listen to the song of the moss, the trees, the flowers, the water, and the many plants within the woods. Besides being beautiful to gaze upon they create an exquisite song able to be heard. Perhaps some moment in time you would enjoy going into a wooded area of your world, quieting your thoughts, communicating to your self of your intention to hear the song of the woods and then listen. Listen not only with your ears but also with your heart. Place a hand upon a tree and hear the song it makes. Some of the trees, like the oak tree, makes a very deep resonating sound that is very pleasing to be heard. Some of the trees, like the maple tree creates a very soft, swirling sound that weaves from the middle ranges of the music to the higher resonance of the musical scale. It’s sound is so pure and beautiful! The mosses of your world each create a different sound and able to easily to be heard by listening with your heart and with touch. Perhaps some times you are able to spend time with a gathering of moss. Open your heart to hear, place your hand gently upon it and feel the music that lives within it.

The waters of your world create songs so beautiful to hear. Many humans when they are able to hear their songs are moved to tears as their hearts open and receive the communication of these waters. The river we were visiting in the state of NY had a very light sound to it, while the waterfalls once visited had a chorus of voices singing in beautiful harmony. The crashing of the ocean waves create an entire symphony able to be heard and enjoyed. On one of our visits to your oceans, we listened to the beauty created in an area where the waters created a small inlet of water. As it flowed into your world the song it created was the beautiful song of the harp being strummed. Exquisite!

Every plant, every form of life within your world has a song it creates upon. Have you heard your own song? We are able to tell you our experience of the human beings we listen to. Your songs are filled with joy and beauty. It is for this reason we are able to know when there is imbalances in the human beings we communicate with because the harmony and beauty of your song is discordant and imbalanced when you are in fear or in physical or mental imbalance. Your song is also the way your Guides and others are able to always know where you are. Your song is unique and unlike any other separate seen human being.

Perhaps this month you would like to gift your self with the experience of hearing your world as we do. If you do so for your self you will find it much easier to move beyond the fears and limitations of your world as they present themselves to you in your world. You will find with grace and ease the beauty of aligning with the beauty and harmony of your world and find joy exist within your life more than you can imagine.

May you each find the song of joy to lead you fully into the joy you are here to know. God’s Blessings to you all.


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