Sacred Woman Workshops

It is again time to meet with Ma-Ryah for a weekend of intensive work and to connect with the Sacred Woman found in all women. As women we yearn to care and to give to others yet often overlook the importance of taking care of and giving to our own self. In order to give to others and to take care of others it is important to remember to set aside time to connect with our self.The size of this retreat is limited to four people. Since the retreat is limited in size those attending the retreat receive a lot of time and energy to help ensure your experience with Ma-Ryah as well as the experiences received while attending the Sacred Woman Retreat is able to be very fulfilling. We come together and settle in on Friday night and we continue working with Ma-Ryah until Sunday afternoon, completing our time together at 3 p.m on Sunday.

The Sacred Woman Retreat is held in a beautiful condo right on the beach in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey. We begin our day at sunrise and spend this time on the beach with Ma-Ryah, welcoming and celebrating the new day. After greeting the sunrise of the new day we return to the condo and have a short morning session with Ma-Ryah followed by a breakfast. After breakfast we have a short time to reflect on the experiences of the day so far and then come together once again until time for lunch.

After lunch we once again come together and Ma-Ryah begins the afternoon communications. She weaves moments of creating upon the Sacred self and often uses materials and tools to assist each person to have a very full experience. With Ma-Ryah’s love and assistance each woman is supported to see herself in a loving way. When shadows or imbalances arise, Ma-Ryah assists each woman to transform and to begin to heal what may have been carried within for many, many years. At some point in the afternoon Ma-Ryah chooses when it is time to have a period of rest or reflection, and then once again gathering everyone together again for more guidance and transformational experiences. We create together until it is time for dinner.

In the evening we come together with Ma-Ryah once again to discuss the day’s experiences and if necessary balance each person to assist the integration of the day’s experience with each woman.

If you choose to be part of this Sacred Woman Retreat you will experience many wonderful things, as well as gain insight into how to best apply what you have experienced within your life and daily routines upon returning home. The Sacred Woman Retreat is a full and enriching experience for all who attend.

October is able to be pretty chilly in the mornings so be sure to pack warm clothing also. All materials and supplies are provided as part of the retreat. Meals and lodging are also part of the cost of the retreat. Bring with you comfortable clothing, an open heart and a willingness to see and experience yourself in an atmosphere of absolute love! You will indeed be forever changed by this experience.

Because the size of the retreat is limited to four women, the spaces available are on a first come, first come basis. Be sure to secure your space in this retreat as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful, transformational and loving experience with you.

Blessings, Sharon

What: Sacred Woman Retreat

When: October 22, 23 and 24th, 2010

      Check in for October 22nd is at 7:30 p.m., snacks will be available but dinner will not be served on Friday night so be sure to eat dinner before checking in for the weekend.

Where: Wildwood Crest, New Jersey ~ the actual address will be provided upon registration

Cost: $525.00 which covers the cost of the retreat, all meals, snacks and all materials needed for the weekend.

*** To reserve your place in The Sacred Woman Retreat, a nonrefundable deposit of $150 is required by October 12, 2010. The balance of the cost of the retreat is due upon check-in for the weekend.

For further information or to register for the retreat, contact me at Thank you. …

If you desire to attend a Sacred Woman Retreat with Ma-Ryah but are unable to attend this one, please send your information to and your name will be placed on the contact list for the next Sacred Woman Retreat.

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