The Ripples of Choice

 Life is made of many choices.

We hold them all within our hands

like the grains of sand we find upon the beach.

Sometimes we hold them tightly, afraid to let go

and our lives move along one struggle after another.

At some point in our life we realize how many choices we actually have,

and we stop holding onto the beliefs life must unfold in one certain way.

We surrender to the knowledge we have many choices,

including some we are not even aware of in the moment.

We stop struggling and allow life to flow knowing

if we do not enjoy the result of a choice we just made,

we can choose again and start over along another path.

We realize that every choice we make and set into motion

creates a ripple in life, just like the sand flowing from our hands

create a ripple upon the waters…

We do not always see how a choice we have made,

a thought we have set into motion to be experienced

by our self or by others,

affects any one at all.

Eventually though we begin to see that every thought,

every choice, every action we make does have an effect

upon ourselves and upon others.

Often our choices inspire another to choose,

our choices set into motion something that touches another..

Eventually in life we come to understand

that every thought we choose to act upon

connects with the life of another.

And the choices they make…

the thoughts they choose to manifest…

and set into motion,

in time mingles and joins with our own.

And we see the wisdom of remembering

to be conscious of every thought, every choice and every moment

for what we choose to do does matter not only in our lives

but in the lives of those we touch.

Sharon L. Dvorak

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