Reflections during the lunar eclipse…

It is not unusual for me to still be awake at 3 or even 4 in the morning so I was surprised when I decided to go to bed around 11 p.m. on December 20th. I had been looking forward to watching the full lunar eclipse that was to begin around 1:30 in the morning and yet I was suddenly so exhausted and decided to go to bed early. As I headed off to bed I told my son I would just look at the pictures of the eclipse on the computer the next morning but for now I was going to sleep. I went to bed, said my prayers and settled down all snug and warm under my covers ready to drift off into dream land. Did this happen? Oh, no! Instead my body began to vibrate, every cell seeming to have its’ own individual earthquake. I kept hearing Ma-Ryah say to me, ” Do not miss this opportunity to witness this event.”  Not wanting to hear this, not wanting to be awake I told her each time, ” No. I am tired. I am going to sleep.” My body then increased the vibrations and inner earthquakes until finally I gave up and got ready to go out into the cold night and witness this event.  I put on my jacket, two blankets and with much grumbling and complaining went outside. As soon as I went outside the grumbling and complaining stopped and was replaced with…” oh, wow!”  The night was incredibly clear. The stars brilliant and the moon shining so bright it almost turned night into day. I got out my camera and sought to take pictures of the moon but my pictures did not turn out so I put the camera aside and just looked upon the beauty of the night. All the photos used in this blog are courtesy of Madeline Rico who was able to get the pictures of the moon that night. Thank you very much for allowing me to use your photos Madeline.  It still was a good half hour before the eclipse was to begin so I went back inside to warm up for a bit.

 As it got close to 1:30 a.m. I went back outside, bundled up from the cold and got ready to witness an event that won’t happen again for hundreds of years ~ a full lunar eclipse on the day of the winter solstice. As I watched the earth’s shadow begin to pass over the moon I felt the energy of what was there in the moment to enjoy. It truly was so beautiful out that night. I prayed, I set intentions for my ‘future’, I said prayers of healing for loved ones and friends and thanked the Creator for this moment.

As the shadow grew over the moon I began to think how beautifully it was illustrating for me how our shadows, our thoughts, our beliefs and opinions of life is like what was now happening to the moon. The moon’s light was so bright that night, just as our light is so bright when we are not in separation and fear, and how the shadow moves over the light seeming to dim it and hide it from our sight. I watched the shadows spread across the moon, each increase dimming the radiance of the moons’ light. I spoke my thoughts out loud to the Creator and asked the wind to carry my words to the Creator and was not surprised to have the wind pick up and add its’ voice to mine each and every time I made this request of the wind. Each time the wind responded when I asked it to carry my words, my prayers, my gratitude to the Creator I gently smiled as it did and spoke softly to myself; the wind ~ The Creator’s breath made manifest within our world. I began to see some of the meteors that were also present along with the eclipse. There were not as many visible as I had hoped but every once in awhile one would streak across the sky. I looked upon Orions’ belt shining so clearly and said hello to my son who now walks in the land of Spirit. He had once told me if he were to die before me just remember he is still there, hanging out around Orions’ belt.  Seeing Orion’s belt so clearly that night was just an extra bonus for me.

Soon the shadow covered most of the moon and again my mind reflected upon how we sometimes cover ourselves so deeply in our darkness, our fears and worries that we forget we are still the radiant light behind the shadows. I reflected on my life in the past year, especially in the past few months when the challenges of consciousness and remembrance of choice have increased so much. I often find myself again questioning every thing I believe and embrace and wonder just what am I doing?  The wind kicked up greatly as I said these words and the voice of the wind was like many voices blended together and the sound was comforting. I chose to see that as the Creator reassuring me and telling me all the work I am doing, every moment I look at a place of darkness and fear inside of me matters. There is a reason to do this even if I do not always see or understand the reason. I watched until the moon was completely covered by the earths’ shadow. And yet, no matter how deeply it was covered I still knew the brilliant moon was shining behind it and soon would begin the process of uncovering the light ~ just as we uncover our own light each and every time we have the courage to look at our fears, darkness, hopelessness and despair in order to remember we are so much more than this. As the light began to show again as the earths’ shadow moved slowly off the moon I took in a deep breath and thanked Ma-Ryah for not so gently prodding me to go out and witness this wonderful event. I thanked the Creator and the wind for being with me also during this time and for not only seeing me but also for listening to me. I thanked the moon for showing me so clearly how the shadows of human life are in time removed until all that remains is the radiance of the light. The light that is even more deeply appreciated because of the journey through the creation of shadows. As I gratefully bid all good night and turned to go inside to sleep I heard the words… ” And yea though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I fear no evil..for Thou art with me”…..

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