The Gift of Love

The gift of love often moves within my life

and yet, often I do not see it.

Then in sadness do I seek this gift,

crying to the Creator and asking,

Where Creator is there love within my life?

Often times my Soul then speaks gently to me,

whispering words of comfort and guidance.

“ Look around you child

and you shall see the abundance of love

held within this moment for you

to see and know.”

Upon seeking and seeing

I see my Soul is correct

and where before I did not see love,

now I see it in abundance.

In my mind, I take out the memories

of my children and their entrance

here in life with me.

I look around me and I behold

the beauty of nature

and know this too is love.

In the smile of a stranger

do I know myself as seen.

In the words of others

do I remember my self

in a place of balance and grace.

The gift of love is always here.

It merely waits for me to see it

and unwrap it

to keep close to me

and remind my self…

the gift of love is

always here.

Sharon Dvorak

July 2007

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