Moment of Hope

God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As always, we are pleased and honored to address you here in this way.

We desire to speak with you this moment of hope. Many times we hear from those within your world of the great amount of fear and hopelessness that appears to exist within your world. We do understand how this may appear to be a very large part of your lives within this moment of time. Perhaps it is easy to get caught in the web of these things within your world because right now in your knowing of time you are living in the midst of great transformations for Human Beings. You as Human Beings are transforming, becoming more and more conscious of the gifts, the love and the harmony of all the human race. As a large number many of you are weary of the pains of your world, the separations of your world and the many imbalances existing within your world. More and more of you come together to seek to create a more loving and balanced world.

More of you become aware of and therefore responsible for the condition of your world. You become aware and conscious of the harm human kind has created within your world. You are aware of the shifts occurring in the nature of your world…Some with resignation and others with a desire to care for and repair the damage caused by human beings…others seeking to balance what is not to be balanced. Your world, just like you goes through different cycles of life. Right now your world is readjusting it’s Self and in order to do that you as human kind may experience natural occurrences which appear to be fearful. As your world adjust it’s Self many natural occurrences are indeed experienced by the people of your world. You are able to see weather changes, experience life forms being affected…some in a positive seen way, and some in a negative seen way. Though we do understand as human beings you experience the adjustments of your Earth and the weather conditions in a much different way than we do within our world, or other universes view these things, please understand it is not for the destruction of human kind. Your world has shifted in other time frames and it once again does this. Every pattern of change is able to be seen as a way of balancing your planet and all life existing upon your planet. Are you as human beings also responsible for some of the harm of your planet? Yes indeed! Have you as a whole become aware that your choices and actions do have the ability to affect and impact your world? Yes, indeed you have! Human kind will and does create many ways to assist a balance of your world. Destruction of the human race is not being created. How great is the fear we see from many within your world that the shifts occurring upon your planet means the destruction of the human race! Please hear what we say to you here…Your world, like you is only shifting in order to create in another way with humanity. The shift occurring is indeed found more within the shift of human kind’s consciousness than it is of the earth it’s self.

What connects you with one another? How are you similar rather than how are you each different? What unites rather than separates each of you from one another? Do you look for the beauty in all? Do you seek the spark of absolute love found in every one, including self? Are you able as a whole to view your world as yet another mirror of yourselves? What does your Earth show you of yourselves? And like yourselves, how are you able to create balance within your world? What once served you in your world and now no longer does? How is it changed? How are you able to assist the balance and harmony of your world? Your Earth is a beautiful representation of each of you. Your Earth has many levels…much beauty to be found, and much darkness and shadow also.

Perhaps you look at what is occurring in your world and wonder what you as an individual perceived Self is able to do in order to assist the balance of your Earth…Realize, like you the Earth is made of many forms of energy and vibrations. Your Earth is created of the same things which exist within each of you. The same as you are able to create balance or disharmony in your lives, is the same you are able to create with your Earth. Create an experience for your self so you may have a three dimensional knowing of this…Stand before a mirror and look deeply into your self….Speak words of judgment, anger, hopelessness and sorrow…How does your face change as you receive these words? Do you expand within self or do you contract within self? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and slowly and consciously release your breath. Once again, stand before a mirror and look deeply into your self. This time speak words of acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, honor, praise, happiness and love… How does your face change as you receive these words? Do you expand within self or do you contract with self?

Of course you find with the words of acceptance, appreciation, gratitude, honor, praise, happiness and love you find yourself expanding rather than contracting. When you view your world in this way you will find your world reflects the love, care and respect it is given. Look around your own individually perceived area of your Earth. Have you created beauty? Have you assisted the growth and balance of the plants in your area? Do you nourish the Earth with nutrients and water? Do you spend moments in time listening to the song of your Earth? Do you seek ways to see how you connect with the heart beat, the pulse of your Earth? Do you create with the awareness of the gift of oxygen, water and such your Earth provides for you? Do you walk and create in a loving, honoring way upon your Earth? Perhaps ask yourself when is the last time you spent time lying on the ground of your Earth in silence and looked up at the sky in appreciation and awareness of the beauty and perfection found there…

Your Earth, like yourselves is not being destroyed….only transformed. Imagine a world where you as Human Beings may walk in balance, honor, respect, dignity and love with one another….What then does your Earth look like to create such a beautiful life? In this moment of time, you the Human Beings are the guardians of an exquisite planet. How do you create in a loving way with this planet so many, many forms of life and consciousness may join you in the delight and gift of your Earth? Be conscious…be aware…and you do indeed create quite fine…

That is all….Go, create in the peace and love of All There Is…


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