The Use of Language

The Use of Language

God’s Blessings! This is Ma-Ryah from the higher realms of God. We are pleased to communicate with you once again. We have chosen to bring to you a message about the use of language within your realm.

In the evolution or transformation of the ego based human to the Soul Aware Human there are many things to become conscious of within your world. One of the more vital areas of consciousness to be awakened is the use of language. Perhaps you have heard in your world that as you think, so do you create. More accurately, as you speak, so do you create and make manifest your reality. The unspoken thought becomes actualized in other realms of reality and you often do not have the experience of them. The spoken words of thought become your reality.

You begin as infants with the capability of creating every language known to human kind. As you hear and interact within a culture, within an environment you become proficient in one or more particular language. This then becomes the building blocks of your reality. From the moment you draw breath as an infant words begin to interact and thus develop a relationship with you the human being. If spoken words are not able to be accessed due to deafness, then other ways of manifesting with words take place, and the relationship between you and manifested reality becomes part of your physical world and self.

The words you learn and apply to the filters of your perception either support the vision of self as an ego based reactive human… or they support the vision of Self as a Soul conscious Human. Another way to view this is to say… your words either support who you know yourself as within the framework of pain and fear or Love. The words you hear used and then later use yourself either support the ability to know yourself as Love, thus adding to the ability of Self or Soul to be seen, or they hinder and often destroy this ability to be seen as a Self or Soul. The essence of your higher Being appears to be threatened within the perception of the ego, and so the ego begins a life long process of hiding the essence of Self in the belief it needs to be protected.

Some of the words used within your realm which allows you to know consciously that you have believed the necessity of protecting your essence or Soul is as follows: I should… I must… I never… If I do this _____, then this _____ always happens! I want.. I need… I try… All of these are a few examples of ways in which you speak that allows you to know you are seeking to hide from pain the precious, inner Self.

First we choose to say to you… The precious, inner Self, the essence of your Being held in Love and non-judgment does not require protection. There is absolutely nothing within your world or your experience which has the power to change this part of you from what it is ~ which is always Love and always Light. Any time you react within your world to an experience or spoken words from self or another, it is the ego part of you seeking protection, not your Soul Essence.

Imagine for a moment the birth of two children, identical in every way. Imagine now these two identical children separated one from the other in the exact moment their first breath is drawn. One child goes to parents who are conscious, responsive parents, Soul aware Human Beings. The other child goes to parents who are unconscious of who they really are, which is Love, and thus they are reactive based human beings.

The Human Being parents speak lovingly to the child they parent. Guidance, direction and teachings of this world are all based on the remembrance this child is a Sacred Being present upon Earth to blend in a harmonic way with them and all life upon the Earth. There is a knowing within the Human Being parents that this child comes for a purpose and they support the purpose to be fulfilled even if they themselves do not know what this purpose is exactly. The child of these parents is assisted to find honoring and harmonic ways to create and interact in a world still ruled by disharmony and fear. The Sacred Being of this child is encouraged and supported to remember who it is… Love manifesting within the physical existence. This child is listened to with respect and dignity is a natural flow of this child’s perceptions of life and Self.

The human being parents speak to the child with the belief the child knows nothing and must be taught how to do and be everything in life. They see the child as being completely unaware of it’s existence and definitely not having any awareness beyond eating, sleeping and survival. There is no awareness this child is a Sacred Being. This child is often told it is stupid, noisy, bothersome, lazy, incapable of learning and quite incapable of doing anything right! This child is often spoken to with anger, scorn, ridiculed and cursed. This child is not listened to with respect and dignity for this child is not even considered worthy of being seen. This unseen, unheard Soul does not have the experience of being seen as Sacred and so the only filter present for this Soul to filter the experience of being human is fear, pain and rejection… to name a few of this child’s filters or shadows. Fear and pain is not what the Soul exists within and so the experience of this young human being passes through the ego. This young human being now begins to create and have the experience of seeking approval, seeking love, seeking acceptance, seeking to feel safe to exist and seeking to survive in a world viewed as harsh and judgmental.

The child of the human beings is often the experience of the thousands we have spoken with in your world. We still see and communicate with this fear based child in the adults we communicate with ~ These children learn to believe there is a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to do everything. There is a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to be seen and thus either accepted or rejected. They learn about conditional love and the merits it brings or does not bring into their lives. A ‘right way’ brings rewards… no pain, or very little pain. ( How many of you find pride in the level of your tolerance for pain whether physical or emotional pain?) The ‘wrong way’ brings pain, fear, anger, rejection, judgment, condemnation, separation, loneliness and the appearance of no love.

