The Levels of Consciousness

The Levels of Consciousness

Within each Being there are twelve levels of consciousness though at one point many believed there were seven levels. These levels are equated with the chakra system of the human being and when being accessed in a form to facilitate one’s healing it helps to remember the chakra system. In order to most easily assist one’s own healing journey the most important aspect of the whole exercise is to be aware of the ego state. The ego state will seek to access the next higher level of consciousness before it is actually ready to attain that level. When you are using the levels of consciousness be aware, be honest and be patient with yourself so you are able to reap the most rewards from your work. If your ego succeeds in moving through a level it is not prepared to honestly be within, another part of your ego will quickly recreate circumstances in your life to bring you back to the unfinished level, so be sure to keep yourself aware of this in order to create the exercise with greater ease. One way to assist you in attaining this is to make use of a tape recorder. With the tape recorder it is then easier to be within a level, work within the level and allow yourself to be fully present within a level without worrying about remembering what you are saying.

Level One: Level one represents not only the first chakra, therefore the contracts made with family, friends, community and such; it also represents the contracts made with Self before entrance into the physical plane of existence. This level will also be found to be very whining, tearful, angry and child- like. Allow it to be so! Please do not seek from another level of consciousness to censor this level when you are working with it. Color: Red

Level Two: Level two addresses the sexual, sensual and creative aspect of your Being. In this level will be found the thoughts, information and communication of expectation as well as fulfillment. This aspect is also childlike and will often communicate as a child with the perceptions and realizations of a child. Again, patience and gentleness with this part is important to keep in mind while working with this level. If during working with either level one or two, any of these aspects or levels of self perceived judgment, condemnation, denial or invalidation arise you will find it exceedingly challenging to continue on your journey of healing in a complete way. In this level you will also find the commitment to Self. Here will be the information that is held from each time you have broken the commitment to Self. Each time you betrayed Self, and each time you turned away from the truth of Self is held here. As you can see this level holds a lot of information to assist you to understand your self and ultimately to heal your self. Color: orange

Level Three: Level three corresponds to the third chakra and you are able to access the information you already have of this chakra remembering that here in level three is also found the view that is held of Self in relation to the outer family, community and the world around you. In this level you will also find information to assist you to know and understand how you feel about who you are in relation to others as well as to your own self. You will also find in this level the awareness or denial of the emotional body of Self. This level also holds much information able to be vital in assisting you to transform a thought, belief or script of fear, pain, isolation and separation. Color: yellow

Level Four: Level four is of course seated within the heart chakra and therefore has much to do with love, healing and self-acceptance. Be very aware when working with this level for it is very easy to be fooled into thinking you have now moved beyond the ego and are now accessing your higher self awareness. Be cautious in believing this at first! The ego of the human being is also found deeply within this level. Think about what this level represents…the heart. In the human field of existence the heart is to contain all the love and truth of the human being. In an ideal world, in an evolved world, yes! In the world where pain and fear has ruled for so long it is also the seat of the deepest fears and pain of the human being. Here is held every moment you have created within a choice which has validated fear or pain. Here is held each and every thought that has told you that you are unworthy of receiving and being within the state of Love. Here also is each and every action you have created within as well as received from others that is filled with the knowing of being unloved rather than loved. The shields of your physical being are birthed here no matter where they end up within the energy field of your physical body. The child of self is also found here as well as the perceived adult. This fourth level also holds the belief of you receiving love and forgiveness not only from Self, also from the Divine. As you can see, this level is ripe with information, knowledge and wisdom that you are able to harvest for your healing. Discernment within this level is vital before thinking you are ready to move to the next level of consciousness! Color: pink/green

