Speeding of Time

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to once again communicate with you in this forum.

Time is certainly speeding up in your world isn’t it? Have you noticed how often you have heard those words in the past few months of your world? We often hear from those we communicate with in your world, ‘ Ma-Ryah, where did the time go? What has happened to October? And now November is almost over?’ We very recently heard these words also from the Vessel. ‘ November is almost over and soon is time to place a message for December and where did the time go?’ We do indeed speak often about the speeding up of time. Your world still measures the passing of time in the same way it has and yet though your forms of measurement of time shows the passing of twenty-four hours, we would say in comparison to fifty years ago, you would then measure it as six hours passing and not twenty-four.

Your world is tied to time, and that is as it is to be. How else are you as a world able to experience the thought, creation and experience of past, present and future without the marking and measuring of time? Does it truly matter if your twenty-four hours are sped up? Not really. The speeding up of time also speeds up the experience of life here in your world. You still do the same things. You still live, grow and experience life until you ultimately return to Spirit and review your experience. Why then is it important to even know time is condensed? Because it is. And so many who ask us, ‘where did time go?’, have an answer for their question.

And also perhaps to have another way of looking upon time. You do not exist to serve time. Time is to serve you. Instead of focusing on how quickly time appears to be passing, the month seems to begin and suddenly it is two months later… Focus instead on having enough time to do all you choose to do each day. Being conscious of your intention for the day, what you choose to complete and accomplish is important in knowing you have enough time to do all you choose to do each day.

When you leave one place to go to another you fear you will be late, let go of the fear. Instead focus on knowing you arrive on time and then begin the journey to where you are going. Drive as you always drive, walk as you always walk…hold in your thoughts the knowing you arrive on time and let go of the focus of the passing of time. You will find with practice that you do indeed arrive on time, you accomplish what you were to accomplish and your experience is fulfilling rather than frustrating and harried. The first few times you choose this experience pay attention to your ego. What is it saying to you? Perhaps some of the words you hear within are similar to these ~ “ How can you even begin to believe you can get there on time? You know it takes you twenty minutes to get there and you only have five minutes to get there! No way will you get there on time!” Or perhaps it will tell you you are not able to affect time in any way. Stop being so foolish and just accept that you are late once again and those who wait for you will now know you are unreliable, never on time, etc.

You are able to agree with the voice of your ego and still allow for the possibility you just may be able to have time serve you rather than you serve time. If you are allowing for the belief you will never make it on time, you are also able to allow for the possibility you just may arrive on time. What do you have to lose? If you arrive late will it drastically affect or alter your life as you know it? Probably not. You are able to call those who wait for you to arrive on a particular moment in time and let them know you may be late. By saying you ‘may’ be late, you are also allowing for the chance you may not be late. And that is all it takes to be able to have an experience of arriving some place on time, when every thing you knew before would have said you would be late. Creating in time in this way is able to be enjoyable and it is not something serious. Many human beings are finding their selves running rapidly throughout the day and yet always seeming to be behind their schedules. If you do not experience success the first few times, the worst to happen is what you have experienced many times before in life ~ you are late, and you attend to it in the way you have before in your life. The part of the experience to be aware of is the knowing you arrive on time no matter what your watch or clocks show to you.

Perhaps you are able to experiment with this from time to time in the next few weeks. Perhaps you would like to share your experience to be placed here to share with one another or to ask questions about your experience. Remember, no matter how it seems you do not have enough time in your day to accomplish all you choose to accomplish, remember ~ you have plenty of time to do all you choose to do each day. Relax, enjoy and remember also out of each day to give ‘time’ to enjoy life, to laugh, to love and to be in awe from time to time.

God’s Blessings! Ma-Ryah”

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