The Gift of Knowing Self

The Gift of Knowing and Loving Self

This is the exercise we often give to those who study Shadow Transformation with us to assist them to see how they view and know their selves. Even though most human love we see and speak with your selves about is being experienced as conditional love it is of benefit to know how you view your selves in regards to how much or how little you love your own self. This exercise is a place to begin to know this about your self. If we were to ask you to write a letter to your beloved, many would be able to call to mind someone you would write this to, either in the physical world or to one who is in Spirit. Instead we would request you use the gift of time and set aside some time to write a letter to your beloved and the beloved is you. When this exercise is first given in Shadow Transformation class most find this a difficult task to do. Whether this exercise is difficult or easy for you to do there is much information held within it for your self. In order to love in an unconditional, absolute way it is beneficial to be able to see and know this love for and towards your own self in order to know it outside of your self. Once the letter is written, we would request you read it in the three part reading. First, read it in your mind. Second, read it out loud so you may hear the words spoken. And third, read it out loud to your self while making and keeping eye contact with your self in a mirror. In each of the three parts of reading observe your reaction or response to the words you have written for your self. Do you feel or know discomfort any where within you? What is your body’s response or reaction to the words you wrote for your self? Do you feel your self expand or do you feel your self contract and cringe? All of these responses and reactions contain information for you in your journey towards remembering you are Spirit experiencing the human journey. Dialog with the parts of you that reacted or pulled away from the belief you are your own beloved. What do you now know about your self you did not know before? From time to time you may choose to repeat this lesson and see how or if you experience a different response or reaction. Observe and know does this exercise assist you and help you to embrace your self, your life and your journey with others, or does it not? Perhaps you shall feel the support and love of Self each time you do this exercise as your Soul and Spirit celebrates the gift of you!

God’s Blessings….Ma-Ryah

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