Level Five: Level five corresponds very much to the knowledge held about the fifth chakra. Communication..communication…communication! How well you communicate with Self, how well you communicate with others. From this level you speak your truth of Self, no matter what! If in your physical existence you have not spoken your truth, if you have betrayed your Self with words and walked away from what you know to be truth for you out of fear of how it will be received or perceived by another, then you will yet find aspects of the ego held here also. Be sure in working with this level you allow all words to be spoken that seek to be heard. During the work you do within this level you may once again find yourself returning to the first three levels once again. Allow it to occur and allow each level to speak and to be heard. Then you will find you quickly move through the first four levels and return to the fifth level once again, now able to move beyond the ego and truly begin to hear from your Higher Self. Color: Blue

Level Six: Level six also corresponds to the sixth chakra. Here is where you receive, hold, store and yes, censor how you receive messages and sights from Spirit as well as the physical world. Many humans believe this chakra only has to do with the Spirit sight, what is often referred to as the ‘third eye’. You are also physical beings and therefore receive information about your physical world from all areas of you, including your Spiritual perceptions. This level assists you to perceive your world in an undistorted way because it is connected to the Spiritual perception of sight. Very often the human being is not even aware of how much information they are receiving from this chakra and level of consciousness. When you begin to be more conscious of this level you become more aware of how much information you do indeed receive from this level. The sixth level feeds you information on the unseen vibrations of your world. You know there are many forms of vibratory waves you do not see with your physical eyes; radio and television waves are but two forms of this. As physical beings you generate vibrations, waves of information being sent out as well as received and from this level of consciousness you ‘read’ another, you ‘read’ a circumstance or action in your world before the mind creates it’s choice. Once you begin to work with this level of consciousness you will find using the tool of a tape recorder is vital in order to stay out of the mind, out of the ego. If you find it a challenge to do so, then it is time to return to the other levels of consciousness and see what was overlooked. Here you will receive many words of guidance, understanding and clear perceptions of your experiences. Color: Indigo

Level Seven: Level seven is the level your ego will communicate most strongly to you about while you are in the lower numbered levels of consciousness. In the lower number of the levels of consciousness your ego will tell you that you are finished with the level you are on and there is nothing more to find, to learn or to embrace here so it can hurry you onto the seventh level. It is very possible that the majority of humans will not attain this level of consciousness fully in their perceived lifetime. Some shall indeed be able to create from this level of consciousness, most will not. Level seven pertains to your ability not only to be completely and totally aware of Spirit, it also means to think, create, to choose and to live within this level. Within level seven you will find only Love. Fear does not live here. Pain does not live here. Only Love lives here. Living side by side with the knowingness of Love from Spirit is also the knowledge that you are indeed all One. No one is separated from you. Each person, each thought, each choice is merely a reflection of you, with the understanding you are in the guise of another in order to know, experience and to live from every choice possible within the physical realm. From within the level seven there is one thing of the physical world which positively does not live there…and that is judgment! When you are truly existing, living and Being within the seventh level of consciousness there is absolutely no judgment, condemnation, criticism or rejection! Whatever knowledge you receive from this level to facilitate your healing journey will contain none of these things towards Self. Color: white

Level Eight: Level eight begins a journey that is beyond what you have been able to perceive as a human being for you now begin a journey to consistently be a Human Being. A Human Being is one who is fully conscious and chooses to create from the consciousness of the sixth level and up, therefore creating a vibration that changes the vibratory rate of your entire chakra system. This process begins once you truly move into and through the fourth level. Once you have moved through the fourth level of consciousness in an honest way, your first chakra begins to vibrate at the rate your fourth chakra once vibrated within and each one successively increases the rate of vibration they now create within. You now create contracts, fulfill contracts with Self, family and others from within the vibration of the heart chakra. Your second chakra vibrates from the vibratory rate of the fifth chakra and so on until you ultimately create only from the awareness of Spirit, unconditional Love. While working from the eighth level of consciousness you find the ‘higher’ knowledge of why you created the situation as you did. You see the ‘greater picture’ of your life within the particular circumstance you took through the levels of consciousness. Here you receive understanding and clarity. Color: silver

