The Gift of Choice

“ God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. Once again we come to you through this format in order to communicate with you. As you are able to see within your own individuated lives as well as by what you find here, time continues to move forward very rapidly. Perhaps for some the passing of time, the perceived appearance of one month quickly changing into the next month often finds you in a state of surprise and amazement! The Vessel was very surprised to see how many months have passed since last this message was changed. And so tonight she sits, steps aside her will and consciousness and permits us to communicate here with you.

Many experiences are offering each human being the opportunity of creating differently than has appeared to be the reaction to many things in your life. You begin to be more aware of the shadows, the imbalances and moments of confusion and conflict that exist within your world. Perhaps you also begin to become aware of the many opportunities to experience moments of balance, harmony, unity and love. Do you notice the woman/man in a store with you who is walking with joy in their step, a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes? Do you see how this woman/man makes eye contact with every one they pass? Perhaps they nod hello or engage the other person with a use of words to acknowledge they see them and are happy to see them, whether they know the person or not? Do you also notice and observe the woman/man in the store with you who walks in a state of anger, sadness or despair? Do you see how this woman or man either looks into the face of others with challenge on their face and anger, sadness or despair in their eyes? Or maybe instead they avert their gaze when they pass another human being?

Remember, all you see, all you interact with shows you aspects of your own self. You are able to observe and to learn from the observation of self seen and experienced in another. When you are in a state of balance, when you choose to create from happiness and harmony, you are able to see how do you look to others? In the same manner you are able to know and experience how you create and appear to others when you choose to create from anger, sadness, despair or fear by observing the woman or man in the store walking around in that energy. While observing the perceived other human beings in the store, whether they are creating in harmony or disharmony, also observe how other human beings respond to them. Which human being do others seek to be near? Which human beings do others seek to make contact with? How do they interact with one another? What energy is being perpetuated and experienced between them? The answer to these questions is not always the woman or man who is creating from balance and harmony. Some times you do indeed observe some humans drawn to the ones creating from imbalance. If you, your self enters the store and you create within the energy of anger you may not choose to be drawn to the human being who is creating from a harmonic place. That is not where you are in the moment and so would perhaps find your self drawn to the human creating from a state of imbalance. And yet, here is opportunity to consciously choose how you will and do create. If you entered the store in a state of imbalance, you are seething with anger and you are like a storm gathering energy to your self looking for a place to release the built up energy you are creating within and with, then you would first be drawn to the human being who is creating in a similar way. You have a choice in that moment. You are able to recognize where you are creating within your self and recognize you are looking for an outlet of release of your pent up energy, or you are able to observe the human being who is walking in a state of balance. You are able to observe this human walking in happiness, notice the smile on their face and the sparkle in their eyes. Perhaps they are also humming a song or whistling and they move to the sound of the song they are creating while walking. Observe both choices being shown by these human beings in the store, one anger and one happiness. Observe without judgment how others are responding or reacting to these two very different ways of being. Observe as a reporter; receiving knowledge and information only, no judgment of what you observe.

Each and every moment you have the opportunity to create and be aware of how you are creating and how your choices are affecting or impacting your world and others within your world. If you have been creating from imbalance, chaos, anger, insecurity or fear, once you become conscious of your energy and actions you may choose consciously whether to continue in that energy or to transform and consciously create in another way.

By observing self in the perceived individuated fellow human beings you receive knowledge and information you are then able to apply to your life. No choice you create is chiseled into stone, unless of course you in fact do that for your self! You may choose a different way to be and to create at any given perceived moment in time, once you are conscious of how you are creating. When you observe the woman or man in the store and receive knowledge and information you are then able to remember ~ ‘ when I walk in anger, this is how I look. When I walk in balance, this is how I look.’ You are able to choose each and every moment how you will create and interact with others and with self; it is always a choice. Do you seek to manifest self walking in anger and drawing this energy to you and to create it within your world, or do you seek to manifest self walking and interacting with harmony and draw that energy to your self and to create it within your world?

As long as life is being experienced by you and you continue to create and experience life within your physical world you always have choice. As soon as you become conscious of how you are creating, you have awareness of how your choice, your actions are affecting or impacting your world, you always have the choice to choose differently. Perhaps this month, perhaps this moment you choose to be conscious of your choices. If you do you are also saying to the Universe you are taking responsibility for the actions and reactions of your choices within your world and with those you create with within your world. From time to time perhaps you give your self the gift of knowledge of experience and choose from a moment of creating in imbalance to consciously choose to take a deep breath, exhale your breath with the choice of letting it go, and in the next inhale choose to create from kindness, compassion, understanding, happiness or acceptance. If you choose to give your self the gift of being conscious of your choices perhaps you receive the manifestation of experience which validates for you in a harmonic way: you do indeed create through choice your experience of your life and interaction with others and within your world.

That is all. God’s Blessings.” Ma-Ryah

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