Standing poised in the dance of life

seeking reflections of the transformations

occurring in my life.

Fears released, transformed

one fear at a time,

daring to stand unshielded,

naked in the eyes of the Creator.

Seeking courage to stand, to create,

to dance the dance of life

with no masks, costumes or shields

to hide who I am.

Risk to be vulnerable.

Risk to be seen,

exactly as I am ~

nothing to hide,

nothing to fear.

Reflections of the Universe

show me where I am.

Reflections of the Universe

share with me the journey of life.

I stand in the Light

and seek only to dance

the dance of life

balancing, shifting, choosing

one moment at a time.

Creating life from

shadow and light,

human and Soul

reflected always back to me.

Reflections of the Sacred

here for me to create with,

to dance with

and to soar ~

disguise set aside

poised in the dance of life.

The radiance of light

creating a stage of fluid harmony

reflecting always the dance of life,

the dance of the human,

the dance of the Soul,

and the dance of Spirit.

Creator’s light

shine into my world

and show to me the reflections

of your love.

Sharon L. Dvorak

December 2007

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