Level Nine: Level nine connects you to all time, all moments of perceived reality within all time. Here is where you receive clearly the information of what you are healing throughout all time, whether it was you in a seen separate way who created it and thus seen as another incarnation, or whether you see it and know it as Self creating in a different guise and form in order to know what you now know from within this level. When you reach this level and are able to maintain this level every moment, you are manifesting Spirit without distortion. Color: gold

Level Ten: Level ten contains the record, the information, the knowledge, the wisdom of every single thought, word, action and deed ever created within the world of mass and matter! From this level you are already creating fully and completely from Spirit and continuing to experience the physical world from the manifestation of Spirit without distortion, therefore pain or fear. You see, know and experience every thing and every one with the absolute awareness of the Oneness of All, as well as absolute Love, the Love from what is seen and known as the Divine realms. Color: opalescence of all colors

Level Eleven: Level eleven is the connection of every physical being creating and experiencing for the growth and knowledge of All. From here you see clearly how what you created and experienced affected, impacted and joined with all others in all realms of Being who in a separate seen sense were also creating and experiencing a physical life. Color: Layers of all previous colors

Level Twelve: Level twelve connects you with the full consciousness of God/Goddess/ All There Is. There is nothing ever created or experienced that is not known within the consciousness of God/Goddess/All There Is. Within the level twelve there is absolutely no separation from this Consciousness. There is only Absolute Love. Color: All colors found here, brilliant and radiant

How To Use the Levels of Consciousness For Healing

How then do you use the knowledge or the Levels of Consciousness to facilitate your healing? As you read over the previous information were you discouraged by the higher numbered states of Being, fearful you may never obtain them? In the use of the Levels of Consciousness you will find you may indeed experience these levels from time to time, even if you do not consistently create from them in all of your experiences and life.

In order to use the Levels of Consciousness, you first make a commitment to be honest, to be real and to be conscious of what you are doing and experiencing. Throughout the use of this technique, at no time do you want to find yourself drifting and losing touch with the moment or what is occurring. You find it important to be unattached to the outcome in order to access and thus experience the higher numbered levels of consciousness. Before you begin have a heartfelt talk with your self and give your self permission to reach and obtain whatever level you reach, even if you go no further than the first level. As you read these words did you feel your ego clutch it’s self in your solar plexus? Did you hear the boast of the ego speak within your mind that it will indeed move through many if not all the higher levels of consciousness? You are able to see from this that you do indeed choose to remain conscious of your experience! The whole purpose of this exercise in healing is to heal different moments in time, different experiences of your life that affirmed the expected experience of pain, fear and being unloved in order to live from a higher state of consciousness. Therefore awareness at all times in important though at the same time be unattached to the outcome. You know whatever information you receive gives you more knowledge and understanding of self than you knew before you began the exercise, so let go and just be!

Perhaps you desire knowledge on why you perceive your self as not being good enough and so that is the question you take into your experience. During the experience or exercise of healing you are ultimately going to be taking the same question through every level and receive as much from each level as you are able to receive. In the beginning it is wise to enter the exercise knowing your ego will seek to deceive you so you are able to just let occur whatever occurs without worrying that you are being deceived in being finished with a level. If your ego did not deceive you in this manner it would not be doing it’s job, so begin with the acceptance and knowing that you will indeed be deceived by the ego. In time, with use of this tool the ego will cease to find it necessary to deceive you as it sees you do embrace and return to your Self the part of you which held the belief you are not good enough. You return it to your Self with understanding and knowing why it created this experience for you to have in the first place and you do not stand in judgment or condemnation of this part of you, whether seen as judgment from self or in the judgment of others.

