The Writer

The writer sits for hours, seemingly inactive.

Looking into the eyes of the writer

you may wonder where she is

for her eyes are unfocused, appearing to see nothing.

How deceiving perceptions are able to be!

The outer body of the writer may be inactive

but within her mind unbelievable vista’s unfold!

Her eyes appearing to see nothing

are truly seeing many things.

Sounds of the world around her fade away

as she listens to the sounds of other worlds,

and other times.

The writer journeys from within,

following the story told to her by the wind.

Birds lift her from the Earth

and give her flight.

Dolphins dive with her into the depths of their world

showing her and sharing with her

the world they know as home.

Inspiration fills her as she listens to the symphonies

of sunrise and sunset.

She walks the gardens in long ago Pompeii.

Galaxies beckon, she dances in the sparkling dust

of the stars and the moon.

Stories unfold for her to know, heard in the

whispers of a distant past.

Lives filled with triumphs, struggles, pains and love

are shown to her from the loops of time.

The writer sitting still, observes life

and all she sees and hears.

The music and the dramas of life,

of imagination

whisper to her ~

so many stories yet to be told.

Sharon Dvorak

July, 27, 2008

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