So What?

“ So What?”

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. In this communication we desire to speak with you of a tool to use in order to transform the shadows you create within in a way able to ease the transformation and in many ways assist you to detach from the energy of the shadows. We are creating within this communication from a place of understanding you have already consciously looked at some of the scripts, beliefs, opinions and experiences of shadow, or limitations. After a while of creating in a way that examines sometimes minutely the issues or shadows you are seeking to transform it becomes tiresome and redundant for the human being. Once you have examined the shadows that had in an unconscious way created limitation and perceived failures in your life and have retrieved your connection in them and understood the gift and the wisdom found within each one, you do not enjoy seeing and experiencing these shadows surfacing time and time again.

Understand the ‘job’ of the subtle or ‘ angel in disguise’ part of your ego who has the job of seeming to create with you in such a way as to appear to cheer you on to create again, to love again, etc., and yet in reality the job of this part of your ego has been to return you to the seed thought and beliefs you carry to keep you in the experience of isolation, separation, judgment, unworthiness, insecurity and fear. The tool we write of in this lesson is very much addressing this part of your ego, no matter how it is perceived.

You have perhaps looked at the various ways you create in your life that seem to keep you from achieving and experiencing what you say you choose to experience. In this communication we will speak of the shadow that keeps you from knowing love in your life, unconditional love. You have examined this part of your life and have retrieved many scripts handed to you as child and have examined how since childhood you have nourished these scripts to be experienced as your reality. No matter what you do, no matter how much you seek to change, no matter how much you change your thoughts and expectations, you still don’t bring into your life other humans who love you just as you are. No matter how much you work on non-judgment of self, no matter how you seek to create your life in a state of balance and harmony, you still find your self back to the painful place of not having another in your life to share unconditional love with, and so therefore you must indeed be a failure as a human being and so who would want to be with you any way? And so speaks the voice of ego. Most human beings find themselves there again and again in their lives as they seek to transform how they view and embrace the life they create. How then do you change or transform your experience of life when this is what happens time after time, no matter what you do? When these thoughts and experiences arise, you are able to say to self, to ego, “ So what!” To acknowledge that once again you have indeed an experience of not being accepted for who you are, just as you are. Once again you have been deceived and betrayed. Once again you have been rejected. Recognize all of this and then say, “ So what!” Your ego will indeed step up and say back to you, “ So what! What do you mean, so what? Do you see what just occurred in your life?” And it will joyfully point out to you exactly what just occurred, just in case you truly were absent during this experience and thus require your ego to let you know what just transpired!

Gently, you say again to your ego, “ So what!” At first it may assist you to ease the tantrum of the ego by completing it with the full understanding of these two words when used in this way. Yes, all of this did occur. So what! And the sun still rose, and the sun still set. The grass did grow and the wind did blow. My lungs yet breathe and my heart yet beats. In other words you are saying to your ego that yes, you do know and understand what just occurred. Yes, you are aware your experience did not bring you someone in your life to share the journey of unconditional love, and yet it did not and does not have the power to stop life from occurring. As long as you live within the physical world and draw breath, as long as you live within the physical world and your heart beats, you always have the opportunity to create another experience. You yet have the ability of creating choice and perhaps, just perhaps have the ability to have an outcome different from the one you just experienced. In time the ego does not seek to have you answer why you say, “ so what!” In time your ego knows the full answer that follows and knows the answer ultimately comes back to ‘so what!’

Every once in a while a shadow arises that is not able to create within the, ‘so what!’, and keeps bringing you back to it’s self. Then you know without a doubt here is a part of you that yet holds knowledge, wisdom and understanding for your self. Create upon the commitment to spend time with this part of you, receive what it has to say and then you are able to transform this part of your life.

One question that arises in those who use the energy of, ‘ so what!’, is the concern you as a human being will be seen as selfish or someone who does ‘not care’ about others. This is not true. In order to create in a balanced way with the use of , ‘so what!’, you already recognize and know each and every one you create with is an aspect of self coming to you in the face and perceived life of another for it to be easier to see and recognize a part of you. You have already worked with some of the deep shadows of self and with honor and respect brought healing and balance into these parts of your self. Therefore, when another comes to you and speaks of the moment they just experienced and they share a moment that for them causes pain, fear, isolation, separation or anger, you are able to be a conscious listener. You are able to hear them from a place of compassion. You are able to listen to them without engaging your own ego and having compassion drowned out by the inner voice of your ego who once would be so busy criticizing, judging and condemning, as well as ridiculing some times what the other is saying. From a place of compassion and respect you are able to truly bear witness to the journey of another and to assist them to know they are seen where they are, they are heard where they are and they are accepted just where they are. You are able to give advice or feedback to another from this place if they ask for it, or you are able to embrace them if they do so allow this to occur and to let them know you are there to support them in the choices they create within. If during listening to another you find your inner voice judging, condemning, planning your response to them, etc., then you know you are in shadow and your ego is in charge of the moment. Here then is where you say to self, within self, ‘ so what!’ Often this is sufficient to assist your ego to disengage and to recognize even though what is being heard or witnessed was at one time how and where you created and lived life, you no longer do. And so you are able to compassionately hear the story of another’s journey. If after saying, ‘so what!’ within your own self your ego still has a lot to say then you know this is a part of you asking you, do you see me? Do you truly hear me? And do you accept me as I am? If your ego is busy criticizing, judging or ridiculing within your thoughts the person you are listening to, or it is speaking in your thoughts about how easy they have it compared to you, etc., then you know this is a part of you to spend some time with. As you have previously made the commitment to know and to listen to parts of self and to do what you are able to do to comfort and to embrace these parts of self, then this part of ego knows when you say within self, you will indeed give time later today or when it is able to be done yet for now it is important to hear what this person is saying, the ego of self is able to quiet so you may be consciously present with another. If however you have made prior commitments to self and did not keep the commitment, your ego shall instead create more strongly because you have taught it that it may not trust your word to self.

Perhaps you choose to work with this tool for a while. See what occurs and what is your experience. This one tool is able to accomplish much in your world and in your self in a balanced and harmonic way. It has the ability to disengage you from the script and experiences of the past, and from the fears of the future. It has the ability to assist you to be present in the moment, with the experience of the moment and not connected in pain and fear to the past or the future. If you choose to create with this tool we are interested in your experience and use of it. Communicate with us via email and we shall in the coming weeks and months of your time address questions on the use of this tool as well as acknowledge how it is able to be working in a balanced, harmonic and honoring way in your life and the lives of those you create with within your world.

Until then, we bid you farewell in this moment. God’s Blessings.” Ma-Ryah

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