She Weaves Life

Watching a spider in the night

weaving a web, it appears made of light.

Camera focused on the weaver,

the background blurs

and it is okay

for the weaver is the focus here.

I speak to her and I wonder

what is it like to weave again tonight

what you wove last night?

I wonder does she get upset when she returns each night

and finds what she had woven the night before has vanished

and she must begin again?

Each night I watch the pattern she creates,

similar and yet each night

a little different

than the night before.

I began to reflect on my life

and sought to understand the way I create

and live my life.

How many times have I become angry or upset

because I had to do again what I

thought was done?

I watch the spider night after night

slowly and patiently weaving her home for the night.

Her web captures light, food and all she appears to need.

She weaves her web and when she is finished

she sits and waits, trusting and knowing,

or so it seems to me,

that what she seeks shall indeed come to her.

She weaves beautiful and intricate webs,

appearing so fragile and yet so strong.

I study her night after night

and visit her in the early morning

before she retreats for the day,

and await her return in the night.

If I wove my web of life

as focused as she weaves her web,

if I tended it each day

as she tended hers each night,

if I wove it again

without complaint…

or anger that I had already done that

why must I do it yet again?

I wonder…

what kind of life would I weave?

If I knew as certainly as she appears to know

that what I wove would provide all I seek…

I wonder what kind of life

would I know?

Sister spider, once so greatly feared by me

now honored, respected, celebrated and honored.

Watching you night after night

weave your beautiful and intricate web

I am in awe of you.

Sharon L. Dvorak

November 2008

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