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Ma-Ryah, as for the career– there’s something else I want to do but lack the financial stability to take the jump as well as missing the confidence in myself. Help? Life is stagnant…. I’m supposed to be doing something but I’m crippled in fear to do anything about either situation.
Crippled in fear


God’s blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We shall be pleased to also assist you with this part of your question. We are aware you asked us about this in your previous question. As you saw in your previous question the focus of our answer was on your relationship and you have chosen to work on what we wrote about, and we commend you for that. Perhaps you are also able to see how some of the scripts that effect your relationships also effect other areas of your life, including the desire to change your career. The same script of not trusting self and the choices made in your life also shows up in this part of your question. You desire to make the change and yet find your self lacking the confidence in your self to do this.

Be aware how you speak of things, how you think of things do affect how you experience the moments of life. You will find often through our communications both written and spoken communications that we often will call to the persons attention we are speaking with, how they phrase and communicate the words spoken. You are always able to see what you truly believe about self by listening to the words you use to communicate with self and others. You tell us in your question that you do not have confidence in self. You also tell us that “life is stagnant” and you “are crippled in fear”.  As you read these words are you able to feel the energy and the power you have given these words within your life and your experiences of life? In order to begin to shift the energy of these words and to give self an opportunity to have the experiences you desire to have you are able to create an experiment for your self.

Each time you hear your self say “life is stagnant”, perhaps you are able to shift it to this ~ “I have experienced life as being stagnant and yet I know life flows from one moment to another”.  When you do this you not only shift the energy of the words, you also open your self to the possibility of your life flowing. Life does indeed flow from one moment to another. Each moment builds upon the moment that came before it and prepares the way for the moment that follows.

When you find your self saying, “I am crippled in fear”, perhaps you are able to follow those words with something like this; “I have been crippled by my fears, however I have the courage to move forward any way”. This recognizes and honors the part of self that has experienced being ‘crippled by fear’ and does not judge the part of self that has done this. It also brings to focus what is true. You have been afraid many times in your life and yet you did move forward. You did make choices and acted upon those choices. You do have the courage to make a choice and act upon it even though you were afraid! So, though you are telling your self and referring to your self as ‘crippled in fear’, you really are not crippled in fear. You really have and continue to make choices and act upon them even though you were afraid.

We shall now address some of the gifts we find within you and perhaps one may resonate with you and what you desire to do. First and foremost we find you have a great gift as teacher. We find a deep love within you to awaken the desire in youth to seek knowledge. Nothing thus far fulfills you as much as when a youth ‘gets it’ and they show excitement for what they have learned!

We also find within you the gift for healing the emotional wounds of youth. Perhaps you find your self drawn to becoming a therapist or counselor to assist the healing of young people so they may avoid some of the more difficult moments of life that you found your self moving through in your journey of life. If this resonates with you, you will find your self very successful with this career.

We also find within your self the gift of creativity. You may desire to pursue some form of creating art, even if you do it only for self as a means of expressing what you feel within your own self.

Ask your self, what would I choose to do if I absolutely knew I would succeed and there was nothing to limit my success? Your answer to this tells you strongly what you desire to do deep within your self. Once you have answered this question you are able to live each day making it your reality. Each day choose to do something that brings the choice you have made closer to being experienced as reality in your life. At the close of each day ask your self, “What did I do today to bring the choice I have made to be part of my life?”  When a perceived obstacle or challenge seems to stand in the way of your chosen reality, stop and remember there is nothing to stand in the way of you creating upon your choice. Know there is a way through or around the seen obstacle and you do indeed find the way past it, and once again move forward. At this point in your life you have already done many things you would not have believed possible in earlier parts of your life. Dare to have belief in your ability to create and experience any thing you choose to do ~ and so you shall.

God’s Blessings!  Ma-Ryah

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