My Vision…

I hold a vision of our world deep within my heart. Here within my heart I see a world so different than what is now seen. Often I take this vision from my heart and play it on the screen of my mind, imagining a world I strongly choose my world to be. In the vision of our world held deep within my heart I see every person has the gift of love to hold within their arms, knowing what a miracle love is ~ cherishing it and celebrating this miracle of love. We have the love of sister, brother, mother, father, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, friends and children. We know how precious is this love for we remember a time when we often did not see the love that was there for us to see. We remember a time when we allowed our fears to push away this love ~ afraid if we allowed any close to us they would see our limitations, weaknesses or imperfections and think we were not worthy to be loved. We remember these times and so the love we know is even more precious because of where we once lived and created.

In the vision of the world I hold deep within my heart I see a world of peace. I see a world where no one fights another over a difference in the way each one embraces how they view and embrace the Creator. No one fights over seeking to control and own a bit of land for in my vision of the world we remember we are each a part of the other and no one seeks to take from the other that which is not theirs to take. We celebrate the growth of one another. We honor the journey each one takes through the journey of life and respect the many paths we all follow as we observe the paths of others. In the vision of the world I hold deep within my heart, we do not focus on making another ‘wrong’ so our beliefs and opinions may be seen within ourselves as ‘right’.

In the vision of the world I hold within my heart, when another person stumbles, when they are shrouded in darkness and despair, we do not judge the road they walk ~ instead we are there to lift them high so they may perhaps now see what they could not see before… We are there for one another without judgement, our hearts open to the sorrows and the pain of others and we walk beside them supporting the journey of another. We do not walk behind them to push them in the direction we think they ‘should’ take…we do not walk in front of them to seek to block their choice of direction. No in loving support of the beauty of all journeys walked, we walk beside them to hold their hand if this is what they seek. We walk beside one another so we may lean upon one another. And we walk beside one another so we may turn to each other for a loving, calming hug. A reassurance each is safe to be seen and loved exactly as we are, not as another longs for us to be…

In this vision of the world I hold within my heart we, the human family, consciously plant the seeds of our experiences. We plant the seeds of love, acceptance, honor and respect. We humbly and beautifully cherish all life found within our world. We create with awareness and celebration with the plants, animals,land and the waters of our world. We see the sacred in all life and know what a gift this life is here to be for each and every member of the human family. How precious and perfect all of life is and the gift of prayer leaves our hearts in a sigh as we send forth the words of gratitude for all the life we share….

In the vision of the world I hold within my heart I do not see any one seeking out the flaws, pains or wounds of another so we may sit in judgement of another. We do not seek to feel superior to another by picking at the wounds of another, so we may cause them to bleed as we open the wounds and pain of one another; in arrogance now see ourselves as better than they are… No, in the vision of our world I hold within my heart and take out to play upon the screen of my mind, imagining what this world could be….

I see each of us, with love, honor, respect and celebration of one another, reaching out one heart to another, healing hands of love, assisting one another to heal the wounds and pain of a life we once lived. A life we once lived when we fought and tore at each other rather than embrace the gift of love. Healing hands of love see the paths we each did walk in order to evolve and to remember we are all one. In every land, in every human the desire to love and to be loved is the dream we all once shared. In the vision of my heart the dream that we once shared became a song that we now sing, dancing a life of joy, happiness, balance, harmony and most of all love. As we move through these times when violence, hatred, anger and fear seems to be in charge, perhaps the vision of our world I hold deep within my self  is able to be the flame of remembrance in each one of us. Perhaps if we combine the visions of the world each one holds within their own self, as the dream of being seen, heard and loved exactly as we are, is enough to begin to transform the world that we call home. I hold my vision….

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