“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. As always we are very honored to visit with you and speak with you in this way. Many Humans who communicate with us and the Vessel we communicate through say they also enjoy their time spent here with us in this way. We do enjoy knowing this.

What is it we shall speak of here in this way, this month? There are indeed so very many words we have to share with you and your world and sometimes we wonder which ones are able to assist most of you this month? Besides those we have spoken with, there are those we know from speaking with them at one point in time or another and we often visit them from time to time. Some times those we visit are aware of our visit and some times they are not. This month we have chosen to speak about relationships since that is what we hear most often from those we know within your world.

When you hear or read the word relationship what thoughts, images or understandings come into your thoughts? Perhaps you think of relationship of spouse, mate or partner. Perhaps you think of relationship with family, friends, children and coworkers. We would venture to say that perhaps you may even think of your relationship with Self and with the Being of God/Goddess, All There Is. There are so many ways within your world to think of your self in relation to another. Perhaps you think upon your relationship with nature, with your Earth and even with your relationship as a solar system and sharing space with other planets! These are a few relationships you as Human Beings create with and yet there are even more. You are able to reflect upon this and see what others you create with within your world and within your own self.

Out of all the possible relationships to speak of, for this communication we choose to speak of your relationship with self and Self, for how you create within this relationship affects and impacts every other relationship you enter into and create with within your world.

In all our years of speaking with humans within your world we often find it appears to be difficult to the human being to truly and honestly care about, honor and unconditionally Love your own selves. This is indeed one of the reasons we have chosen to participate with those within your world who seek to know and understand who they are, why they create as they do and to perhaps transform some of the shadows created upon for eons.

Keeping in mind your world is a world of duality, you receive many mixed and unclear messages within your world, from your world and those you share this world with throughout all linear perceived time. You are told to “ love one another, as you love yourself”. And yet, you are told to love your self is to be vain and selfish.  You are told to “ love God with all your heart and Soul” and yet you are told to fear God. You are told to “ give to others” for “it is better to give than to receive”. Those who know us know we do so love the use of words within your world and in order not to write a book here for this message, these are the scripts we now address.

“ Love one another, as you love your self.” We would begin by asking a question. If you indeed receive communication that to love self is selfish and vain how are you to love another? We would instead speak of the importance of truly loving self, in order to love another. We often speak of difficulties found within the 2nd chakra of humanity and for those who have heard us speak of these things, you often hear us speak of this: Here is recorded and stored within your Beings, each and every time you have abandoned your self, betrayed your self and said to self you were unimportant and what mattered to you did not matter in order to seek to please and appease another in order to know and receive recognition, validation, justification and perceived love. Do you indeed love self? Perhaps you may choose to sit and make a list of the parts of you, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, that you like or do not like. Which list is greater? Which list is lesser? See how even the language of your world creates a world of measuring and evaluating? Thus you are able to see the complex journey you embark upon when you choose to enter the human journey! What is the value of doing this for your self? These lists assist you to see where you judge your self and who you are in both a positive and negative way. Perhaps then ask your self, do I value myself as much I seem to value others? Allow the answer to come without judgment.

By doing these things for self you are able to see whether you love, honor and respect self or not. Appreciate the knowledge you receive without judgment or criticism of this knowledge. In time by understanding, seeing and knowing who you are you able to appreciate all you have created, positive as well as negative experiences. Human existence has been set up in such a way that conditional love is experienced and even the concept of unconditional love is foreign or frightening to some of you. And that is okay. To Love absolutely, unconditionally and absolutely requires vulnerability. We do understand how fearful that is for many human beings who have created and relied on shields to create within in order not to be seen fully. We say to you, once you are able to accept, to understand and begin to love self in an honoring way, the less you find shields necessary. When you are able to stand in the truth of self and with self you remove the fear of others seeing or not seeing you. Then you really are able to say you love others as you love self, for once you will not abandon, betray or judge and condemn self, you do not do these things with others. You no longer seek the love of others in order to validate, justify and approve of who you are, for you now know this within self. The shadow of resentment no longer is created upon and you are truly free to love another…no strings, no shadow, no fear, and no pain attached.

You are told to “ love God with all your heart and Soul” and yet you are told to fear God. When you do indeed love God with all your heart and Soul, fear is never part of this. When you love God/Goddess/All There Is, with all your heart and Soul you know there is nothing you can do, think, create and be that has the power or ability to stop the love of One who is only and always Love. As you seek to create unconditional love within your self and within your world, here indeed is the model of that love. Love without strings, love without shadow or fear, and love without pain. Perhaps you do not believe or have been taught within your world that you are not worthy of this love. We would invite your selves to create an experiment for your selves in order to see if this indeed truth for you or not. You are able to begin each day by speaking out loud your intention to know this day, this moment in time that you are absolutely loved by God/Goddess/ All There Is, no matter what name you speak of this Being. To say the words out loud; “ There is nothing I am able to do, say or create that has the power to stop this love”…And then go about your day. From time to time bring your consciousness to these thoughts and words. How often do you find the inner voice of judgment, criticism and the unloved self speaking to you about you? You may choose in that moment to gently, lovingly and respectfully repeat the words you spoke as you began your day. These words may be within your thoughts or spoken out loud at this point. Observe what happens within you as you allow for the possibility these words may indeed be valid and true!

You are told to “ give to others” for “it is better to give than to receive”. Once again the shadow of resentment is birthed here, along with anger and envy. If you are not able to give to self, you are not able to give to another without strings attached. Perhaps you now give to others in order to be seen as kind, generous and helpful. Perhaps you now give to others in order to be seen as important or worthy of being befriended or loved. Perhaps you now give to others in order to validate why another would seek to create with you, to spend time with you and perhaps to even love you and choose you to be a life partner. Until you are able to choose to give to another it does not matter what the reasons are. Love is not realized here within your self. Resentment, anger and envy are birthed here. Look within self and see what you do find. Remember to look without judgment or condemnation or criticism. Look because you seek to understand and to know self, for it is in the knowing and the understanding that you are able to see the shadows within self and choose whether to transform them or to have them remain and continue to learn and grow from them until you choose to return to the knowing of Love once again. Perhaps you give to others because in doing so, you feel good about your self. Are you also able to receive when another gives to you? If not, then perhaps to be able to see the shadow of not allowing another to feel good within their own selves for giving to you, even if the strings of shadow are attached to the reason they choose to give. With Absolute Love, you give as well as receive within the energy of joy.

In closing here this day, we leave you with these words. You seek to be the things you already are. You seek to know love, and you already are Love! You seek to know balance and harmony, and you already are these. You seek to know you are valued, recognized and seen…and you already are. In the human journey you are able to have the experience of not being these States of Being. That is what all journey of shadow is…You have the experience of seeing what is it like if you believe, embrace and seem to be…one who is not loved without conditions attached…one who is not important or valued….one who seeking to prove the worthiness of being loved…etc. What do you learn from the experience? Does it increase, uplift you, or does it restrict and decrease you? The journey you walk and create within the human journey is great! We are one voice to remind you who you really are when the costumes are removed, the stage is cleared and you return to who you are…You seek to know your selves as love…You already are Love….no strings attached…nothing you ‘need’ do to earn this Love…It already is, always has been and forever is already yours!

Be at peace and know your self as Love….

God’s Blessings. ….Ma-Ryah

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