First, if you do not have a tape recorder get one for your self before you begin. Second, gift your self with privacy and a sufficient amount of time so you know this privacy will not be interfered with. Here is the first chance for you to communicate fully with your ego about what you are doing for it will tell you that “ you do not require a long period of time to do this. You can move through this whole exercise in moments!” In the beginning, a half hour is sufficient, knowing you may only scratch the surface during this time of the first level. Once again the tape recorder proves it’s self invaluable for it allows you to know what was first said when you return to the exercise. Often when moving from one level to another you will find it is important to have the space of time in order to integrate and experience the changes and transformations you have created within your self before moving into the next level. This gift of space in time allows the ego part of you to know it has time to make adaptations to what it had previously created upon. The thought, the belief it once held as absolute no longer is, and it has time to adjust.

Remember the colors of the level for this will help you move from one level of consciousness to the next. You may place different chairs or pieces of furniture to represent each level and you move physically from one chair to another in order to ‘take on’ that level of consciousness. In order to assist you to manifest within a level of consciousness a scarf or length of material in the colors of the different levels is also beneficial to have with you. You may prepare for all twelve levels as directed by the ego, or you may prepare three or four levels for the first few times, knowing if you truly make it through the first four levels you have achieved a lot! Either way is fine.

Once you have prepared the chairs and scarves you are ready to begin. Turn on the tape recorder and prepare to meet your self from many different perceptions. Go and stand before the first chair, place the red scarf around your neck, draping it over the shoulders and ask the question out loud. Perhaps you may word it in this way…” There is a part of me that believes I am not good enough. No matter what I do, it is not good enough. Why is that a belief I hold?” Sit down on the first chair with the scarf around your neck and begin. Remember the first level, the first chakra also holds the child part of self. Invite communication from whatever part of you desires to speak and then allow it to speak. Be very present with your self and just allow the thoughts and words to flow. Be very conscious you do not censor or judge what is said even if you have no conscious remembering of what is said about the experience it speaks about! At first you may feel foolish, you may feel you are making it all up. That is okay. Allow it to be what it is. As we said before you may find the half hour just begins to scratch the surface of this level. You will be deceived from your inner ego self here. It will indeed test you to see if you are going to judge what comes forth, it will take time for this part of you to fully trust you with the knowledge it holds. Only a few words may come forth, maybe a lot of words may come forth! There will be a pretense of anger, tears and so forth. Allow it to be so! Your ego, inner self is used to being able to deceive you and justify it’s existence and it’s experience so why would it be any different here? Will you negate it’s experience through the judgment of where you now know your self to be? Remember, a child’s perception is often very different from an adult perception. It does not make it wrong, it only makes it different. What the child aspect of self perceives as ‘wrong’ or ‘unfair’, the adult with more experience doesn’t see the same way. If you judge the child aspect of self from the adult self, your continued use of this exercise will be challenging for this part of you does not believe you really desire to know it and return it ‘home’ to you. The object of doing the Levels of Consciousness is not to get rid of any part of you. No, rather it is to transform a part of you that created who it is not, in order for you to understand ultimately that your experiences and life here in the physical world does not have the power or ability to change who you are as a Spirit manifesting in the physical world…which is Absolute Light and Absolute Love. The ego self created experiences of separation, isolation, pain and fear in order for you to understand what is it like if I live and believe that I am not good enough, or able to be loved or to love etc.

