The Soul and Spirit

“ God’s blessings. This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We choose too speak with you in this message of our understanding of the Soul and the Spirit. In messages and lessons yet to come here on this site we shall often use the words, Soul and Spirit. So we choose to put forth our knowing and understanding of these two things. In that way you shall then be able to understand our lessons and messages because you know our understanding of Soul and Spirit. Is it then necessary for you to view the Soul and Spirit in the same way? Only in regards to applying our understanding in the context of our communications with you.

We shall begin by saying we know Spirit as the aspect of Being which never separates it’s Self from the awareness and knowing of absolute Love and Light. The Spirit never separates it’s Self from the awareness and knowing of God/Goddess, All There Is. This aspect of consciousness knows it’s Self as only these things.

The Soul is sent from Spirit to create and experience it’s Self in as many ways as you are able to imagine and more. For this communication we shall speak of the Soul only in how it relates to the Human Being. Another word we shall often use for Soul is Essence. To us these words mean the same thing…Soul.

One way to understand how we see the Spirit and Soul is to bring to mind the spider within your world. We do find the spider to be an amazing being within your world and we do so love the spider. We are also grateful for the very existence of spider because it assists us in explaining our view of Spirit and Soul.

Imagine the spider as being the Spirit. The web it creates comes from within it’s own self. You are able to see how fragile it’s web appears and yet in relation to the spider’s size and it’s use of it, the web is actually very strong. After the intricate web is spun the spider or Spirit returns to the center of the web. As the spider ( Spirit ) sits in the center of the web consciousness is sent out to create and experience within the web. Imagine the consciousness of thought as baby spiders moving out upon the web. In relating the Spider to the human life each spoke of the web represents a moment in time. The Soul is sent out along the web, along a point in time in order to create, co-create and experience it’s Self always as either Love or Fear.

When seen from the linear perception of time as the Soul creates and knows life it sends information back to the center where Spirit waits as absolute Love and Light to receive the information. Continuing to view the spokes of the web as moments in time you are now able to be aware of the threads of energy that comes from your life experiences resonating along the interconnecting threads. Just as the spider knows when something is upon a spoke of it’s web because of the vibration it generates, so does Spirit know which spoke is vibrating. The Spirit just like the spider responds to the vibrating spoke of the web and sends Love back along the thread, this spoke, a moment in time to assist the one who is upon this thread. The Love sent is able to be received and applied, or it is able to be rejected and ignored. Also, as you create and experience life the vibration of energy that comes from your life experiences resonate along the interconnecting threads of the web. In that way are you able to see and experience a connection with another moment in time. Thus in the linear perception of time you are able to resonate to a perceived past or future life. You are able to gain the knowledge and apply wisdom if so chosen by bringing into your consciousness what you have learned and experienced on a different spoke or moment in time of the web.

Just like the spider, human beings creating along the energy web have all they require to create and experience life, using also their gift of free will. The spider, or the Spirit remaining always connected to absolute Love and Light is able to have an understanding of what is it like to know Self separated from it’s own Being. When the life is complete the Soul returns to the source of Love and Light within the center of the web and reviews the life just experienced. Just like the spider’s web will capture the droplets of morning dew so does the Soul have the ability once returned to the Spirit to see moments of the life captured on the web of creation. As the droplets of dew shine like a brilliant diamond when the rays of the sun shine upon them, so does the Soul review and see the moments of life shining and pulsating with Love. The Spirit assists the Soul to see clearly that when creating and living from a knowing of Love it leaves a radiance of Light. The Soul is also assisted to see what is not such radiance and understand the choice in life made in that moment was created and experienced from fear. The Spirit assists the Soul to understand how it is indeed able to know love rather than fear in that particular moment.

In linear understanding of time, the Soul will once again move down the spoke of the web and reenter life in a particular moment in time. Perhaps more remembrance held of what occurs while creating and existing in the center of the web with Spirit. Perhaps this moment in time they choose to create and experience more with Love than with fear.

As you create and experience your life day by day you are able to be more conscious of the choices you have. When you awaken in the morning you are able to set your intention for the day, what do you choose to experience today? When you later prepare to enter into sleep at the end of your day, you are able to first take a few moments of time and review your day. You are able to ask yourself, Did what I chose to do today assist me to fulfill and experience what I set as my intention today? Or did it diminish my intention? Did I experience moments of Love today? Or did I experience fear? Did you this day embrace Love, honor, balance, dignity, respect and beauty? Or did you instead experience separation, isolation, judgment, anger, resentment and fear? At the end of each day as you look upon your experience of the day you are able to see more shining, radiant dew drops of Light when you chose to create from and embrace Love.

It is always a choice. Remember, like the spider you have all you require to know and experience life. You are never separated from the Source, the Spirit of absolute Love. You may have the experience of perceiving you are separated from Spirit, and even then you are still always Spirit. May you always remember you are creating and experiencing life as a Human Being on a web of Love.

That is all. God’s Blessings always,

Ma-ryah “

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