Reflections in Time

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are as always, pleased to have the opportunity to communicate with you in this way.

As we communicated in the November message, time of your world certainly is speeding by quickly and as you can see, December did not have a separate message. We begin your new year of 2008 with a message here so we may once again communicate to those in your world who seek to know what we have to say.

As your world begins to mark the linear passing of another year we find many human beings making use of this time to reflect on their lives, to see where they have been and where do they see their selves in the coming time? We agree with human beings on this and see it as a beneficial creation. The time of reflection is able to be very similar to the review of life which occurs in Spirit when you have left the physical behind.  How did you create and experience your life in the past year? Do you recall the intentions you set for self in the beginning of 2007? Did you indeed create upon your intentions? If your answer to self is yes, then celebrate this accomplishment and give credit and praise to this part of your ego. Once acknowledged you will find this aspect of the human ego more willing to assist in fulfilling the intentions set for 2008. If your answer is no, be gentle with self. Judgment of self is not necessary and instead observe the knowledge your answer is no. Review or reflect upon the past set intentions and see where did you go off track so to speak, and perhaps you are able to add that knowledge and experience to what you now choose to create in 2008. You are able to reflect on self and see did you create more love than fear? Or did you add energy to the fears and shadows of your life? Either way has much information you may receive and apply to where you now find your self.

As we communicate in the answer posted for this past week, as human beings you always have a choice on how you create and experience your life. Some times it does not appear that way, we do understand. Some times we do understand the outcome of some events in your life does not seem to be in your perceived control of life and perhaps you feel at the mercy of others. Know in those moments, you do indeed have input to your experience. Without judgment, observe the experience. Communicate with your inner self and see what do you know now because of the experience you perhaps did not know before the experience? If you find shadow, or perceived negative outcomes, gently and honestly see what shadow or fear of the ego was validated for it’s existence because of the experience. If the outcome of the experience strengthened your belief you never receive what you choose, or validates your difficulty in creating in an honoring love, recognition and such ~ it is able to be seen also as a learning experience. What is the voice of ego saying to you when reviewing the perceived negative outcome of your experience? The voice of ego will indeed tell you exactly what fear or shadow is there to be seen. Once seen you have a choice whether to continue to create in a reactive way to validate the existence of the fear or shadow ~ or create a choice to transform this belief, script of fear or shadow. When you create upon a different choice, even if it is a new choice for you to make, the outcome is different. In the difference, did you create and receive more what you set your intention to receive? Or did it validate from a slightly different view the existence of the fear or shadow? You are able to see this as similar to baking a cake. If you bake a cake and you follow a specific recipe, and yet each time you bake the cake you are not pleased with the outcome, the taste of the cake you are able to begin to change the ingredients added to the cake batter. In time, you find the perfect balance of ingredients so that when you taste the cake you enjoy the results of what you have baked.

Human Beings always have a choice. Some times all that is required to transform a shadow or fear, is to be conscious of what you are choosing and experiencing. Remembrance, that every conversation you hold with self or with others gives you information about your own self. Do you criticize another, or self? There lies your fear or shadow to be transformed. Do you praise another and rejoice in a gift of another human being? Perhaps you enjoy the book you just read. Do you allow the writer in self to write and communicate in that way? Perhaps you may surprise your self to see this before unknown gift within self and are able to publish books, received and purchased by others. Perhaps you choose not to publish, and yet the awareness of the gift of communication you give to your self is also great! Once you have consciousness of what you are choosing and whether or not it brings you experiences you choose to have, all it takes beyond that to transform a fear or shadow is the space of a breath. Breathe deeply in, look at the choices available, or look upon the reaction of limitation, hesitation, fear, isolation or pain occurring within you ~ acknowledge to your self there is another choice ~ then sigh…and in the sigh is the door opened to bring to your awareness a different choice.

Perhaps you are able to use the energy of 2008 to see who are you as part of the community where you live. Who are you in the volunteer and assistance of others in your community and world? What have you done each day to increase and create upon the energy of acceptance, non-judgment, celebration of self and others, peace and love? It is not necessary to overwhelm your ego with the belief you must create on a large and global stage with these aspects of creating. You may create where you are ~ your self, your family and friends, your town or community, your country and ultimately ~ your world. Each and every human being present and physical upon your planet at this moment of time seen and experienced is a vital and valued part of what happens in your world, this seen linear year. What dream, what vision do you hold within you for human kind? What dreams, what visions do you hold for your self and family? What actions, what choices do you create upon each day to assist this vision to become your experienced reality? The possibilities of what you experience as a human being is unlimited ~ The choice is always yours.

God’s Blessings to all and may you find the comfort within, the peace within and the love within which exists within each and every human being and create a reality to reflect these aspects of humanity. “ Ma-Ryah

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