Seeing Self Through The Eyes Of Love…

“God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. For those who are perhaps just coming onto this site for the first time we choose this moment to once again speak about the greeting that is always used when it is communication from us. We speak of our presence as being from the higher realms of God, not because we place ourself ‘above’ you the human being, but because when we first began to channel through the Vessel, the woman who allows us to make use of her mind, body and voice by sending thought to her brain in order to communicate within your world, we agreed to identify ourself in this way so the Vessel was able to know it is Ma-Ryah connecting with her as she learned to discern our energy from the energies of others. Now that she no longer requires this and has learned to discern our energy from the energies of others, we continue to do it to honor her and her working with us.

Today we choose to speak with you about seeing yourself through the eyes of love. In various ways and in various moments over the years we have had the honor of communicating with human beings in this world we have often spoken of this topic. And yet, we find it is one area that truly is not able to be spoken of too many times. Perhaps you already know that the purpose of being in the human world is to experience yourself as who you are not, picking up scripts of separation, isolation, rejection, perceptions of being unloved, judgment, and fear, in order to transform these scripts, create and manifest upon the remembrance of knowing you are Beings of love here to manifest without distortion this love.

In the years we have been communicating within your world we often find the human beings we speak with do not approve of who they are and often do not love who they are. We then find difficulty within the lives of those we speak with in being able to receive, see and know love in their interactions with self and others. Because of this we have chosen to once again be a reminder of the gift of knowing and loving self in order to experience and know this in your life experiences. We ask each of you reading this to pause for a moment and take yourself to a place you are able to see yourself within a mirror. Look upon yourself and hold eye contact. Gently speak to yourself that you are willing to see who you are and then very gently bring your focus to your face and eyes. Invite the ego, the human part of self to join in this exercise with you. Acknowledge in thought or with spoken words and say, ” I accept myself without judgment.” Observe the reflection of self. Did you make a ‘face’ at self? Did you avert your eyes from your reflection? Gently bring your focus back to your reflection and once again in thought or spoken words say to your reflection, ” I love myself just as I am.” And once again observe how you reacted to these words. Once you have done this return here if you so choose.

The previous suggested exercise gives you a great deal of information about yourself. If during any of it you made a ‘face’ at yourself you know there are parts of you that does not believe the words you just spoke to self. If you averted your eyes and found it challenging to look into your eyes as you said or thought these words you again know there is a part of you that does not believe the words you spoke or thought to self.

In the lesson posted here to go along with this message we create a lesson to give you ways to work with these shadows and assist you to be able to see yourself through the eyes of love. Here we now choose to make use of words and to gently remind you of what you truly do know deep within you. One of the reasons we make use of the Vessels’ eye when we are channeling through her is so those who we speak with may see what love without judgment looks like when found in the human eyes. A gentle reminder for each human being we have the opportunity to speak with in our communications in your world.

We find so many human beings have great difficulty seeing their own self with love. Your world is a place where you experience opporutunities to create who you are not ~ actors upon a stage reading and living a script that seeks to blind you from knowing you are first and foremost Souls and Spirits of absolute love manifesting and experiencing the opposite through the human journey, in order to see it for the illusion it is. You are actors walking onto a stage and playing a part. We do indeed find human beings all academy award actors in portraying and creating within the scripts of fear beautifully!

And yet if you are not able to see self with love, with compassion, with empathy and understanding the interactions you experience with others always brings you back to the scripts of shadow. We often find those we speak with are very gifted at being able to judge, condemn and punish self, holding self to very ‘high’ standards they require to be fulfilled before they choose to acknowledge the wonder of their self and life. Perhaps you truly are not able to feel unconditional love for your own self yet. Perhaps you still look upon most of your experiences through the filter of judgment and condemnation, not able to see self with compassion, understanding, empathy and yes ~ even forgivness for the choices you have made in your life. Perhaps that is indeed your reality. In time, in looking at your life not through the veils of hindsight and insight but with the remembrance of beliefs held in those moments of life and the driving forces behind each and every chosen moment of life you are able to begin to see and understand not only what you created but also why you chose as you did. Then instead of seeing self with judgment, remorse or regret you are able to begin to see self through the gift of forgivness, compassion and understanding; until ultimately you begin to feel love for yourself and the acknowledgement of what you created in order to continue to read from a script that seeks to tell you, you do not deserve to be loved. When that moment occurs remember and know, the often unseen world of Spirit is applauding and celebrating your whole journey to that moment of remembrance.

If you desire to begin to transform how you see and experience your self and your life you are able to go to the lesson of,How to begin to love and forgive self. God’s Blessings.

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