The Energy of Spring

God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. Many areas in your world right now in a space of time perceived is preparing to let go of the winter season and enter the season of spring. You are able to use this energy in a beneficial way for your self as well as for your world.

The dormancy of winter moves out to create space for the birth of spring. Just as your world begins to grow and ultimately to bloom, so are you able to do this for self. As you move into the last aspects of the winter season create the gift of time for self ~ reflect upon what is seen as your recent past, the beginning of winter. What seeds of creation lay dormant within you? Now is the ‘time’ to nourish these seeds. Reawaken the energies of what you choose to create and know as your reality. As you move beyond the winter, what seeds do you choose to plant within your self so you may indeed reap the harvest of what you plant? Use the ‘time’ given in reflection of what shadows yet exist to block or sabotage what you choose to know.

If chosen, work with these shadows and allow transformation to occur. As ou move into spring be aware of how you are creating within your home. Not only the structural home, also the ‘home’ of self, your human body. In both structural and body home, see what are you able to clear and to let go of? Do you clutter your structural home with material things you truly no longer have use of? Examine them and then choose to let them go or not. For the items you keep and hold, be conscious of how they serve you. The same holds true in regards to self and to your body. What habits, what addictions and shadows continue to walk within you? Be conscious of how they serve you even when shadow is found within them. Use this ‘time’ to clean and to clear ~ or be conscious of resistance to clearing that which stops you, holds you back from where you choose to be, or indeed sabotage your success in realizing and knowing your choices for your reality.

Also, pay attention to the energies of the structural and body homes. Is the energy stale and stagnant? If so and you choose it to be moving and fulfilling create a ceremony for self to experience cleansing these energies. Be conscious of all you invite into your ‘homes’, both physical and nonphysical. What energy do they bring? Do these energies assist and support the vision of what you choose to experience and know? Or do they hinder you?

Invite the Sacred to join with you as you create space for growth and expansion. Hold what is Sacred to you in an honoring and balanced way. Create representations of the Sacred in your ‘home’ as well as in your yards and gardens. Invite life into your space and homes. Create in thought and be conscious of whether your actions follow thought or not. Attend to what you create ~ ‘weeding’ as desired.

Enjoy the awakening of consciousness ~ able to flow gently, smoothly, easily and with grace and ease in your ‘homes’, your relationships and your life. God’s Blessings!


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