The lineage of fear continues throughout the life until the ego begins to think, often through the veil of despair ~ ‘there must be a different, better way to live!’ Or the ego tires of not being able to be seen within what is known as the True Self ~ the Soul. The child of the human being searches for a place within life where it is able to feel safe to be seen. This aspect of the ego begins the search for another way to live and so begins the journey of remembrance. Eventually the child of the human being remembers it is Sacred and begins to create for self only that which honors it’s Being. Sadly there have been many human beings we have communicated with over the years of your time who do not have the knowledge of exactly what honors them.

If the experience you are existing within supports you, uplifts you, expands you, assists you to be without defense ~ assists you to resonate with contentment, happiness, joy or love… then that experience honors you.

If the experience you are existing within seems to cause you to be defensive, to betray yourself in an effort to seek to please or appease another, to hide the beauty of your essence, appears to cause you to feel afraid, sad, rejected, criticized, abandoned, less within your self rather than more ~ this experience dishonors you.

Notice in the dishonor of self we used the word… seems. You have the experience and you react to the experience. Within the ego based human the experience is credited with the power to make you respond in a certain way. In the Human Being there is the knowing you have this experience, you begin to react to the experience, realize the fear or shadow thought that begins to, without thought, begins to stop you from being your True Self. The Human Being then takes action within self to heal, to balance, to choose another way to respond to the experience of the moment. Blame is no longer a hook for the ego to hang it’s reactions upon.

So many present within your world in this moment in time have experienced your self with human beings for parents, rather than Human Beings for parents and other CO-creators of life. As children you perhaps experienced yourself as helpless, unable to choose a life which supports the essence of Love within you to be seen. Unafraid, undefended… in other words… Vulnerable! As you now experience your self within the growth of body, the passing years and know your self as and adult in your perception of that state of being, know you are able to begin to create and manifest life as a Human Being. You know already what love is not~ perhaps it is time to remember what Love truly is ~

It is not love if there is any pain, fear or rejection attached to it… You may feel fear and pain and so react when Love presents it’s self to you because your filter, your experiences have shown you love is pain and not to trust love, but that is not love. That is conditional love in which you create seeking to receive acceptance and approval of another. Love is not conditional… it just is! Every Being present upon your Earth is here to experience Self through the experience of unconditional Love.

Imagine what would begin to happen in your life if you begin to remember you are Sacred no matter what your experiences have been!

You are fine and exquisite just as your are… nothing is required to be changed in order for you to give and receive Love.

You are not identified through the sum total of your experiences even though you as the human being believe you are. You are truly known for who you are… a Soul of absolute, unconditional Love… manifesting within the physical world as a Human Being.

You choose moments within life that support the previous statement to be experienced as your truth.

You choose to stand with your Self and not betray, abandon, judge or reject who you are ever again.

You choose friends, companions and CO-creators who create in an honorable way with you because all you choose to experience your Self with honor, dignity and respect of your essence ~ and because you remember you are Sacred!

You choose to no longer blame your experiences for the choices you make within your life, but own your life and the choices you make for your life.

You choose to be able to say: Because the experiences I existed within allowed me to see what my life is like if I believe ________( and fill in the blank with the many scripts of judgment, condemnation, conditional love you have carried) ~ Then turn it around and be able to say: I now choose to know myself as ______. ( And fill in the blank with words to heal the wound the ego experienced when the ego believed who it was, was known through the script of shadow and fear)

An example of this process is: Because I have had the experience of being spoken to harshly, cursed at, and felt so unworthy, I now choose to speak with others only with words of kindness, gentleness, understanding and compassion.

Then watch what happens in your life. At first you begin to become aware of how much harshness, obscenities and judgment words are used in your world. As you become conscious of this manner of speech, how someone is spoken to… you begin to see how much you do remember. You absolutely know this is not honoring. You then begin to assist others to know how to speak with you because you remember you are worth so much more than you once believed you were worth. At some point in time, someone speaks to you in a way the ego once accepted as it’s due, and you realize how much it hurts you… how much it diminishes you and how much it dishonors you. You now have no fear any longer in speaking to them and compassionately communicate to them that you no longer allow others to diminish you in this way any longer.

Perhaps you are able to now say, “ Because I have had the experience of believing there is nothing I do right, I now choose to know myself as a fully capable and intelligent Being.

Then observe what happens. As you believe, so do you receive. The world mirrors back to you what you accept as truth even if you are not conscious at first it is a truth you hold within your ego. Positive re negative… fear or love… honor or dishonor… the choice is always yours!

Consciousness… The gift of life from You to you!!

God’s blessings! Ma-Ryah

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