When you perceive you are ready to go on to the next level of consciousness it is important to first take a moment and take a few breaths. Ask the level you are presently on if it has communicated to you all it desires to communicate at this time. If you receive the affirmative answer you are then able to go into the next level, even if at this point it is still ego leading you. Before you go to the next chair, the next level of consciousness, while you yet still have the scarf of that level upon you, ask that level if it desires to go with you into the next level and begin creating from there. If you receive the affirmative answer keep the scarf upon you and take it with you into the next level. Once there add the scarf for the next level to the first one and sit in the spot you designated as being level two, and so on…However, if you receive a negative answer from the level you are leaving be sure to honor that level’s choice. Invite it to eavesdrop on what occurs in the next level. At any point during this exercise if you become aware through tone of voice or feeling that you are no longer on level three for example, but are instead once again on level one, take off the scarf for level two and three and return to level one. As you once again return to level one allow communication from that level to occur. Then once again to go through the second level to see if there is still anything there for you to find and to know that was stirred up by your return to level one. After you complete for the moment in level two you are able to return to level three and begin again. Remember you are not in any competition with anyone, including your self! You are seeking to know your self and to heal what time and space through experiences have caused to create fear, pain, imbalance, shields and a belief of being unloved within your self and with others. The belief you are not good enough has many layers to it, many experiences and you are seeking the knowledge, wisdom and beliefs that hold this to you and prevent you from knowing you are indeed good enough! Be patient, be kind and be supportive and loving with this journey of healing your self.

When your time is up, it is up! Remember the commitment to self? Hold to the time you set aside for this or you will find much residue of it within the second level! When the time is up you are able to thank the part of you which spoke to you during this time. If you are aware of being played, or deceived, speak out loud to that part that it is okay. You know it will take time to trust each another. If you plan to listen to the recording you made of this session, and we do advise you to do this part, then communicate that to the aspect of self that had spoken to you. Allow it to know it may come forward with you to listen to the tape when you listen to the recording. Before you put away the chairs and the scarves make a commitment with your self for the next time you will do this exercise. Be sure to keep this appointment with your self!

In time you will find you get past the self-deceiving, and you get to the truth of where the belief came from in your life. You will hear and know the scripts and experiences and how you internalized them and made them your truth. The first level of communication all the way up and through the third level is often whining, angry and tearful. In time as you move through the different levels you will find it very easy to discern when the voice of ego is speaking no matter what level you are on, for it will sound whining, angry and tearful. Tearful in a ‘not fair!’ way, not tearful in a heart opening, surrendering way. With experience and discernment you learn the differences within you with the way the tears come.

Continue to use the same question you first used in your first session until you move through as many levels as possible. Do not be harsh with your self if you move all the way through twelve levels and believe it is real. Just by moving through the levels even if the ego is pretending it really is those levels, you will receive information that will facilitate you in your healing and transformation. You will know when you are truly healing and transforming a belief that you are not good enough, when you have a physical experience which at one time would have shown the ‘truth’ of you not being good enough, and instead have a very different experience. Instead you come through the once familiar experience without feeling you messed up again, you weren’t good enough. You know you are indeed good enough and the negative perceived charge is no longer there. You realize it doesn’t matter if Mother/Father, children, family, friends or acquaintances think you are good enough; it only matters that you know you walked, created and experienced from the truth of your Being, you did not deceive Self or others, you did not betray or abandon your Self in order to receive praise, acceptance or love from another. Once you are in this perception and integrating this as your experience you are really ready to take it through the higher levels.! If you already did this from ego, journey through them again and be sure to listen to your tapes to see what you already knew.

Each level contains information about every thing you think, say and do. Each level contains a gift of you within it waiting for you to seek it out. Seek and you will indeed find your Self. In time the higher levels of consciousness will be seen in every way you create.

Does this then mean you will never again experience a moment of pain, self-judgment, condemnation or fear? Of course not! You will continue to see and to know these things in your world. The difference occurs when you have transformed and brought ‘home’ to Self enough of the fear creating aspects of self and returned them to you with understanding of the ‘greater picture’, for from this perception of consciousness you do not view it as you once did. What once before was given the power to take you out of and away from Self, now does not have the power. You are able to see with understanding these moments of self-doubts, fear, pain and being unloved for what they are…an experience rather than a defining moment of who you are. You are able to see with clarity when self or others recreate what was once a truth for you, and no longer is your truth. It is a beginning….

* A reminder: when Ma-Ryah uses ‘self’ she is referring to the human ego part of our selves and when she uses ‘ Self’ she is referring to the part of us which is Spirit.

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