Sacred Woman Retreat…

Sacred Woman Retreat was held the weekend of October 22, 2010 and it was a wonderful weekend for everyone! We gathered together Friday evening and after sharing our time with one another over dinner we sat at the dining room table and each woman decorated her candle. Once the candles were decorated and everyone was happy with what they had created I stepped aside and Ma-Ryah was brought in to speak with the women. A ceremony was created and each one lit her candle as she acknowledged how Sacred she is! These candles would be left burning the entire weekend filling the area where we gathered with our collective Light.  Ma-Ryah spoke for a while with the women about the weekend and then bid them all good night after requesting the Vessel ( that would be me) be informed to wake everyone by 5 a.m. so we could all be on the beach by 5:30 a.m. to greet the new day.  After talking for awhile the women all retired to their rooms and prepared to enter sleep. The energy was so high no one really got much sleep that first night and yet in the morning as I walked around the condo gently awakening everyone with the soft song of my cedar flute everyone got up and prepared to go out to the beach to greet the sunrise and begin our day with Ma-Ryah.  







 I had brought Ma-Ryah through before everyone headed to the beach and she spoke with the women as they all walked onto the beach. Darkness still covered the area where we were and a cold breeze filled the air. In between speaking with the women waiting for the rise of the sun Ma-Ryah spent time in the ocean. I personally am terrified of water and it takes a lot for me to enter into any body of water, let alone the ocean in darkness! Ma-Ryah loves our ocean and I have to admit if I were ever able to move through my own fear of water and enjoy the water as much as she does I would never want to leave it. One of the gifts of being the Vessel for Ma-Ryah’s communications is that I get to experience parts of our world in a very different way. When Ma-Ryah enters the water she experiences each drop of water as separate drops as well as one body of water. She receives information through the senses of my body and then expands on that perception. It is difficult to put into words how she experiences our world during our moments of connection while the channeling is occurring but it is amazing! She sees, feels and hears our world in a much expanded way than we do and when I stay close enough to be aware of her perceptions I am always humbled and amazed at how differently and beautifully she sees our world. It also always reminds me how limited I alone view this world in comparison to how I see and feel it when connected with Ma-Ryah. Each time Ma-Ryah enters the ocean she is aware of the song created by the ocean and when I am able to stay close and not interfere in her communications I get to hear the symphony she hears too. I feel that perhaps one day we will all be able to see and know our world as she does and that is something I look forward to being able to do one day. Shortly before the sun dances over the horizon Ma-Ryah, the women on the beach, and all the birds gathered with us also all become still and quiet as we watch with awe the rising of the sun. Intentions are set for how that day will be experienced by all the women and then everyone returns to the beautiful condo where we are staying to have breakfast and get ready to begin the day with Ma-Ryah.







 I always find it amazing to see how loving Ma-Ryah is with all the people she works with and this weekend was no different. Together the women, myself and Ma-Ryah created an absolutely amazing weekend! A lot of shadows were seen, embraced and transformed. A lot of remembering also happened as Ma-Ryah gently and lovingly assisted each and every one to remember no matter what path they have walked in life, no matter how many moments sought to convince them they were not Sacred, nothing in their life experience had the power to change who they are ~ Sacred Beings who come from absolute love! As I reflect on the weekend and the experiences all had during The Sacred Woman Retreat I am reminded how blessed I am to be part of so many women’s lives and to touch and experience this world and all found within this world through the connection of a Being of such pure love. I am very grateful for the presence of Ma-Ryah in my life.

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